Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 7 Staff Ranks October 18, 2012  |  Jeff

Is it just me, or does it feel like half the NFL is on bye this week? No? Just me? Ok, either way, strap up your boots and dig into the Week 7 The Fake Football Staff Rankings below to find your way through the bye week forest to the perfect lineup.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Need to pick two out these awesome threesome
    BJE, Ballard, Dwyer?

  2. Brandon Foster says:

    Hey I have two questions- 1. do you think my team is fine how it is or should I make changes.
    QB- Romo, Fitz
    RB- Rice, D murray, A green
    WR- B. Marshall, P. Harvin, Dez bryant, K. Britt, D. Moore.
    TE-Olsen, Celek
    K- zurlein, Crosby
    and 2. Who should I pley at flex in week 7… Dez, Britt, or D. Moore??

    • Jeff says:

      Play Dez at flex. Your team looks ok, but is a little thin at RB. I would hold onto Harvin/Marshall but maybe try to package any of the other WR for some RB depth.

  3. MQ says:

    Got some tough calls this week, please give me your opinion:

    Non-PPR: Ballard vs. Dwyer
    0.5PPR: Kendall Wright, Josh Gordon, or Blackmon?


  4. Neek81 says:

    Which defense should I play cin @ pit oak @ jac buf @ ten nyg @ was our stick with houston @bal

  5. tom says:

    My lineup:(1/2 ppr)
    Stafford, R rice, Mcgahee, Bradshaw, andre brown, Alex Green, Roddy, Marshall, Dez, Stevie johnson, A hernandez (as wr), L moore, antonio brown. Balt def.
    Should I trade Dez for Dalton?
    How bout mcgahee for Eli?
    Bit worried bout Stafford!

    • Jeff says:

      I would probably hold onto your RB’s at the moment with Bradshaw’s health in question. If you are looking for another option at QB, I would give up some of that WR depth. Try to target Eli ahead of Dalton if those are the 2 available in your league. I would shoot higher if Dez is who you’re giving up.

  6. Citizen5 says:

    Which WR should I start at flex?
    Austin, D Moore or M. Williams

  7. Thrillhouse44 says:

    Thanks, Jeff! I wish I could drop someone else but we’re limited to 3 RBs on our roster

  8. Josh says:

    Been offered Wayne for Flacco in a 2 QB league. Trade would leave me with Brady/Luck the rest of the year, with Sanchez as my bye week fill-in. Have Larry Fitz, D-Jax, Dez, Lance Moore at WR-have to start 3 every week. Good deal?

  9. Thrillhouse44 says:

    I have R. Mendenhall, D. Murray, and L. McCoy and have to play 1 rb. Should I drop Murray or Mendenhall? Grab Ballard or Deter? Thanks!

    • Jeff says:

      Nobody else on your roster you can drop? I’d hate to drop either of those guys. Murray is better but will most likely be out longer than Mendenhall. Ballard is a good play this week to fill in, and if those are the two guys you have to choose from, I’d reluctantly choose Mendenhall to drop if you somehow don’t have a low end WR or TE to cut. I would almost rather play with no kicker than drop one though.

  10. Moe says:

    Britt nicks Austin Cobb andre and denarius Moore. Which four to start this week?

  11. Jake says:

    I’m in a bit of a bind with my WRs as a result of the bye weeks. I need to start three; one will certainly be Wallace. Who do you think should be the other 2 out of this motley crew (non-PPR): Gordon, Hawkins, Simpson (if healthy), or Hixon? (Santana Moss also available in free agency…)

    I’m currently thinking Gordon and Hawkins. But might Simpson offer better upside if I’m just rolling the dice anyway (if he plays, that is)? And I might play Hixon if he was guaranteed to get looks — but is he?

    • Jeff says:

      Even with Nicks playing last week, Hixon saw 6 targets and they have a nice matchup this week. I would probably play Hawkins and Hixon. If Gordon doesn’t catch a long TD, he doesn’t do much else so you’d be in trouble. Its pretty much a toss up but those are the two I would lean slightly toward.

  12. Jim says:

    U guys got graham as the #1tight end?! Theres talk that he might not play. Even if he does, wouldn’t he be slowed by the bad ankle? How can he be ranked first

    • Jeff says:

      We will be adjusting the rankings throughout the weekend as injury reports are adjusted. I haven’t had a chance to update mine yet today but you are correct about the ankle

  13. Adam says:

    1/2 pt ppr yardage league. Randall Cobb or James jones?

  14. Stewart says:

    I got offered Julio for Doug Martin. My RB’s are DMC, TRich, Ridley, and Spiller. WR’s are Green, D.Thomas, Gordon, and Garcon. Good trade?

  15. Jim says:

    Non ppr league. Leshoure or torrey. CHI D is awesome but leshoure will get his touches. Will he score enough, don’t know. And then theres “THE BEST QB IN THE NFL(SELF PROCLAIMED)” who apparently doesn’t like to throw much to his WRs. I like torrey but can I trust Flacco to throw him the ball?

    • Jeff says:

      Thats tough. Smith has only had 4 targets in each of the last two weeks so I agree with your worry here. I would go with Leshoure despite the matchup.

  16. marc says:

    Appreciate it!

  17. Tehc says:

    Pls rank ROS TEs: Pitta, Chandler, Cook, Fred Davis, Daniels, Martellus

  18. marc says:

    What up Jeff, thanx for the rankings. Q: start 3 wr, 1rb/wr; fitz, andre Johnson, Torrey, V Jax, S Jax, F Jax. Thanx

  19. mikeytuna says:

    Romo or Roethlisberger? Sacks count -1 in our league FWIW. Also, I have Rudolph at TE and Graham currently as my flex and Lloyd/Wilson/Hardesty on the bench. If Graham plays, would you play him or should I be looking at one of my bench guys? Thanks.

    • Jeff says:

      I like Ben slightly ahead of Romo, and if Graham does indeed play I would slide him into the TE slot and then flex Lloyd.

  20. Train says:

    Lots of Charles questions… let me jump on that bandwagon. I’m starting to get concerned about the Chiefs QB drama, blow-out losses, and Jamaal getting marginalized. Now talk of Bowe leaving for the Dolphins! Do you prefer Charles or McCoy RoS? Should I get McCoy if I have to give up Charles & Britt? I also have Harvin, Marshall, & Wayne at WR in std 12-team league. Thanks!

    • Jeff says:

      I don’t think I am quite as worried about Charles as the general public appears to be, but if you would be more comfortable with McCoy in there, then I have no problem with that trade at all. I think McCoy and Charles are close enough in value that if you prefer McCoy, then pull the trigger. McCoy is awesome as well so you’re in good shape either way.

  21. Sully says:

    10 team PPR:

    Starting RBs: Rice, Peterson
    Starting WRs: Wayne, Nicks

    Flex, should I start Sproles, James Jones, or Henderson?

    Would you consider sitting Rice this week, starting Sproles, and putting Jones or Henderson at flex?

  22. Josh says:

    Hey jeff… Got a question… Trade away AP for J. Charles? Im just lookin at the strength of sched… AP is hot but i just dont trust his sched man.. What do u think?? Thanks for your time and wisdom.. Josh

    • Jeff says:

      That’s a valid thought for sure, but I think I would stick with AP. The sketchy nature of KC’s offense worries me a little and AP should be able to rise above the tough schedule.

  23. CP says:

    Non-PPR Trade offer:

    I get Charles and Branden Gibson
    I give Forte and Maclin

    I know it sounds like a ton to give, but here is my current team.

    Ryan, McFadden, Forte, Mendy, Welker, Andre, Floyd, Gates, Maclin, Torrey Smith

    Is Charles a home run swing? Does it help my weekly WR decision problem by paring down the corps? Is it that much of an upgrade considering KC QB situation?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Jeff says:

      I think its a little too much to give. Im a pretty big Maclin fan, and Charles is probably only a slight upgrade from Forte. I would maybe try to pair a couple of your WR together for another back if possible.

  24. Dan says:

    Would you trade Vincent Brown for lance Moore? I need immediate WR help. Full pPR.

  25. R.S. says:

    Bench one out of AD, MJD, Doug Martin, T Rich !!!!

  26. Phil says:

    Hey Jeff,
    Bye week is killing me.
    Standard Scoring.
    Gordon, Gibson or Hixon at WR2 this week?
    Pick 2 RBs: BJGE, A.Green, Ballard
    Which of the 3 players that don’t make cuts above should I put at Flex?

  27. Ghost says:

    Current Lineup

    WR-Fitz, Bryant
    RB- DMC, F-jax
    TE- H.Miller
    Flex – B. Llyod

    Bench – F. Jones, Cobb, A.Brown, hartline

    would it be crazy for me to bench llyod because i think cro will be on him and play felix in my flex? Im just worried because then i would be rolling with 3 cowboys in romo, bryant and jones and while the matchup seems prime i dont want to put all my eggs in one basket…

    • Jeff says:

      I think its a decent move. I like Felix this week and you’re right, the matchup is pretty sweet. If you are comfortable with the Dallas trio, go ahead and do it. I think thats a good risk to take.

    • Max says:

      thanks for the advice my line-up looks like this qb rivers wr green wr wayne rb mccoy rb charles te graham flex mcgahee and bench lloyd luck p. thomas…its a 12 team league and like u said it helps my flex but i dont trust rivers and i think luck could explode any thoughts?

    • Max says:

      i meant my response to be on my comment

  28. Max says:

    In a .5 for ppr should I trade Lloyd, luck, walsh, woodhead for welker and dougie mart…12 teams my starting lineup is currently qb rivers wr green wr wayne rb mccoy rb charles te graham flex mcgahee k hanson d packers

    • Jeff says:

      Alright, so you are trading all bench players for upgrades, which is a tactic I really enjoy. It looks like you would really only be upgrading your flex spot here, and then you’d have Martin for some depth. I would do that deal.

    • Max says:

      thanks for the advice my line-up looks like this qb rivers wr green wr wayne rb mccoy rb charles te graham flex mcgahee and bench lloyd luck p. thomas…its a 12 team league and like u said it helps my flex but i dont trust rivers and i think luck could explode any thoughts?

  29. Neek81 says:

    Who u like better in deep league kendal wright or josh gordon this week already have britt in my lineup tho safe to play both titans ?

  30. c3rd says:

    flex & wr3: Alex Green, Manningham, Woodhead, Brandon Gibson?

  31. Kyle says:

    Would you trade Arian foster for rg3 and Willis McGhee. Rbs are Ryan Matthews, spiller, and Fred Jackson. Qb rt now is Philip rivers. Or trade Fred Jackson for Eli. Thanks.

  32. Ian says:

    Hey Jeff, Denarius Moore or Kenny Britt this week?

  33. Alex says:

    Any fantasy value for Jacquizz Rodgers? Would you drop him for Vincent Brown?

  34. chris says:

    Please rank TE ROS .5PPR. Finley, F. Davis, Celek, Olsen. Thank you!

  35. Jake says:

    What do you think about trading my Vick and Ridley for Alfred Morris? My starting QB is RG3. Would I be over-paying?

  36. Matt says:

    ROS-J. Charles or DMC? Is it close? Also, considering selling high on Percy Harvin in the next week or two. The Vikes have a tough fantasy playoff schedule I am concerned about his durability. Thoughts on Harvin ROS? Thanks.

  37. Jake says:

    I’m curious about the relatively low-ranking of Ballard and the relatively high ranking of Leshoure. I have both, and was considering starting Ballard in the flex given their respective match-ups. So, just wondering, why do you guys think Ballard will far underperform Leshoure?

    • Jeff says:

      I think this is a case of taking the better running back instead of the better matchup. Leshoure looked pretty good last week and is a bit more of a known commodity than Ballard. Good matchup for Ballard though. You’re not crazy for thinking of starting him.

  38. Abdy says:

    Stacked in one league. Non ppr start Dez Felix or Spiller at flex?

  39. Mike says:

    Chet 12 team non PPR. I need to start one Britt or Alex Green?

  40. cp says:

    Have Lynch, Spiller, Doug Martin and McFadden. Have to sit Lynch this week, right?


  41. iluvff says:

    Need 3 out of the 4 in non-ppr:

    S Jax vs GB
    T Smith vs HOU
    S Johnson vs TEN
    James Jones vs SEA


  42. joe says:

    was offered calvin and spiller for charles and jordy.
    ppr league my team
    qb- ben rb- charles martin mcgahee hunter wilson
    wr- jordy torrey vjax
    te graham
    what do you think about trade?

    • Jeff says:

      I would stay put with your team. Your RBs are a bit weak at the moment and another RBBC back won’t help things. ‘Tron is very tempting but I’d stick with Jordy and Charles.

  43. Alex says:

    Got offered larry fitz for my CJ0k and b.loyd. My other rb’s are mathews d.murray and ballard. Other WRs are nicks stevesmith and jamesjones. Should i accept??

    • Jeff says:

      I think I would hold off. D. Brown should be back soon and if Murray is out longer than expected, you may be out of running backs. Your WR will be fine, as Nicks is finally healthy.

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