Week 8 Consensus Staff Rankings October 22, 2013  |  Jeff

Welcome to Week 8! Please wipe your feet before you come in. Hopefully Week 7 didn’t completely destroy your team with injuries because this week there are SIX teams on bye to make setting a competitive fantasy football lineup even more difficult. However, don’t be too scared, The Fake Football is here with our Week 8 Staff Fantasy Football Rankings. While all of our Bears, Titans, Colts, Chargers, Ravens, and Texans are all throwing a bye week bash, The Fake Football staff will be at your service with the best fantasy advice around. Enjoy, and as always, feel free to leave those lineup questions in the comments section below. Good luck!


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  1. felons says:

    Pick 1 non-ppr : Helu (in hope of some turbo package), Ivory (in hopes he gets last weeks touches), Hillis (the lumbering starter)

  2. WTF says:

    Pick 1 : Hillis, Ivory, or Helu?

  3. RK says:

    In a PPR, start SJax (@ARI) at RB2 or ZStacy (vsSEA)?
    If SJax at RB2, would you start Stacy at Flex or Kerley (@CIN)?

  4. zee says:

    Who to start for flex? 0.5 PPR.

    Greg Jennings vs GB
    Jason Witten vs DET
    Gio Bernard vs NYJ
    Jeremy Kerley vs CIN

  5. dale says:

    I’m feeling more and more confident starting Ridley each week and it looks like TFF is too. Slow start, big finish – that’s what I’m banking on. Gronk should help open up the offense and spread out defenses. So glad I didn’t sell low on him – not like anybody would have taken a deal.

  6. Banjoe says:

    Hey Jeff . Need some advice w/injuries & Matchups.. PPR 2 RB and a Flex I have MJD, L.Bell, SJax Ivory, Helu Michael Floyd (Also waiting w/Roddy on Bench) .. I was planning Bell and SJax-(Does It look good for him to go).. Flex I’m thinking Floyd better than MJD against 49ers. But if Amendola makes it thru practice would u trust him to Flex? Ivory and Helu are there as Bench Fodder I am gonna need to shuffle one next couple weeks to replace Stafford, then Cameron and Prefer to also drop 1 to hold Chiefs DEF ..Yes? Agree that is ONE DST to hold over a cheap Player.. We have 8 teams in P/O’s . so if I get a W this week I’m looking good and would rather Lose a game down the Line & hold the core roster for Playoffs ..Decent Strategy.? THX
    Oh and Sorry but one more advice on how u like ROS PPR Miller, Ivory Helu

    • Jeff says:

      Ok first of all I like Miller slightly better than those other two ROS. Hopefully his usage increases.

      I think your lineup for the week is fine. Floyd has been decent and has a good matchup this week.

      I would hold onto the KC defense, I think that is a decent strategy since they have been good. I’m ok with the strategy.

  7. ZJG says:

    Ugh, so I can’t decide between 2 of the 3 in my non-ppr: Colston (off a bye week against week Buffalo), Gordon (no QB, and stiff Chiefs defense/brandon flowers), or Mike Wallace (facing Aqib Talib)…

    • Jeff says:

      I would probably go Gordon/Wallace. I have Wallace/Colston higher but Colston is riskier with his performance being so bad thus far in 2013. All three should be ok options this week.

  8. zee says:

    Chet why so down on Demaryius? Isn’t he supposed to be the highest upside Broncos WR?

  9. nate says:

    can you convince me why I should play michael floyd over lamar miller as my flex this week? (non-ppr)

  10. Clint says:

    Why isn’t the GB defense ranked? I figured they would be a strong play against MIN.

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