Week 6 War Room October 13, 2013  |  Jeff

Welcome, welcome, welcome. Week 6 has arrived and it is time once again to buckle up those chin straps and get ready for battle on the fake football gridiron. Whether injuries or bye weeks have got you down, the answer is undoubtedly below in our list of Week 6 Lineup Resources. Now, grab a fork and knife and get ready to devour all the fantasy football knowledge your cranium can handle. Good luck in Week 6!




– For our defensive streaming fans, we proudly present Dreaming of Streaming for Week 6 and another dose for planning the future of your defensive streaming choices. If that weren’t enough, our streaming expert C.D. Carter also provides streaming tips from Vegas.

– Looking to wheel and deal after a rough start to the fantasy season? A post Week 5 edition of Buy Low/Sell High is available to help.

Garbage Time Romance is back once again, highlighting a few players who could accumulate some nice fantasy stat lines in the late stages of Week 6 blow outs.rsz_rivers

– The Matchup Machine! The Matchup Machine! Check out Week 6’s Matchup Machine to find out how your fantasy players will perform against their Week 6 opponents. The answer is in the machine.

– If you are staring right in the face of a tough Week 6 lineup decision, check out the latest edition of Start/Sit for some much needed assistance.

– Hungry? Yes you are! Check in on Game Day Grub for two new recipes to fire up on Sundays while you watch your fantasy squad rake in the points.

– For those in NFL Survivor Leagues, check out our Survivor League Survivor Guide before you lock in your pick.

– Week 6’s Last Second Decisions is always a hot spot for every ounce of fantasy news you need prior to setting your lineup.

Fake Football Real Questions is back answering crucial fantasy football questions so check it out!

– If you are looking for a futuristic look at exactly (or close) what will happen this week in the NFL world, check out our NFL Picks!


Finally, check out our Week 6 Consensus Staff Rankings and leave those lineup questions in the comments section below!

2013 Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros

22 Responses

  1. HelpImBleedingOutHere says:

    Robert Woods or Stacy? Please Help?!

  2. Juice says:

    1 RB slot 1 Flex standard league: Sproles, Lacy, Vincent Brown, MJD, Bowe

  3. Kenny says:

    2 RB Slots and 1 FLEX: Martin, Woody, Leveon, MJD, Pierre,Hilton. I’m 1-4 with the most points against. Huge week.

  4. Shallow Hal says:

    Somehow I’m 5-0 and hurting at RBs. In ppr pick 3: D Willy, MJD, DMC, D Bowe. Thanks brotha

  5. TJW says:

    Vincent or DeSean Jackson? VJax w Glennon but DJax with Revis. Your thoughts? Thanks!

  6. hammer says:

    It looks like Calvin will play. Am I crazy for considering flexing Jordan Cameron and sitting Mega?

    • Jeff says:

      I woudlnt do it but you wouldnt be crazy by any means. Not a particularly great matchup for Megatron anyhow.

      • hammer says:

        The matchup played into my thought process. I just think Calvin may be used as a decoy to open things up for Bush and their mediocre receiving corps. #smoke&mirrors

  7. Hammer says:

    McFadden or Stacy in PPR?

  8. Sully says:

    10 team PPR:
    McFadden / Jennings / Reece or Zac Stacy @ RB2?
    Start AJ Green and Torrey Smith or take a chance on Terrance Williams having another monster week?

    As always, thanks. The Fake keeps it real.

  9. Matt says:

    Pick 2…..Boldin, Fitzgerald, Ridley, McGahee?

  10. Aaron says:

    Moreno or Torrey Smith in PPR? Worried about Moreno usage.

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