Yahoo Cup – Week 14 Recap December 15, 2016  |  Ian Goldsmith

A lot of DFS sites have rolled out leagues this year, where you can play in one league with your friends all season long while still getting the enjoyment that comes with picking a new lineup each week. Somewhat unique among those is Yahoo’s season long Yahoo Cup. Every week there is a freeroll; the person who has accumulated the most points throughout the course of the first 16 weeks of the NFL season is the overall winner, and gets a nice chunk of change. You can join in at any week for the weekly prizes, even if you have no hope for the year-end title.

I thought it would be fun to recap how fellow TFF writer Doug Shain and I are doing on a week-to-week basis in the tournament. You can see our thought processes into how we built our lineups for the previous week, see how we did, and where we are in comparison to the weekly/season leaders. We’ll also take a quick look at the week ahead. So, let’s get to it!


Results (Ian/Doug)

Week 14 Winner:   197.64 FP

Points to Cash: 154.24

Our Lineups: 103.6/103

Total Players: 479,752

Our Week 14 Ranks (#): 31,455th/32,515th

Overall Leader: 1900.14

Our Total FP: 1,766/1,645.88

Overall Ranks (#): 166th/1,846th

Current Prize Status: $10/$1

Ian and Doug’s Week  14 Teams



Week 14 Lineup Strategy and Results

After a couple of subpar weeks which brought me down from the top 10 to 82nd overall, I felt the need to get a bit risky. The long and the short of it is that it didn’t pay off. Early in the week I was stuck on using  a Newton/Ginn stack because of the low price and potential upside against San Diego. They combined for a whopping 16.1 FP. Ouch. Doug was hurt by this combo as well, as he and I shared those two players as well as Jeremy Hill, who was one of the brighter spots this week. Against a Browns team he destroyed earlier this season, he once again ran wild for 142 total yards and a TD.

One of the biggest misses for me this week was David Johnson, whose 14.6 FP on a $40 salary killed my lineup. I nearly moved off of him at the last second, but it would have been for Devonta Freeman, so that wouldn’t have made much difference. My sights weren’t on Le’Veon Bell for whatever reason, so I wouldn’t have hit that big score regardless (well, except for my redraft teams, which killed it with him in there!). I used a third RB, Todd Gurley, in my flex spot, which paid off well as he finally had a decent game.

Both of our defenses were solid, if underwhelming. Cincy predictably played well in the elements against Cleveland, though it would have been nicer to get more than 1 turnover. Still, 9 points was welcome. The Cards were a relatively cheap $14, but despite forcing three turnovers, their day was spoiled by giving up 24 points to Miami. I wish that I had gone Doug’s route at TE. Jermaine Gresham has been a very important part of the Cards’ offense of late and was still at $10 last week. He ended up scoring a solid 7 FP for a great .7 multiple. Instead of using him, I went with Ladarius Green, who was rendered moot by Bell’s massive game. Ugh.

At WR, I’m a little annoyed with myself. In the past couple of weeks I had decided to make some moves at the last minute. This week, I almost did, but ended up reverting to my initial lineup. Well, this would have been the week to tinker as I was going to move from Ginn/Edelman to DeSean Jackson/Gabriel. Whoops. That was 25 FP down the drain. Edelman was OK, and his teammate Malcolm Mitchell was once again excellent for his price, though he was my only WR bright spot. Doug also did poorly at the position for the most part. Did did hit it with the aforementioned Jackson, who finished with over 100 yards and a score. His next top scorer was OBJ. While 17.4 points is great in your redraft standard league, it’s not great for a DFS play when the cost is $36, resulting in under a .5 multiple. Mike Evans? Ouch.

Despite wildly different lineups, we both finished within 0.6 FP of each other.


Early Week 14 Lineup Thoughts


Like last week, I’ll keep this section a bit shorter than usual. The time for having a chance to win the whole shebang is past, but there is still a chance to move up in the money, so I’m still going to be doing my best. Plus, there are always weekly prizes to strive for! That being said, here are some of the players Doug and I are looking at for this week.

QB: Aaron Rodgers ($37), Kirk Cousins ($37), Colin Kaepernick ($35), Marcus Mariota ($34), Trevor Siemian ($26), Sam Bradford ($25)

Neither of us are going to pay up full price for Matt Ryan, who carries a $40 price tag. That leaves us with Rodgers and Cousins at $37 as the top players we’re considering, both of whom have decent matchups. Of the two, I’d be leaning toward Cousins against the Panthers at home instead of ARod in the potentially sub-0 temperatures. Given that we are both planning on paying up at RB, we might both be using a cheap QB. Doug is leaning more towards Siemian and I towards Bradford. Siemian is certainly the safer play off the two in my eyes, but I love Bradford’s upside this week.

RB: David Johnson ($42), LeSean McCoy ($40), LeGarrette Blount ($28), Carlos Hyde ($26), Tevin Coleman ($20), Isaiah Crowell ($17), Kenneth Farrow ($12)

Both of us are trying to do our best to stack DJ and McCoy. That’s obviously a tall order given the combined $82 price tag. Thus, some of the cheaper options like Crowell and Farrow will be in the mix for a FLEX spot if either of us decides to go that route.

WR: Jordy Nelson ($34), Davante Adams ($23), Emmanuel Sanders ($23), Demaryius Thomas ($23), Willie Snead ($19), Adam Thielen ($16), Ty Montgomery ($14), Malcolm Mitchell ($14)

I put Jordy on here, but I really don’t think I’ll be able to afford him with the high end RBs I’m trying to use. Instead, I’ll be trying to use a combo of these lower-priced receivers here. Doug loves Snead as the #2 WRs against the Cardinals generally do well. I am a big fan of Thielen this week. Ty Montgomery is still listed as a WR on Yahoo, so that helps if you need to save salary. Of course, he’s pretty risky given that we don’t know how his coach will use him. Mitchell is intriguing to me as I think he will have very low ownership as he’s going against the Broncos.

TE: Travis Kelce ($24), Tyler Eifert ($22), Ladarius Green ($17), Charles Clay ($12)

There aren’t a ton of TE options I like here. My favorite of all of these is Clay given the price. He’s facing a Cleveland team who as been pathetic against TEs. Just behind the Browns in terms of poor D against the position are the Bengals. If they can hold Bell to even 150 total yards, Green should at least be involved enough to contribute unlike last week. Still, I’m likely using Clay.

DST: Vikings ($21), Bills ($19), Ravens ($19), Texans ($16), Giants ($15)
The Bills are my favorite option this week, but are $19. If I’m going to try and fit in both DJ and McCoy then that may be a bit pricey. So, I’m looking a little toward my second favorite option of the week, the Texans. At home facing the Jaguars, I’m pretty dead set on using them for the $3 discount.


If you haven’t joined the Cup, click here to join for the upcoming week. If any of you are playing in the tournament, let me know how you’re doing in the comments below or on Twitter at @ianrgold. Doug is also very happy to talk anything DFS, so hit him up on Twitter as well. We can discuss strategy, or you can gloat about how much better your lineup was than ours. Up to you!

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