Week 5 Consensus Rankings October 1, 2013  |  Jeff

The fake football regular season is now 31% done. Well, 30.8% done but let’s not get too picky, we’ve got much more important issues like giant piles of injured players and a four pack of NFL teams on bye. The pickings are slim, especially in the running back aisle, but The Fake Football is here to help guide your squad to a Week 5 victory. As always, feel free to leave those troublesome lineup conundrums in the comments section below.


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  1. Tom says:

    Jeff, with Calvin Johnson inactive, would you start Ryan Broyles over James Jones? Or Ryan Broyles over Julius Thomas?
    Thanks in advance

  2. hal says:

    is it too risky to swap in broyles for bowe at flex in ppr with megatron out? broyles killed me last week but detroit will try to keep up with GB. i dont see KC throwing that much with locker out in Tennesee. thanks

  3. zee says:

    Cecil Shorts vs StL or Trent Richardson vs Seattle for my flex spot?

    0.5 PPR, Shorts gets a ton of targets… but he hasn’t practiced this week and Blackmon is back. On the other hand, TRich hasn’t really proven any of the hype. And its Seattle.

  4. Banjoe says:

    Hey Jeff.. I did get Wilson but dropped Williams mainly b/c of his Bye .. Now gotta figure a PPR Lineup need “2” RB’s & 1 Flex from: MJD, Wilson, Miller, Danny A- if he’s GOOD to go-, Roddy or Finley? I got Miller in but Wilson and MJD are enigmas … Both on paper should be good but how would U go (mainly if Amendola is too much risk) and REALLY thanx for All ur help ..It’s been my craziest WW Week with all these Upside players being dropped!

    • Jeff says:

      May I think I would slot miller and Wilson at rb and then the issue is the flex obviously. I think I would lean MJD.

  5. Banjoe says:

    12 team PPR League 2/VERY Impatient Owners I already Scooped Le’veon Bell, for D Rich S.Jax For Mike Floyd and Roddy for Miles Austin .. NOW Someone Dropped D.Wilson and I Really WANT him!! if No One ahead of me gets him off ww B4 me ..Here’s My Dilemma on who to drop to get him My roster is Stafford as only QB but have time to deal w/that week 9..RB’s are Martin , MJD, Le’veon Bell, Lamar Miller, &,SJax ..WR ‘s: Dez, DJax, Amendola, Roddy, Mike Wms, TE’ Cameron and Finley. I was gonna drop Williams to try and get D.Wilson but w/news of Roddy’s Set back Do I hang with him and hope he is back OK after the bye or just go ahead and go as planned and drop Tampa Mike with the whole QB mess in Tampa? (I AM looking ahead to Playoffs-with 8 teams in I should be OK) D Wil is available on 2nites ww? THANKS!!

  6. The Vaproziers says:

    CJ Spiller or Andre Ellington?

    I’m really starting to think Ellington. Who would you start?

    • Jeff says:

      Stay up on the news until kickoff. If it sounds like he looks good in pregame, I would play Spiller if Ellington is your other choice. A little risky though.

  7. Guy says:

    Lamar Miller or Spiller in PPR tonight? Normally I’d play Spiller without second thought, but there seems to be too many factors against him tonight.

  8. Guy says:

    Lamar Miller or Spiller in PPR tonight? Normally I’d player Spiller without second thought, but there seems to be too many factors against him tonight.

  9. Rob says:

    Hey 12 team 1ppr league. Do I trust Eli Manning this week or do I start Terrel Pryor vs SD. Also DeAndre Hopkins, Andre Roberts, T.Y and Nate Washington which two do I start? Thanks!

  10. Principle Blackman says:

    A question for Greg. Why do you dislike Trent Richardson so much this week? Is it strictly a combination of his getting to know a new offense in addition to doing it against a stingy Seattle run D? Or is there something more to your ranking?

    • gregsauce says:

      @Principle Blackman: Strictly based on the match-up against Seattle. With that said, I probably have him too low. He’ll likely move up when I update my rankings later.

  11. Tony says:

    NY Giants missing?

  12. Pudge says:

    Which player should I bench, Desean Jackson, Andre Johnson or Chris Johnson?


  13. Ghost says:

    Spiller, F-jax or Miller as my RB2? .5ppr bonus league

  14. Keyser says:

    12 team 0.5PPR – Michael Floyd or TY Hilton RoS?

  15. Elliot says:

    I’ve been offered Frank Gore and either Miles Austin/Brian Hartline for Lamar Miller and Josh Gordon. My Rb’s are Doug Marin, Alf and Woodhead and my wrs are Colston, Steve Smith, and Givens. It’s also a keeper league. Thoughts?

    • Jeff says:

      I wouldn’t go anywhere near that deal. Miller and Gordon are FAR more valuable in a keeper league and that side of the deal is probably more valuable in redraft as well.

  16. dale says:

    Where is Le’veon Bell?

  17. Jim Parkey says:

    I thought Gronk was out until week 6 – did I miss something?

    Who do you like for my flex: D. Wilson or J. Gordon??

    • Jeff says:

      I would play Gordon at flex. As for Gronk, these early ranks are suspect in regards to injured guys. Better info is released later in the week and we will update the rankings when that happens.

  18. Norman says:

    Also, just got an email, he wants to upgrade his qb, his team: Kaep, Jordy, Edelman, D Murray, R Rice, Gates, Gio, Hopkins, Helu, Percy, Eli, D Wilson, B Tate, Garcon, SEA D. Do you see a trade there at all?

    • Jeff says:

      I doubt he is going to give you anything for Rivers or Wilson, as they arent really upgrades to Kaepernick, but if he thinks they are, try to deal one for Gio/Wilson/Garcon types and see what happens.

  19. Norman says:

    12 Team PPR: just picked up R Jennings & Ellington off waivers. Would you start Jennings or McGahee over Spiller? Right now I have R Bush & Spiller as my RBs & McGahee & Jennings as my 2 starting flex. Would you change the lineup at all, current starting lineup: Rivers, Torrey, AJ, Bush, Spiller, Olsen, R Jennings, McGahee, Hauschka, NE D. Bench: Elington, Patterson, R Wilson, Antonio, Pierce.

    • Jeff says:

      I would still play Spiller as long as he is active. I think you’ve probably got the best lineup there, but those Flex guys are dicey.

  20. Wilsonian says:

    This trade has been offered to me, do I run with it:

    His: Spiller/FJax for
    My: Moreno/Mathews

    Here’s my team:

    QB: Stafford
    WR: AJGreen
    WR: Bryant
    WR: Decker
    RB: Forte
    RB: Moreno
    TE: Graham
    W/R: Gio
    W/R/T: Gordon
    BN: R.Wilson
    BN: Garcon
    BN: D.Wilson
    BN: CJ no K
    BN: Mathews
    BN: Bennett
    IR: A.Brown

    0.5 PPR, 6 points per TD, 3 point bonus at 85 yards receiving/100 yards rushing, 6 point bonus at 135 yards receiving/150 yards rushing

    Could also possibly do Moreno for Spiller only, or should I get Team Buffalo?

    • Jeff says:

      YES to all of the above. Get both if you can.

      • Wilsonian says:

        Thanks, I just pulled off the 2 for 2 deal and grabbed team Buffalo. Do I play one of them (depending on their health – obviously not starting them if they’re out) tomorrow night or do I play CJohnson as my flex?

  21. JP says:

    Who’s Chet’s 10th ranked defense?


  22. Principle Blackman says:

    In my 12-team, 2qb PPR/.5PPRush/Return yardage league, I’ve been offered a trade of his Ryan Matthews for my brandon Hoyer. He is my QB 3. Cam and Vick are my 1 & 2. I’m tempted to accept, but I’m also tempted to counter with Cam or Vick for His D-Mart. I could really use some advice as to what course to take.

    My squad:
    QB: Cam
    WR: D. Jax, Cobb, Gordon
    RB: T. Rich, Sproles
    TE: J Thomas
    Q/W/R/T: Vick
    BN: Lacy, Snelling, Bolden, T Austin, C Patterson, B Hoyer

    His team:
    QB: Palmer
    WR: A Brown, Bowe, Demearyius
    RB: D Mart, Foster
    TE: Cameron
    QWRT: Big Ben
    BN: L Bell, R Matthews, D Moore, Rudolph, Freeman, and an extra DEF.


    • Seth says:


      First, accept that trade immediately. Even tho Hoyer is a good QB3, its basically expendable. RB depth is always more important. You can potentially play / rotate mathews into your 2nd rb spot every week. He will be good.

      Second, don’t give up cam and vick. They are nasty. If u get mathews, you’ll have enough good RB depth. You will lose a lot more by not having cam / vick there every week. both are likely top 5 options unless injured. Hope this helps!,


    • Jeff says:

      I think the Mathews deal is a good one, but I wouldn’t give up your edge at QB by dealing Vick or Cam.

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