Yahoo Cup – Week 8 Recap October 31, 2016  |  Ian Goldsmith

A lot of DFS sites have rolled out leagues this year, where you can play in one league with your friends all season long while still getting the enjoyment that comes with picking a new lineup each week. Somewhat unique among those is Yahoo’s season long Yahoo Cup. Every week there is a freeroll; the person who has accumulated the most points throughout the course of the first 16 weeks of the NFL season is the overall winner, and gets a nice chunk of change. You can join in at any week for the weekly prizes, even if you have no hope for the year-end title.

I thought it would be fun to recap how fellow TFF writer Doug Shain and I are doing on a week-to-week basis in the tournament. You can see our thought processes into how we built our lineups for the previous week, see how we did, and where we are in comparison to the weekly/season leaders. We’ll also take a quick look at the week ahead. So, let’s get to it!


Results (Ian/Doug)

Week 8 Winner:  180.12 FP

Points to Cash: 153.32

Our Lineups: 107.70/103.32

Total Players: 425,681

Our Week 8 Ranks (#): 45,179th/56,182th

Our Week 8 Ranks (%): 10.61%/13.20%

Overall Leader:  1,132.46 FP

Our Total FP: 1,103.40/1,027.46

Overall Ranks (#): 24th/652th

Overall Ranks (%): 0.006%/0.153%

Current Prize Status: $100.00/$10.00

Ian and Doug’s Week  8 Teams



Week 8 Lineup Strategy and Results

Survive and advance. That was the only mantra that mattered after disastrous Week 8. Seriously, what a week. Chalk plays were a disaster. I found out the hard way by rostering both Spencer Ware and Mike Evans, who combined for only 14.70 FP at a cost of $68. Ouch. I was so confident in both that I didn’t waver from them once all week. Nearly every other piece moved at some point during roster construction, but those two were locked and loaded, so I was screwed from the start. Obviously Ware was bad luck with the concussion, but Evans was just inexplicable. Considering Oakland got over 600 yards of offense, it was pretty shocking that Evans could only get 50 yards receiving on the other side of the field. Doug’s biggest weakness this week was the combination of Julio Jones and Brandon Marshall. 13.2 FP for $70 is not a good return on a fantasy investment. Hey, these things happen. We both took our shots.

Doug and I used four of the same players this week: Devontae Booker (who didn’t have him?), C.J. Fiedorowicz (the somewhat chalky TE who faced Detroit), Dallas DST, and Jordy Nelson. I did not originally have Jordy, but I had to improvise when Ty Montgomery was out. I originally had Ty and Devonta Freeman, but had to switch to Jordy and Matt Asiata (meh). They combined for a solid, if not spectacular, 26.2 FP at a cost of $41…not bad on a week where I was able to stay at the same overall rank with a score of less than 110. Doug had Ty as well, but had him in his flex, so his pivot to Antonio Gates was pretty straightforward. Gates came through in a big way with a solid 4/33/1 line.

Jacquizz Rodgers did well enough for Doug before going down with injury, but Ryan Fitzpatrick (who I almost used as well) wasn’t able to do quite enough against a very beatable Cleveland defense. Dak will do better this week. At QB, I ended up rolling with Drew Brees. I initially didn’t have him given the matchup, but convinced myself midweek that Brees at home is matchup-proof. He proved that statement right and ended up with a reliable 20.7 FP. I almost switched to Brady at the last second. Ugh. Finally, Davante Adams was able to come through with as astounding 12 catches. This was a lot more spectacular on a site like DraftKings with full PPR, but considering the low scoring across the board, I was very happy with 13.4 from him.

After Week 8, I somehow remain exactly where I was last week at #24 overall; Doug dropped a little bit, but stayed fairly steady at #652.

Early Week 9 Lineup Thoughts

So much depends


The health status


Running back Spencer


Beside the red



If Spencer Ware is out, then you can bet that Charcandrick West ($19) will be in my lineup this week. The Chiefs are playing at home against the Jags. The defense will probably so enough on its own to beat Blake Bortles and Co., which will mean that West should be used nonstop to grind down the clock. Given how cautious Andy Reid has been with Jamaal Charles and Justin Houston, it wouldn’t surprise me that he errs on the side of safety and holds Ware out for the week. If so, it’s time to let the Charizard loose.

At DST, there is no question that I’ll be using the Kansas City Chiefs ($19). At home. Versus Blake Bortles. Why would you even consider playing someone else? They will be the first player in my lineup locked in; I’ll fill in the rest of the players from there. If, for some odd reason, something happens with the other players and I can’t afford the Chiefs, then I am oddly considering using the Carolina Panthers ($15) who get to face Case Keenum and the Rams.

Continuing with the Chiefs theme, I’m also considering Travis Kelce ($19) and Tyreek Hill ($13). Kelce is my #2 TE this week behind Olsen and comes at an $8 discount. The matchup is better, so I might end up ranking him my #1 at the position when all is said and done. Hill has been getting more and more involved, culminating with an outstanding 5/98/1 line. If Ware is out, he should be looked at quite often this week. Heck, even if he’s not he’s worth a flier.

Nowhere to be found in Doug Shain’s Hail Mary, the first QB I thought of using this week was Ryan Tannehill ($29), who Doug calls, and I quote, “hot garbage.” I’m not saying that I disagree with that lugubrious assessment, but I just feel that the Jets’ passing defense is…..stinkier garbage (I think I used up my adjective quota with lugubrious). The price + matchup are very enticing. I’m considering stacking him with Jarvis Landry ($30). Like the love with the Chiefs, it’s a Dolphins love-in. I’m happily considering Jay Ajayi for only $29. The matchup is somewhat tough, but the guy just ran for 200+ yards against the Bills and Steelers, so I’m not sure matchups matter for him anymore. He will, of course, be very chalky.

If I can fit him into my lineup, then Ezekiel Elliott ($39) is my #1 RB play of the week, just ahead of Le’Veon. The Browns have given up multiple scores to opposing RBs in four of the past six weeks. Matt Forte and Bilal Powell just combined to run for 158 yards and 3 TDs against them last week. Zeke could legitimately do that on his own.

Some of the other guys I’ve started considering this week: Emmanuel Sanders ($25), Demaryius Thomas ($24), Matt Asiata ($18), Colin Kaepernick ($29), Nick Foles ($26…if he starts, obviously), Darren Sproles ($15), Mark Ingram/Tim Hightower ($23/14), and Kenny Stills ($17).


If you haven’t joined the Cup, click here to join for the upcoming week. If any of you are playing in the tournament, let me know how you’re doing in the comments below or on Twitter at @ianrgold. Doug is also very happy to talk anything DFS, so hit him up on Twitter as well. We can discuss strategy, or you can gloat about how much better your lineup was than ours. Up to you!

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