Week 4 War Room September 29, 2012  |  Jeff

Welcome, fake footballers, you have just arrived at the official headquarters for every last lineup choice and every last tweak to the roster that will get you that all important W…The Fake Football’s Week 4 War Room. Below is every single piece of pertinent information that will help guide your team into the week 4 winner’s circle. From rankings and statistics to injury news and weather reports, the Week 4 War Room is your one stop shop for Sunday morning fantasy preparation. Get out your #2 pencils, highlighters, and calculator as we get to work (perhaps you could substitute in an adult beverage for the calculator). Let’s get it!




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If statistical strategery is your thing, we have got you covered. Get your thinking cap on and peruse the following stats smorgasbord:

  • The Week 4 Matchup Machine gives you all the information you need regarding the defensive matchups facing your fantasy players. It also has pretty colors!
  • Our man Chet breaks down every NFL team’s red zone numbers for the 2012 season, so check that out to see which teams are best when they sniff the goal line.
  • In case you’re curious about the defensive strength of your players’ schedules, we’ve got that covered as well, with Chet’s Rest of Season Strength of Schedule.

Some good old fashioned Start/Sit advice from Mike Braude is a great read if you have a cramp inducing lineup decision to make.

If you’ve got a player/players that are nursing an injury, check out ChrisDCo’s matchup by matchup injury rundown.

Kevin’s Week 4 Last Second Decisions covers everything from injuries to backfield committees to matchup advice. Get some.

It is getting to be that time of year again, so keeping an eye on the NFL weather situations is always a solid idea. You can find that information right about HERE.

Looking to swap out a defense? C.D. Carter has the best streaming options for you in the week 4 installment of Dreaming of Streaming.


Sunday Injury Updates:


Early Games

Rob Gronkowski (Questionable) – Should play

Fred Jackson (Questionable) — Schefter reports FJax and Spiller will split carries.

C.J. Spiller (Questionable) — ” ”

Kenny Britt (Questionable) — Reports are Britt WILL NOT play. Upgrade Wright and Washington, but they still have a tough matchup.

Peyton Hillis (Doubtful)

Dwayne Bowe (Questionable) — Will play

Mikel Leshoure (Questionable) — Will play

Steven Jackson (Questionable) – Should play, but may be limited. Be wary.


Late Games

Reggie Bush (Questionable) — Will be a game time decision, but should go barring a setback.

Pierre Garcon (Questionable) — Adam Schefter says he is likely to play on a limited basis. Avoid unless desperate.


Sunday Nighter

Hakeem Nicks (Doubtful)


Below are The Fake Football Week 4 Staff Rankings. Check them out and be sure to leave your lineup questions in the comments below!

2012 Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros



196 Responses

  1. LakerSteve says:

    PPR – start LeShoure over Murray?

  2. LakerSteve says:

    Fitz, Ponder, Dalton all available. Should I still roll with Romo vs CHI this week? I don’t want him to kill me again this week.

  3. Michael says:

    Chet, quick! Kenny Britt is out. I need someone… who’s my guy?

    Randy Moss
    Devin Hester
    Devery Henderson
    Kevin Walter

  4. jon says:

    Pick three, standard league: Lance Moore, Andrew Hawkins, Alfred Morris, Demarco Murray.
    Also, have Dwanye Bowe: Should i ignore questionable status and start?

  5. Cramer says:

    Do I start spiller or go with Cobb, jaquizz or lafell?

  6. Loop says:

    Spiller or Quizz PPR Flex? Twitter seems to say Spiller will be a decoy

  7. Jimdogg says:

    Ppr league. Need 3 RBs. Spiller, jackson, leshoure, or mcgahee

  8. jb says:

    Alright my man —

    JStew, Shonn Greene or Daniel Thomas?

    Standard scoring 10 tm.


  9. Brightandbrand says:

    Lafell or Hankerson? And Ridley or R. Williams? 12 tm standard non ppr. Thanks.

  10. Julien says:

    Tough WR situation with Nicks and Britt out : Start 3 among Hankerson, Titus, Cobb, LaFell.
    I can grab Barden too.

  11. Dillon says:

    Fred Jackson or Eric Decker at flex in non-ppr? Thanks! Love your stuff, and the high tweet count.

  12. B.J. says:

    Hey Chet,

    One last question and I promise I’m done harassing you (at least for today haha)

    Do I wait on Forte/K. Bell tomorrow night and use either play in my flex or do I start Mathews as my RB1, SJax as my RB2 and J. Stewart as my Flex?

    As I mentioned earlier I am 0-3 and need a win badly.

  13. Justin says:

    N. Washington, d jackson or g Jennings? Need 1

  14. Robert says:

    With Leshoure now definitely starting, are you playing him over Gore, Benson, or Ridley this week in a standard 12-team league?

  15. Alfonso says:

    Flex: Moore or Tate?

  16. ryan says:

    PPR. Pick two: Maclin Pettigrew Leshoure

  17. J says:

    Denarius Moore, Jared Cook, Michael Bush or Jon Baldwin for .5 ppr flex spot?

  18. Manuel says:

    Screwed with bye weeks, for WR: Leonard Hankerson, Randall Cobb or Andre Roberts? Pick 2.
    Matthew Stafford or Christian Ponder?
    I also have Michael Bush who I could put in a flex spot over one of those WRs.

  19. Kyle says:

    PPR…. Need to start either Reggie Bush or CJ Spiller.

  20. BearGoggles says:

    2 slots to fill. Which two to start if these three: Ahmad Bradshaw, Andre Brown, CJ Spiller

  21. Brandon says:

    .5 ppr leagues flex spot… A morris or M leshore?

  22. Harjit says:

    Should I start The Buffalo or NYG D tonight? I am leaning towards clearly NYG out of Brady-fear. The other question is, do I start Mike Williams or Nate Washington (especially with Britt out) at flex (Mike Wallace off week is a killer) thanks!

  23. J says:

    Hankerson or Rudolph for .5 ppr flex spot?

  24. Javier says:

    I’m so torn in non-PPR do I start Martellus Bennett, Fjax, or M. Bush??

  25. Justin says:

    JStew, Andre Brown, or Dez?

  26. BRENT says:

    tough one but who would you start fitz,ponder or dalton ???

  27. need help says:

    Cedric Benson or CJ Spiller (with split carries)?
    Ramses Barden, Brandon LaFell, or Jerome Simpson?

  28. ryan says:

    Leshoure or Pettigrew-PPR. Thanks

  29. Aaron says:

    Can’t believe this is even a question but with the spiller uncertainty I’ve got to ask.

    I need a RB2 PPR
    J. Rodgers

    Also would you take either one of those over Barden in the FLEX.


  30. Roge says:

    PPR Flex – Ahmad Bradshaw, Andre Brown or Santonio Holmes?

  31. Stinkyjak says:

    PPR Return league, pick two Jerome Simpson, DeSean Jackson, Jonathan Stewart or Mikel Leshoure.

  32. Stinkyjak says:

    flex – Jonathan Stewart, Eric Decker or Jerome Simpson.

  33. I lost 3 starters! says:

    PPR Flex – FJax, M. Bush, Forte, Bennett?

  34. Matt says:

    Sjax or d’angelo (devils pie) Williams?

  35. Sachin says:

    Garcon, Hankerson, Denarius Moore, or Randall Cobb for WR3??

  36. Hunter says:

    Reggie Bush or Michael Bush? Pettigrew or Rudolph?

  37. josh says:

    forte, leshoure, morris. Pick 2. PPR.

  38. Scot says:

    PPR: Sit one-CJBarfK, Forte, Spiller…I know, not good. Also, flex – A. Roberts, LaFell, S. Rice, T. Young

  39. Brett says:

    flex spot who would you start? M. Bennett or R. Bush

    also who would you start Burleson or J. Simpsom

  40. Tom says:

    2 RBs out of Frank Gore, Mikel LeShoure, Ryan Williams and Daniel Thomas.

  41. Brett says:

    since both F jax and spiller are active who would you lean on if you own both?

  42. Dom says:

    A. Brown/Bradshaw and quizz all on my bench. Gotta replace britt with one, Who are you taking? PPR. Every site has them all around the same rank. All seem to be a risky play. Thanks!!

  43. Ben says:

    Pick 1 WR and 1FLEX please!
    B. Lloyd, B. Marshall, W. McGahee, CJ2K, J. Stew

  44. David says:

    Need help at flex for my 10 team .5 ppr league, pick one: Miles Austin, Jeremy Maclin, Fred Jackson, or Ryan Williams?

  45. Tim Stringer says:

    matthews v lynch…
    RG3 v Brees…
    T.young v J simpson…

    non ppr

  46. Keith says:

    Start 2 of 3 non-ppr, jordy Nelson, Vincent Jackson, demarco murray

  47. Alfonso says:

    You’ve been money this year brother. Need help again.
    Forte, Tate, Chris Johnson? Pick one
    Lance Moore, Malcolm Floyd, m Bennett, j Finley: pick 3

  48. rt says:

    Stuck at WR3 – start one out of Barden, Cobb or Kerley 0.5 PPR league – Thanks!

  49. iMP says:

    Trying to play it safe at QB as I am favored to win with the rest of my roster. Ponder or Romo less likely to lay an egg?

  50. Tom says:

    Flex Spot: C. Benson or G. Jennings?

    Flex Spot: B. Lloyd, D. Bryant or D. Jackson?

    Thanks! Helped a lot last week, too!

  51. Chad says:

    1pt PPR, need 2 flex plays – LaFell, Bradshaw, Andre Brown, Garcon, Barden? What say you???

  52. Jason says:

    Hey Chet,

    Should I flex Eric Decker or Barren today in a non PPR?

  53. mtzkn says:

    Hey Chet, I’m in the unlucky position to decide between CJ Spiller and CJ2K … what’s your call?

  54. Jeff says:

    Ok, would you start V-Jax over any of these 3 RB’s? Charles, McFadden and I guess u already answered Matthews. Non ppr.

  55. Justin says:

    Start JStew or wait for Bush/Forte? I have all 3. Thanks!!!

  56. Herschel says:

    PPR flex, alf morris or dez? Gracias.

  57. justin says:

    Tony g or reggie bush for my flex standard thx!?

  58. Jeff says:

    Non ppr, at flex should I start Matthews or V-Jax at WR. If u could give me a bit of insight why also. Thanks for the help.

  59. Kyle says:

    Pick two. Percy, jordy, Freddy jack. .5 ppr.

  60. mt says:

    nonppr– Ponder or Romo? Murray, Alf, Leshoure, S.Smith, Lloyd, Dez for 1 rb, 1 wr, 1 flex—-leaning Murray, alf, lloyd…thanks in advance

  61. @realkob says:

    In ppr/flex, Alfred Morris or Brandon Marshall? Thanks!

  62. Wilsonian says:

    I can play 4 out of these guys (0.5 ppr), who am I starting:

    Or I can cut Witten for Ramses (Graham is my starting TE, but we have a W/R/TE flex)

    2 bonus points at 85 yards receiving and 100 yards rushing.

  63. josh says:

    Michael Bush/Forte, Ridley, Morris, Andre Brown??? Do i wait for monday or go with another ones of these guys? Thanks in advance.

  64. james says:

    I have to start one of these for sure Daniel Thomas or Alfred Morris, but I have Forte on the bench. Do I bench one and pray Monday works out? Leshourse is also on my bench tempting me…

    I need to pick up a QB off waivers this week. Who do i start Sanchez, Ponder, or Kolb?

    Also w Fred Jackson most likely playing do i start him or test my luck w andre brown or jonathan stewart?

  65. Tarik Smith says:

    Whoops scrolled up question already answered… Thanks guys good work!

  66. Costa says:

    Should I sit Brandon Marshall? In 0-3 and getting nervous about Cowboys D. My other options this week are Simpson, LaFell, and Hankerson. No ppr

  67. Joe says:

    PPR, Amendola, J. Simpson, Matt Forte in my flex?

  68. Pepe Silvia says:

    Flex ? – Maclin or Leshoure?

    Also, would you cut any of these bench guys to stash J Simpson – Hillis, Kevin Smith, Heath Miller (my backup TE)?


  69. Tarik Smith says:

    Is it getting too cute to start Ponder over Vick?

  70. Andy says:

    Really considering starting Ponder over RG3. I know it sounds crazy but the Bucs are always pesky for young and/or running QBs. Am I crazy to start Ponder considering Adrian Clayborn’s absence makes TB’s def worse?

  71. Den says:

    Hey Chet…I have Forte/Bell…should I just wait til Mon nite or play one of these guys: D Thomas, B Powell, K Smith, W Powell.Thanx

  72. Sven says:

    Btw that is 10 team ppr

  73. Sven says:

    Thanks! I have a couple more lineup problems (it’s my wife’s team with a lot of assistance from me).

    This league has a lot of extra roster spots and she’s already got Romo, Foster, Murray, Fitz, Lloyd, and Gates and needs to fill RB/WR, WR, and FLEX from the following options:

    R.Barden, Holmes, Hawkins, M.Bush, Tate

    And if SJax doesn’t play does Darryl Richardson get thrown in the mix? Thanks Doc!

  74. TheRealTaz says:

    Who is the best pickup in PPR? Davone Bess, Kendall Wright, Titus Young, or a handcuff: Kevin Smith and Javon Ringer are out there. My third RB is Jacquizz Rodgers and I have no bench RB beyond him. If possible, please rank top 2 or 3 in case someone beats me to the best one. Thank you!

  75. Oliver says:

    Now that Britt is out today should i stay with A Hawkins or roll the dice on N Washington against the Texans? ppr league

  76. Sven says:

    In 10 team ppr, would you put Leshoure in for any of these 3: Sproles, Martin, Ridley?

    If not, would you flex Leshoure over Malcolm Floyd?

  77. Bryan says:

    Jordy Nelson or Demarius Thomas?? This one is eating me alive. Both have juicy matchups.

    And would you start one if these guys over Victor Cruz? I’m thinking Philly is double teaming him all day.

    • Chet says:

      Those three are all in a similar tier. I am going with Cruz and Nelson, but I think you’d be justified in going with your gut.

  78. Vin says:

    WDIS Ryan Williams, JStew, LeShoure(or KSmith), Kendall Wright or B. Stokely? Pick 3(no more than 2 RBs) PPR

  79. stauffiger says:

    flex andre brown, jon stewart or gabbert? ppr. tx

  80. Matt says:

    Thinking about Rudolph over Cruz? Worried Philly will focus on Cruz?

  81. B.J. says:

    Just got offered his Eric Decker for my Hakeem Nicks, should I take this? He’s 3-0, I’m 0-3 and we play each other this week. I need a WR badly with Nicks out. I’m starting Fitz, LaFell and J. simpson this week. That’s how bad it is haha.

  82. Glenn says:

    1 pt PPR

    Pick 2 of these for RB2 and FLEX. Ridley, Morris or Martin.

  83. Keir says:

    PPR. Flex. S Holmes, A Bradshaw, Hawkins, or P Thomas? Same league, M. Ryan or RGIII?

  84. ral says:

    non-ppr, Amendola, Washington or Simpson?

  85. Costa says:

    Hawkins it is, thanks. Think I should drop Tashard Choice and stash Simpson or Hankerson? Or wait a couple hours just to make sure Spiller and FJax are playing?

  86. y4rivera says:

    Pick 1: Forte, Hawkins, Hartline

  87. Blake Schmidt says:

    start 1 as a flex Macklin (worried still hurt) Ryan Williams (up against tough D) Denarius Moore ( worried about double coverage ) which would you pick

  88. simon says:

    PPR lg Sidney Rice Jerome Simpson or Leonard Hankerson as my WR3? Also pick 3 rbs Leshoure,Martin,Morris, Ridley?

  89. justin says:

    J ACL charles or reggie hurtmyknee bush?

  90. Costa says:

    Pick 1, no ppr: Hankerson, Simpson, Hawkins, LaFell? Thanks!

    • Chet says:

      I’ve been going back and forth on this group as well. I’m going to lean Hawkins. I like Simpson’s upside, but I’d like to see him play first.

  91. Matt says:

    Start Vick or go Ponder…need a win today

  92. Oliver says:

    PPR League A Hawkins or N Washington at wr3? Also ppr league flex spot D Martin, Leshoure or R Williams? Thanks

  93. Jayrock says:

    Start Denarius Moore, Leshoure or Turner?

    Also pick one: Stewart. Meacham, D Brown, C Johnson, T Young?

    • Chet says:

      Dang, tough calls for sure. I’m going to lean Leshoure just because he should get the most touches. And Chris Johnson for the same reason.

  94. B.J. says:

    What to do with my team this week? I’ve got Nicks out, SJax and Forte both questionable. Oh and I forgot to mention I’m 0-3.

    We start 3 WRs and my options for this week are Fitz (definite start), J. Simpson, LaFell, Hankerson.

    For RBs we can start 2 and have one WR/RB flex- the options are Mathews (definite start), Forte (Q), SJax (Q), J. Stewart, Hillis (doubtful) and Joique Bell (LeShoure is questionable).

    And lastly TE- I’ve got Witten against Chicago and Owen Daniels against the titans.

    Who do I start? Sorry for all the questions to start your Sunday morning. I’m freakin out at the likely possibility of going 0-4. This has been my worst start to a season ever.

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