Week 5 War Room October 7, 2012  |  Jeff

Did that exciting Rams/Cardinals game work you into an uncontrollable fake football frenzy? I didn’t think so. On the bright side, that Thursday Night fantasy dud means we are due for plenty of fireworks in Sunday’s games. In preparation of the week 5 battle ahead, The Fake Football Week 5 War Room is the one stop shop for all the tools that will guide those lineup decisions and lead you to fantasy victory. Whether you are concerned about injuries, playing time, recent performance slumps, or even the weather your quarterback will play in, you can get the cure to what ails you below…




– Is your team 0-4 with half of your roster on bye in week 5? Don’t worry that noggin one more second, as you can always keep Sunday’s exciting by joining our $200 Week 5 FanDuel Contest. The contest entry fee is just $1 and pays out $200 smackers, which you can use to pay the bar tab you racked up on Saturday! SIGN UP HERE!

The Matchup Machine is back for week 5, giving us a nice breakdown of the defensive crews attempting to stop our fake football players from accumulating points this week. How dare them!

– Got a wide receiver or tight end toss up this week? Check out all the NFL target information fit to print with the Week 4 Target Breakdown and NFL Player Target Percentages.

– For the ‘D’ streamers in the crowd, C.D. Carter is back to give you some solid streaming and bye week fill-in options in Dreaming of Streaming.

– If the links above haven’t solved your roster issues, then the Week 5 Start/Sit and Last Second Decisions will definitely tie up any loose ends.

– Last, but certainly not least, is some week 5 weather information if that kind of stuff floats your boat, and I know it does!


Week 5 Injury Updates


Kenny Britt (Questionable)

Rob Gronkowski (Questionable)

Aaron Hernandez (Questionable)


Finally, the Week 5 The Fake Football Staff Rankings. Be sure to leave your lineup questions in the comments below!

2012 Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros


118 Responses

  1. Stauffiger says:

    Ppr. Dhb or Cobb. Tx!

  2. stauffiger says:

    kereley,meachem or dhb? tx

  3. Edward says:

    Sorry, the original trade was Doug Martin/Eric Decker for Roddy White in PPR.

    • Jeff says:

      Ok cool, I would say start with Decker/Martin and see what he says. I wouldn’t argue with Martin/Decker too much either if you’ve got those other backs.

  4. Edward says:

    PPR, can start 3 RBs and have Rice, Mathews, and Sproles starting with Martin and CJ0K as benchwarmers. Hoping to get constant WR1 production from White and have Wayne as my WR2 (Steve Smith and Kenny Britt are my other WRs). Is this a legit trade on its own, or should I keep Doug as injury insurance? Should I offer CJ2k/Decker first and see what the owner thinks?

  5. y4rivera says:

    I just traded my Martin, Maclin, and Leshoure for Lynch and Wallace. I know I’m trading low on all three of those players but my team has been struggling and I wanted to make a change. My team after this week will be 2-3. Was it an okay move or should I have waited?

    starting roster: qb, rb, rb, wr, wr, te, w/r/t

    My Team
    qb: RG3 and Stafford
    rb: McFadden, Murray, Lynch, Pierre, Battle
    wr: Jordy, Wallace, Rice, Hartline, Hawkins
    te: Graham

  6. Michael says:

    Good call telling me to get Gonzalez as my TE for my FanDuel entry in TFF’s contest. He currently has 19.1 points and I’m in 5th place… if I finish there or above I’m in the money

  7. Jonathan Silsby says:

    decker or Damarius Thomas?ppr league

  8. Andy says:

    Start 3 of 4: BenJarvus, Maclin, Cobb, Hartline. 1 point per reception

  9. John says:

    In a league that scores .5 PPR, 1pt per 15 return yards w. 5pt bonus at 100 ret yards, and .25PPrush attempt, who would you start at flex?

    1. Josh Cribbs
    2. Mendenhall
    3. Devery Henderson (I’m playing vs Brees)

  10. Michael says:

    Need a TE for fanduel. Gates, Gonzalez, Bennett, or Rudolph?

  11. Jonathan Silsby says:

    Ppr league. Can start a qb in flex. Ponder or decker?

  12. John says:

    Desean or a brown?

  13. John says:

    Standard scoring league.. Pick 2: Stevie J, Hixon, Henderson (or Britt – who is questionable and probably will barely play)

  14. John says:

    Trying to figure out 2 things..

    1) Starting TonyG in place of Gronk?


    2) Starting Cribbs in a return league. If he’s going start, he’s great, I just don’t want that goose egg if the team limits him…


    • Jeff says:

      1) That call is tough. Gronk’s hip is an issue, but he is playing. If you have a solid backup option like TonyG, I would probably swap them out and avoid the risk of Gronk sitting out after a few series.

      2) There should be more looks to go around in GB with Jennings officially out. He should be ok.

  15. mikeytuna says:

    Bilal Powell or Lamar Miller?

  16. justin says:

    R Mathews or reggie bush plz help can’t deciede

  17. Andrew says:

    Flex, PPR. M Bush or Devery Henderson with Lance out? Thanks.

    • Jeff says:

      Tough call here. Bush probably safer, but big upside potential with Henderson today. Go Bush unless you’re an underdog this week and need a big game from that flex spot.

  18. Jimdogg13 says:

    Bolden or jaquiz rodgers non ppr. Will rodgers get more touches then bolden is my concern

  19. Stewart says:

    I currently have Schaub in my line up and I’m worried that his def and Arian will do all the work. Stick with him or snag Ponder or Cutler off the waiver wire?

  20. Steve says:

    Jahvid Best all the rage this morning with Adam Schefter report. Grab him quick before he passes tests this week and is cleared for week 7?

  21. BP47 says:

    Standard scoring, need 2 RBs and a Flex:

    McGahee, Reggie Bush, Ridley, Chris Johnson, Cedric Benson, Malcom Floyd.


  22. Robert says:

    “Drops” Finley or Celek? Not sure about the high rank Finley is getting everywhere with IND being 1st in the league against TEs.

    • Jeff says:

      I’d still probably stick with Drops McGee, but it’s close. I think the Jennings absence/more available targets for Finley has increased his rank this week a bit.

  23. Brian says:

    In a deep league pick 1 – WR-RB flex – Redman, Lafell, Keyshawn Martin, Turbin, Ingram or Tolbert.

  24. stauffiger says:

    tj ward broken hand or chung? ipd has cost me 3 games. tx

  25. Dfife says:

    Pierre Thomas or D-Will?

  26. AL says:

    Pick two please – Welker, Reggie Bush, Dwayne Bowe, Colston.


  27. ALEX says:

    Flacco or Cam?…tough decision but leaning Flacco. What you think?

  28. Robert says:

    With the news that Jahvid Best may be back on the field in as soon as two weeks, is he a must stash for Leshoure owners? My other RBs are Gore/Benson/Ridley/SJax, and my WRs are Megatron/Julio/Wayne/Britt. Anybody there you’d drop to stash Best?

  29. BeeZee05 says:

    In a deep league pick 1 – WR-RB flex – Redman, Lafell, Keyshawn Martin, Turbin, Ingram or Tolbert?

  30. citizen5 says:

    Which TE today? Non-PPR. Rudolph or Finley.

  31. Dillon says:

    I commish a 12 team league and 2-weeks ago we had a trade of:

    Ray Rice for McGahee and Ridley.

    Rice guy’s next best RB was Helu, and very few options are on Wavier.
    I let it slide since no league collusion look to be happening, but people are upset, since Rice and Foster are now on the same team.

    Your thoughts on the trade, and should it have been veto’ed?

    • tom says:

      Fellow commish here of a 12 team league, 13 years. I wouldn’t reject that trade. My view is that you only reject on real concerns of collusion, never on stupidity.

    • Jeff says:

      Trade should never be veto’ed unless there is clear collusion. Shitty trade, but you gotta let stuff like that slide unless someone is cheating.

    • Dillon says:

      Thanks guys, completely agree. I think the trade was out of desperation to fill his 2nd RB slot.
      Ironic part is, McGahee and Ridley helped him win last week, and nearly get high pts.

  32. Matt B says:

    Better PPR start today: Hartline or Malcolm Floyd?

  33. Cramer says:

    Gotta fill a flex spot and WR. Pick between decker,maclin,Cobb, Donald brown, Hawkins.

  34. John says:

    You like Hixon or Hartline more this week?

  35. ALEX says:


  36. Ty says:

    Would you trade Cjohnson for BJE in standard league? Less headaches

  37. tom says:

    Andre Brown or J Stew as my RB2?

  38. David says:

    RB DBrown or Quizz?

  39. jmkobus says:

    .5 PPR. With the recent news on Ryan Grant, should I start Ben Tate over Hankerson?

  40. Aaron says:

    Battle or A. Brown in ppr?

  41. @__kingdaddy__ says:

    Asked many pundits and they’ve all answered differently…

    .5 PPR


    Spillar @ SF
    Bush @ JAX
    Bess @ CIN


  42. Greg says:

    Pick 2, Battle, Mathews or JStew? Non PPR, thinking of going both SD backs. Thanks

  43. Daniel L says:

    Reggie Bush or Matt forte? Colston or Hixon?… Now diff league Stevie Johnson or Chris Johnson (Flex).. HELP!!

  44. John says:

    Hey Chet, my Vernon Davis and Trent Richardson for his Roddy White and Darren McFadden? I would have Tony Gonzalez at TE. Do I accept?

  45. TDunn says:

    cobb or wright? .5 ppr. thankya

  46. David says:

    D: SEA or MIN / TE: Miller or Tamme? Thanks…

  47. Dave S says:

    trade Stewart and Rudolp for Garcon and Moeki. Would have to start Moeki this week, then Witten, non ppr redraft

  48. iMP says:

    Hey Chet, in 12 man PPR 3WR/2RB and a 4 man bench, would you consider dropping JStew (my 4th RB) in order to avoid a WR zero for just this week or is this too much long term value to lose for the short term gain?

  49. Dan S says:

    In Ppr would you roll with Jackie Battle, Fjax or should I pick up Greg Little?

  50. Keith says:

    Good Morning, Seattle or GB DEF? Special teams don’t count but 10pts for DEF TD

  51. Chad says:

    1-pt PPR, 10-team. I’ve been offered Ridley/Bolden for Garcon/Draughn. My team looks like this right now.

    Vick, Fitzptarick
    McFadden, Martin, Morris, Bradshaw, A. Brown, Hunter, D. Richardson, Draughn
    Harvin, Maclin, Garcon, Britt, LaFell, Hixon

    Should I take Ridly/Bolden?

  52. iMP says:

    Walk me off the cliff by finishing this sentence: If you drop JStew in 12 team PPR 2RB/3WR for a waiver wire WR to play instead of your vacationing WR corps (Nicks/Jennings/DMoore) you are going to feel really _______ in a couple of weeks.

  53. Tom says:

    PPR, pick three, all WRs: Steve Smith, Eric Decker, Jerome Simpson, Michael Crabtree

  54. Bryan says:

    Pick 1. Demarius Thomas, Brandon Marshall, Reggie Wayne. Thanks!!!!

  55. Hunter says:

    Bolden, Woodhead, or Draughn?

  56. jeff stauffiger says:

    Tj ward w broken hand or chung. Tx.

  57. Pedro says:

    Rudolph or k.wright at the flex? .5 ppr. Thanks!

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