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The 2015 season is four weeks old and we are now moving at high speed toward the playoffs. Week 5 has arrived and brings a number of interesting matchups, in addition to more bye weeks. Please be sure your Jets, Dolphins, Panthers, and Vikings are all seated safely on the bench with their hands and feet inside the vehicle as these four teams are enjoying their byes. Below, you will find The Fake Football’s Week 5 Fantasy Football Rankings, to help with your lineup decisions and roster moves. As always, check back often as these rankings are updated frequently when injury/playing time news surfaces throughout the week. Feel free to leave your lineup questions in the comments section below and good luck in Week 5!


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  1. Banjoe says:

    Oh just heard Julius Thomas is a GO Have NO idea of his value and think he might even have a splint??? Where would u rank him? and would you chance playing him over Ertz? thax

  2. Week 5 says:

    If Eddie Royal plays would you go with him or Andre Ellington? Half PPR


  3. Banjoe says:

    Hey Jeff ..Advice for PPR TE Fill-in for Olsen Not many options. My first choice and in same value as FFB Rankings is Barnidge .Second is either Ertz, L.Green or Maxx Williams. Only question is gut call about Barnidge going against the #1 ranked Def against TE’s ..(Ravens seem tough) Or Ertz who hasn’t really impressed but going against the 30th TE Def with the Saints? What would be your opinion on how to play this? Thanks as Always

  4. Principal Blackman says:

    In a PPR, 0.5PPRush, Return Yardage (10 yds/per point) league, would you start Harvin (who get’s a boost in this format) or Brandin Cooks (against a swiss cheese Eagles secondary) as your WR3? Fitzgerald and Allen Robinson are my WR 1&2.

  5. receiver advice says:

    half PPR
    Need one. Who would you roll with?

  6. the imp says:

    This Q is a little forward looking and (worse yet) about defenses, but hopefully you have a few kind words of guidance.
    I’m holding CAR DST and was considering holding them through the bye. The RAMS DST is available, however, and may have an even rosier ROS outlook than CAR. Of course their matchup this week is sketchy and they will be on bye next week.
    So, do you think you would be willing to drop a bench player (short benches, so it will be a Mike Wallace type or WR) to hold either the Panthers or the Rams through their upcoming byes or would you just start streaming week to week at this point.

    • Jeff says:

      i dont think i’d hold two D’s right now. I think I’d grab STL and try to get through this week then ride them

  7. Rob says:

    Hey, how fair do you think this trade is? Eddie lacy for Emmanuel Sanders and Giovanni Bernard. I’m really deep at WR. .5ppr

    • FantasyFred says:

      Keep Gio B. Lacy for Sanders should be fair enough. If he gets both its an unfair trade due to Gios potential number of catches each week especially in ppr.

    • Jeff says:

      I think it’s fair enough if you’ve got good depth at WR and want a higher-end RB option.

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