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Here at The Fake Sites, we have helped many young writers grab a foothold in the fantasy sports business and move up the chain of command into even higher profile positions. Writers who have written for one or more of The Fake Sports sites have gone on to NFL.com, Rotoworld, The Football Guys, Rotowire and many more sites, and have also started successful sites of their own, like draftdayconsultants.com and Apex Leagues.

If you would like to become a writer for the site(s) we have a three tiered system. It’s not as complicated as all that, but take a quick look-see at how we roll.

The first tier includes prospective writers who submit work for review which our editors look over and either return with suggestions or go ahead and pass through to be published.

The second tier includes those whose work gets published. Once you are published you begin to make a little cash based on reader engagement with the post. This isn’t a huge amount (I did say little, so I guess you figured that out). This usually comes to around $5 to $10 based on engagement numbers which you will have access to via WordPress.

The third tier are staff writers who get a set amount per article.

The super secret fourth tier is eternal bliss.


Not everyone will have the writing chops to be published, but that’s the way it should be when you start out. We hope we can give you some suggestions to become a better writer and in turn get you published and on your way to an exciting career/Dante’s Inferno of fantasy writing!


If you are interested in giving it a shot, give us an email at thefakefootball@gmail.com and we’ll get you set up to start asap!




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