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It’s time for Week 7 and that means the fantasy football regular season is essentially at its halfway point. And THAT means there is no more time for funny business. It’s go time. This week, be sure to remove all Bears, Broncos, Bengals, and Packers as they will be enjoying bye weeks. Below, you find The Fake Football’s Week 7 Fantasy Football Rankings to help with difficult lineup decisions. As always, if you have any questions about the rankings, feel free to leave them in the comments section below and stop by often as these ranks will be updated all week. Good luck in Week 7!

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  1. Banjoe says:

    Hi Jeff, So in PPR I have Wallace and with the hype going to Diggs and LaFell active Diggs is taken so good time to cut bait on Wallace who I probably won’t need and Add LaFell Now in case he does produce? Or the Only other WR Rising in ranks is Mike Floyd? My other WR’s Hopkins, Evans,and Decker . Or being in a bind at RB Lacy, Forsett, Hillman and Vereen .. Do you see any value to Add DMC? I will also have extra bench spot next week . I go t stuck Stuck in a “QB Nightmare” with Taylor Hurt and Cutler on Bye I had to pick up Stafford ..So then I’ll have to decide which 1 to let go,Ugh .. but Only for a Value waiver option. Thanx

  2. the imp says:

    Who do you like for bench WR5 in PPR (start 3), Kendall Wright (the incumbent) or Brandon LaFell? My other WRs are Jeffery/Edelmen/ARob/ and Tate.

    • the imp says:

      The real question, of course, is how often should one give up meh to solid depth (Wright’s likely to be picked up unenthusiastically if I drop) for an upside flier. I’m 5-1 and my league resets waivers every week, so it is hard to get in on truly hot waiver additions on Tuesday nights….

  3. Jeff says:

    San Diego is pretty awful against the run, i think id put murray in over martin

  4. Zachary says:

    I’m sitting pretty in full point PPR with 3 spots for Lamar Miller, Latavius, Ivory, and Doug Martin. Drafted well. Problem is I cannot for the life of me decide who to sit… all our hot except latavius, and Ivory seems to be in the most likely game to be gamescipted out if it goes pass happy. What’s your thinking? It’s hard looking at Martin’s last two performances and sitting him, trying to take a hard look at Washington’s defense but they have fallen back lately.

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