Yahoo Cup – Week 5 Recap October 11, 2016  |  Ian Goldsmith

A lot of DFS sites have rolled out leagues this year, where you can play in one league with your friends all season long while still getting the enjoyment that comes with picking a new lineup each week. Somewhat unique among those is Yahoo’s season long Yahoo Cup. Every week there is a freeroll; the person who has accumulated the most points throughout the course of the first 16 weeks of the NFL season is the overall winner, and gets a nice chunk of change. You can join in at any week for the weekly prizes, even if you have no hope for the year-end title.

I thought it would be fun to recap how fellow TFF writer Doug Shain and I are doing on a week-to-week basis in the tournament. You can see our thought processes into how we built our lineups for the previous week, see how we did, and where we are in comparison to the weekly/season leaders. We’ll also take a quick look at the week ahead. So, let’s get to it!


Results (Ian/Doug)

Week 5 Winner: 221.82  FP

Points to Cash: 171.64

Our Lineups: 154.40/161.50

Total Players: 388,311

Our Week 5 Ranks (#): 3,424/1,694

Our Week 5 Ranks (%): 0.88%/0.44%

Overall Leader: 772.48 FP

Our Total FP: 701.82/681.50

Overall Ranks (#): 192/521

Overall Ranks (%): 0.05%/0.13%

Current Prize Status: $10.00/$10.00

Ian and Doug’s Week  5 Teams


Week 5 Lineup Strategy and Results

It’s safe to say that both Doug Shain and I had quite the weeks. If it weren’t for a couple of duds (we are looking at you, Zach Ertz!), this week could have gone from great, to well…whatever adjective is better than great. Go find a thesaurus. So, how did we both build our lineups?

One reason that we both did so well is that we both, amazingly, stacked Ben Roethlisberger with Sammie Coates. That handy tandem was worth 58.1 FP alone and only cost $49 in salary. Coates had been looking up and finally came through with a monster 6/139/2TD line against the woeful Jets. In addition to the wonder duo from Pittsburgh, Bankster and I also both ended up rostering Jordan Howard, Demaryius Thomas, and Zach Ertz.

Howard, easily the chalkiest RB of the week, ended up being worth the price…and then some, scoring 23.8 FP after costing a mere $21. Sometimes the chalk pick is the right pick, even if ownership is high. Remember, this is a year-long tournament. You don’t need to win any single week; you need consistent scoring on a weekly basis, with hopes of a high finish after 16 weeks. So, a guy like Howard suited the bill. Low price? Check. Good matchup? Check. Opportunity? Check.

Thomas ended up scoring a late TD after disappointing early. Atlanta’s D held the rookie Lynch in check, and with him DT was held in check as well. Ertz? I think we both want to forget that we even considered him in the first place. His 3/37 line could have been a lineup killer had some of the other pieces not worked out. That’s it for similarities.

Both of us paid up for an expensive RB; Doug paid up for Zeke Elliott, while I rostered Le’Veon Bell. Both picks worked out, but Doug clearly got more for his money with the rookie, who found the end zone twice in what was a surprisingly lopsided game. Bell found more value on full PPR sites like DraftKings, where his 9 receptions really elevated his value. Still, I was happy with roughly 20 FP from him.

In my other two spots, I plugged in Terrance West and Quincy Enunwa, both of whom were OK. West did enough to hit value, but could have done so much more. He was running well early, with 60 yards after just a handful of carries, but was held in check for the rest of the game. Enunwa disappeared somewhat as Fitzmagic went to Brandon Marshall repeatedly. Doug plugged in Amari Cooper and Robert Woods. He’s kicking himself for the latter pick, but the former was well thought out as Amari finished with a huge 6/138/1TD line (and a 2PT conversion). It could have been even bigger if not for a questionable call on what would have been his 2nd TD. Still, Coop’s big day pushed Doug’s team into the 160s for the second time in three weeks.

At defense, I was kicking myself early on in the day for moving away from Minnesota, who scored yet another defensive TD. My annoyance was replaced with excitement, however, after Buffalo returned a Case Keenum pass for a TD of their own. With four sacks and two additional turnovers, they finished with a robust 17 FP. Doug was not as fortunate. Even though he rostered Zeke, he decided to pick the Bengals. His reasoning was that Dak Prescott was due for a let down. While Dak did turn the ball over for the first time in his career, the Bengals couldn’t force the Cowboys into any other mistakes and only added one sack. Still, his huge day vaulted him into the top 550 for the season.

Early Week 6 Lineup Thoughts

I am not excited about the matchups this week. In the past few weeks, there have been what I’ve thought were pretty obvious plays, but I’m having a harder time seeing them in Week 6. That being said, there are always matchups and price points to exploit. My first thought is that Ben Roethlisberger ($39) is playing to such a high level with Bell back that he is once again going to be one of my top three options to consider. Miami is not going to stop that Steelers offensive freight train. Given Sammie Coates is only $17 (pricing must have been set before the explosion!),  a Big Ben/Coates stack is once again looking very enticing. Given his and Bell’s use in the offense, I have actually soured somewhat on Antonio Brown, who doesn’t need to do as much. As such, it is hard to justify his $41 salary.

Brandon LaFell presents an intriguing opportunity for the second week in a row as he heads into New England. The Patriots’ M.O. is to take out the opposing team’s best player, which means that they will be no doubt be focusing on eliminating A.J. Green from fantasy (and real world) relevance. Speaking of New England, Brady clearly found a quick rapport with Martellus Bennett. While he’s not going to find the end zone three times every week, the fact that he was looked to so often bodes well for him going forward. At only $18, he’s cheaper than Ertz was this past week and has higher upside.

A few other players I’m considering for next week: Christine Michael ($24), James White ($15), Kenny Britt ($12), Lamar Miller ($28), Marcus Mariota ($28).

If you haven’t joined the Cup, click here to join for the upcoming week. If any of you are playing in the tournament, let me know how you’re doing in the comments below or on Twitter at @ianrgold. Doug is also very happy to talk anything DFS, so hit him up on Twitter as well. We can discuss strategy, or you can gloat about how much better your lineup was than ours. Up to you!

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