Week 8 War Room October 27, 2012  |  Jeff

Did you have the demoralizing task of watching Thursday Night Football while your opponent had Doug Martin “muscle hamster-ing” his way to roughly 196 fantasy points? Were you face down in a bucket of miniature Snickers bars when Adrian Peterson broke his 64-yard touchdown run while later realizing you are playing both he AND Percy Harvin in week 8? Put down the Halloween candy (tough, I know) and listen to us fine folks from The Fake Football, you can still come out victorious in week 8! The only missing ingredients to your comeback cocktail are right here, in The Fake Football Week 8 War Room. Give those knuckles a stern cracking and dig in…




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– Make sure your stat game is tight this week, and feast on this bounty: The Week 8 Matchup Machine, and defensive performances vs. Quarterbacks, vs. Runningbacks, vs. Wide Receivers, and vs. Tight Ends.

– Looking for a defense for week 8? We have got you covered with the Week 8 installment of “Dreaming of Streaming.” Dig it.

– For those difficult lineup conundrums, we ever so proudly present the Week 8 Start/Sit and Week 8 Last Second Decisions articles for your perusal. If these two don’t cover any lingering questions hovering around your fantasy team, I owe you a nickel.

– Below you will find the lines, totals and if you click ye olde link, it will take you to the detailed weather forecast, i.e. Frankendoom!


Injury Questions (We’ll update as news comes in)

1pm —

Jordy Nelson is a true game time call. Randall Cobb and James Jones get huge boosts if he doesn’t go and Donald Driver would become a bye-week filler. (NELSON is INACTIVE)

Bilal Powell is out and Joe McKnight is a game-time call which mean Shonn Greene could see the bulk of the carries.

Trent Richardson practiced the last three days and Coach Shurmur says he has looked good. He’s risky, but worth a flex. Montario Hardesty is not worth a start.

Donald Brown will play and split time with Vick Ballard. What the split will be is unknown to us unfortunately. Both are desperation plays. (BROWN is ACTIVE but will backup Ballard)

Aaron Hernandez is OUT.

Isaac Redman had a limited practice on Friday. He might play, but Jonathan Dwyer is set to start with Rashard Mendenhall out. (Redman is OUT)

4 pm —

Ahmad Bradshaw was limited in practice on Friday and has a bone bruise on his footsie. He’ll play.

8:30 pm —

Jimmy Graham made the trip to Denver and is a game-time call. The chance look decent that he will play. Try to secure Tamme, Dreessen or Thomas in case he is a scratch.


Finally, for your enjoyment, are the Week 8 Staff Rankings from myself, DJ Jazzy Chet, and the one and only Gregsauce. As always, feel free to leave those lineup head scratchers in the comments below!

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143 Responses

  1. HeckNo says:

    Romo just put final nail in my season. We can keep two players. I just offered 3 picks next year for TRich. Too much? I have Foster and Murray. I have an extra pick from a previous trade. Would you pull trigger?

  2. Robert says:

    With the crazy wind in PHI, stay with Julio at WR and Wayne at FLEX, or move Wayne to WR, bench Julio, and move SJax or Britt or Leshoure to FLEX?

  3. Mike says:

    standard league questions:

    1) vick ballard, philip tanner or daryl richardson for RB2

    2) lance moore or denarius moore for flex


  4. Ryan says:

    Cut my kicker to pick up Broyles, but now I need to make a roster decision (not a start/sit decision).

    Do I keep Broyles or Andrew Hawkins in a PPR league that starts 3 WR and a flex? Really need a WR3 and think Broyles could be a second half surprise in Detroit.

  5. Ben says:

    2 WDIS questions:
    Pick 1WR2 & 1FLEX: Julio Jones, Ryan Matthews, Ridley, Cobb, Antonio Brown

    Pick 2: Josh Gordon, DHB, Hartline.


  6. Michael says:

    What do you think of a Leshoure for M. Bennett trade? I don’t really ‘need’ leshoure and he also owns/starts Witten, and he’s a little weak at RB.

    OR. Should I instead try to trade Lesh for JStew really quickly? Still wouldn’t ‘need’ JStew but could nice enough to facilitate other trades

  7. Adrian says:

    Jermichael finley or dreessen?

  8. Noah says:

    Heath Miller or Antonio Gates? .5 PPR

  9. Jeremy says:

    PPR. Felix Jones, Dwyer or D.Richardson? Need to pick 1.

  10. Brad Graham says:

    Need 2 (PPR, 9point TDs): Julio, Antonio Brown, Cobb

  11. Rick says:

    With the awful weather in Cleveland, do you lean Gordon or Richardson in the flex?

  12. K-Pumps says:

    Need 2 for FLEX, non-ppr: Nicks, Denarius Moore, Dwyer.

  13. Honley says:

    PPR pick 2 WRs, 2RBs, and a flex

    WRs: Nicks, J. Gordon (crap weather), Broyles, McCluster (Quinn is QB), D. Driver

    RBs: D. Martin (already started), Sproles, V. Ballard, D. Brown

  14. phorts says:

    JStew or DMoore in .5 PPR

  15. Stewart says:

    Ridley or TRich?

  16. Adrian says:

    dwayne bowe or jeremy kerley or malcolm floyd or josh gordon?? which 2 should I start. Also jonathan stewart or jonathan dwyer

  17. Ant says:

    Pick 2 out of three to start, 1 ppr; Cobb, Julio, Rashad Jennings. Think the weather affects Julio.

  18. Kyle says:

    Pick 2 WR from the bunch: Colston, Nicks, Bryant, Cobb, J. Jones? Thanks.

  19. Josh says:

    D. Driver or Broyles? PPR

  20. Fred says:

    Start Witten over Gates because of the rain? Pick 1 for flex Ballard, Felix Jones, Ryan Broyles? Thanks!

  21. Nick says:

    Start J. Gordon even with sloppy weather conditions? other WR I could start is Broyles in ppr

  22. ryan says:

    I have Heath Miller and Graham. roll with Miller in an hour or pick up david thomas/tamme and sit and wait with a gun to my head for the late kickoff?


  23. mikeytuna says:

    Pick two: Nicks, Julio, Denarius, and Lloyd.

    Also, would you roll with Ridley, DMC, and Rashad (at the flex)? I could slot one of the above receivers in the flex if you think that would be better.

    Thanks a lot.

  24. Johnny 5 says:

    PPR: Start 2 between Hartline, Dwyer, Trent Richardson.

  25. Bob says:

    Greg Little, Devery Henderson, or wildcard Donald Driver at WR3 today? Have Rodgers at QB if you care.

  26. @saifly says:

    Broyles, V. Ballard, D. Brown? PPR?

  27. @ThreefortheWin says:

    who should I start in a PPR league. Vic Ballard, Jonathan Stewart or Pierre Thomas

  28. Phil says:

    Pouring down rain in Cleveland today. Gibson or Gordon @ WR2? Thanks.

  29. hogan says:

    Pulling my hair out over this one. Need a PPR flex. Options are:

    Dwayne Bowe — OAK
    Kenny Britt — @IND
    Jonathan Dwyer — WAS
    Jonathan Stewart — @CHI

    Aggregators seem to like Bowe, but Quinn scares me. What do you boys think?

  30. Pete says:

    Struggling to choose between S-Jax, Britt and Brandon Lloyd for my flex spot today. Britt seems to be the upside play but has really only one good game this year. What do you think?

  31. @bigmellz says:

    You do great work Chet.
    J-Stew or Felix in a ppr?
    Dwyer or Brandon Lloyd in standard?

  32. John Clayton says:

    Vick Ballard or Andre Brown? Thanks!

  33. Keir says:

    PPR, must start 3: A Morris, Ridley, Bradshaw, or R. Jennings?

    Different league, PPR, pick one for flex: Antonio Brown, Kenny Britt, or Felix Jones? Starting Nicks & Decker along with Ridley & D. Martin.

  34. Ian says:

    I have Jimmy Graham should I start Jared Cook at 1 or should I just pick up one of Thomas, Dreesen or Tamme and if so which one should i get if graham doesnt go

  35. Aaron says:

    Luck or Big Ben? Worried about weather in Pittsburgh.

  36. Chad says:

    Chet – pick one for my final flex spot in a 1pt PPR league: Britt, J-Stew or Dwyer? Thanks man!

  37. CJ says:

    Playing vs. Doug Martin already down 34 points. Pick 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex. I need high upside.

    Forte, TRich, JStew, SJax
    Decker, Dez, Gordon, Lloyd.

    Thank you sir.

  38. Blake Schmidt says:

    need a flex ppr league 1point per Lloyd or Ballard

  39. Ruxin says:

    Flex spot: F. Jones, Leshoure or Josh Gordon, PPR?

    Same league: Cook or Olsen?

  40. Tay says:

    I need a WR and a flex out of K Britt, M Floyd (SD), SJax and J Stewart. Please and thanks.

  41. Andrew says:

    Pick 2: J. Dwyer, D. Brown, D. Richardon. 0.5 PPR.

  42. Dustin Karmine says:

    Non PPr Can Start 3 Got in Decker, Nicks, and Dez, But thinkin swapin Dez W/ Macklin???

  43. Josh says:

    Vick or Romo? D-Jax or Larry Fitz? Andre Brown or LeShoure? Thanks!

  44. Andy says:

    Vick vs Sandy/ATL or Luck vs Tenn???

  45. B.J. says:

    Two questions for 12 team nonppr-

    QB- Luck or Rivers?

    WR3- Bowe, DHB, N. Washington, Broyles?

  46. Rick says:

    cutler or vick

  47. Chris says:

    Thanks for the good work!!

    I first want to run you through my lineup.

    QB RG3
    RB J Charles
    RB CJK
    WR Julio
    WR Nicks
    TE Graham
    Flex R Jennings

    On the bench I have Matt Ryan, Trich, Maclin, Lloyd and PIT DST. Do start someone else at flex? RG3 over Ryan?


  48. Zandercage says:

    Pick two please, I keep going back and forth (.5 PPR) – Welker, R. Bush, Colston.


  49. Nacho says:

    Sit Stafford v SEA for Palmer @ a bad KC defense?

  50. tommy says:

    Alex Green, Josh Gordon or B. Lloyd for the flex spot?

  51. BPA says:

    David Thomas or Tamme if Graham inactive?
    Luck over Ryan? Don’t like Ryan in Frankenstorm weather.

  52. Adam says:

    Also in a +.5 PPR…

    Pettigrew vs SEA or Cook vs IND?

  53. Bruh says:

    need TE with AHern out >> Cook Olsen Paulsen Fleener or Myers? And should I drop David Wilson for one of them or go TE-less

  54. Adam says:

    +.5 PPR, +3 bonus at 100 yds

    Pick 2 of Rashad Jennings, Alex Green, and Steve Smith?

    Had the 2 RBs in my lineup until I read Steve Smith’s ridiculous career #s vs CHI….

    • Chet says:

      Jennings and those numbers are ridiculous. I’m going to lean Green just because the Bears have been playing at a crazy level

  55. julio says:

    What do you think about ATL receivers tomorrow, given the weather? Do you drop them down? If so, how far?

  56. Phil says:

    Heard Donald Brown may play tomorrow, so…Ballard, A. Green or Gibson at Flex? Standard scoring. Thanks guys.

  57. Melly says:

    Woody or Stephens-howling?

  58. Joe says:

    flex spot ppr, Leshoure, Gibson or Stokley? thanks

  59. Tehc says:

    Thanks. ROS, do you like Givens or Broyles in 0.5 ppr?

  60. Tehc says:

    Who would of these 4 would you waive in 0.5ppr: C, GIvens, R. Broyles, J., R. Turbin or E. Royster?

  61. Keith says:

    Will James Jones falter or shine if moved too high in the rotation? Thanks!!

  62. Kyle says:

    What’s your thoughts on jordy. Should I just throw Denarious Moore in there to be safe? And how many touches do you expect from Ballard tmrw?

  63. Dan says:

    Going to wait it out on Graham, better option if he’s inactive dreesen or david Thomas? Also Trent richardson or Brandon Lloyd in flex? It’s PPR. Thanks!

  64. chad says:

    All standard league: colston or julio, forte or mathews?

  65. John says:

    in a 1/2ppr.. leshoure or felix? and i need 2 of: maclin, floyd, kerley, gibson & givens..thanks

  66. Jordan says:

    Start Celek in place of Jimmy G… or roll the dice & hope Graham plays? PPR.

  67. JDot_Z says:

    * SJax splitting carries vs. NE or JStew @ Chicago trying to solidify starting gig?

    * Dreesen vs **NO who gives up 5 least points to opposing TE’s with only 1 TD given up on the year, Fasano @NYJ who are very accommodating to the TE position giving up the 3rd most points to TE’s but he might be playing in 214 Mph winds or Myers {Mr. Consistency flying under the radar} @KC middle of the pack vs TE’s? “PPR League”

    * PPR Flex Broyles vs SEA giving up 3rd least points to opposing WR’s or Tamme vs NO **”see above”


  68. Dave says:

    1. Sproles over Ridley in PPR?

    2. Romo was dropped in one of my leagues. I’m currently starting Vick with Freeman as my backup. Drop Freeman for Romo, despite how good Freeman has looked lately?

    3. Desperately need a win this week in a PPR league to stay in the playoff hunt and I’m starting Ballard at RB2. Should I trade AP for Ridley and SJax so I can start Ridley over Ballard (I already get credit for AP’s points on Thursday)? Or do I cross my fingers, start Ballard, and stick with AP, Ballard, W. Powell, and Stephens-Howling going forward?

    4. Who do you like better rest of season in PPR: Stevie J as the unquestioned WR1 in Buffalo with Fitz at QB, or Miles Austin with Romo at QB and a healthy Dez dominating targets?

    Sorry for the barrage of questions, but thanks for the help!

    • Chet says:

      Tough call, but I’m going to go with Romo
      I couldn’t make that trade,but it would be nice to have Ridley this week
      I’m going to lean Austin

  69. Jeff says:

    What do you think about trading Harvin and McGahee for McFadden and AJ Green.
    Team would be:
    Qb: Manning
    RB: McCoy
    RB: Charles
    WR: Green
    WR: Maclin
    TE: Graham
    Flex: McFadden
    BN: Amendola
    BN: Floyd
    BN: Dwyer
    BN: Ballard
    BN: Wells
    BN: D.Moore


  70. Shawn says:

    Non ppr Lloyd or Britt and Keller or Tamme…concerned about the weather in NY

  71. Chris Cochran says:

    Pick 2 out of the 4: Chris Johnson, Sprolles, Ridley or Morris (ppr)

  72. Marq says:

    Ridley or Nicks in the flex?

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