Wide Receiver Dynasty Rankings June 9, 2013  |  Jeff

Welcome to The Fake Football’s 2013 Dynasty Rankings. Feel free to scope out our rankings for the  quarterback, running back, and tight end positions as well.

Wide receiver is stacked in the dynasty world and there is no shortage of early round options to build a team around. After big dogs Calvin Johnson and A.J. Green are gone, other top flight players like Dez Bryant, Julio Jones, and Demaryius Thomas are all stellar #1 wide receivers to serve as franchise cornerstones. Two separate “age” debates will occur in dynasty start-up drafts this year, in the Roddy White/Andre Johnson and Reggie Wayne/Steve Smith tiers. The first two (of which I definitely prefer Roddy) are a bit younger and have more strong seasons in store, but the second two are creeping ever closer to retirement and will only provide production to dynasty teams for so long. The debate of age/talent vs. youth/potential is what makes dynasty decisions so exciting and these leagues so much fun to play in. The list below contains tons of youthful upside receivers as well, many of which will drive their way into the top 20 of next season’s rankings.


Feel free to discuss/debate any rankings in the comments section below.

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  1. Jeff says:

    In a 10 team startup, his ADP was around the 2/3rd round turn prior to his injury. Now, he will probably drop due to the hip issue, but I wouldn’t let him get past my pick in the 4th round. He will still be awesome when he returns around thanksgiving and he is still young.

  2. scott says:

    Great job. Love the Top 8. If you don’t mind a little critique, for starters Britt and Jennings way too high, Gordon, Tavon Austin and Michael Floyd way too low.

    When I’m doing rankings I always have to ask myself, “would I trade for Jennings and give up X?”

    Sure Britt has huge upside, but if you’re downing Gordon for off the field issues, you should apply the same to Britt and Blackmon.

    If you’re downing him for QB issues, fine, but again guys like Britt and Blackmon should be as well.

    Good job Jeff!

    • Jeff says:

      Thanks for reading, Scott. I am a little higher on the potential of Locker in Tennessee, so I think that is impacting the Britt ranking some. This year will be big for both of them obviously. Who knows with Jennings, we’ll see if Ponder pulls his head out at all.

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