Will Ferrell Does Free Ads For Old Milwaukee December 9, 2011  |  Chet

Will Ferrell is one of the few comedians out there that can both be cool and successful at the same time. When asked who my favorite comedian is I usually say Louis C.K., Maria Bamford, Patton Oswalt, you know, so I can sound cool. And yes I love those guys but I’ll also say Will Ferrell and not be the least bit ashamed! Unlike when people ask me what I’m doing and it often involves me watching Friends. One of the reasons I’m such a big Will Ferrell fan is because he’ll do things like call up Old Milwaukee and ask if he can do some commercials for them for free! That’s just awesomeness. These ads are only showing locally which is also cool. But you can take a look at them here if you want to. Really, they’re right below here.

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