Week 4 War Room September 29, 2013  |  Jeff

The fantasy football season is in full swing and we now have an added wrinkle to our weekly obsession: bye weeks. The Fake Football Gods didn’t think that dealing with endless running back injuries was enough, so now we are forced to juggle lineups without our Packers and Panthers this week. Sound stressful? Don’t worry your pretty little cranium, as The Fake Football is here with the best possible lineup resources to ensure that your Week 4 squad gets you a much needed victory. Check out the links and rankings below before setting your lineups!




– Our main man Mike Braude is back dealing out top notch Start/Sit advice in the latest edition of, you guessed it, Start/Sit.

The Matchup Machine brings its future forecasting skills back once again for Week 4. Check it out and make sure your lineup is packed with players who have premium matchups.rsz_rivers

– If you play in a survivor pool, be sure to check out The Survivor Pool Survivor Guide before locking in your Week 4 selection.

Garbage Time Romance is back, highlighting the players that have some serious potential for racking up points late in games this week.

– For those daily gamers out there, check out our Week 4 Headsupfantasy Picks in order to create the best lineups at Headsupfantasy.com.

– For a comprehensive package of all the lineup information fit to print, check out Last Second Decisions. This baby has it all!

– Week 4’s Take Two debates two quarterbacks that are tempting owners in 2 QB leagues.

– For those hungry fake footballers out there (aren’t we all?), Game Day Grub is back with two new recipes for Sunday eats.

– The best defensive streaming coverage in the biz is back in parts ONE and TWO this week to ensure your D will pack the points.

– Finally, for all the latest injury information available check out The Fake Football Emergency Room.


Last , but certainly not least, we have The Fake Football Consensus Rankings. Leave those lineup questions in the comments below!

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70 Responses

  1. Fedo says:

    Hey I just got a offer: I give away Doug Martin and get Knowshon Moreno & Torrey smith. Should I do it?

  2. B-Train says:

    Can y’all weigh in on this trade offer I received? I get Kaepernick & Ridley for Andrew Luck & Jordy Nelson. Nelson is playing great lately and he’s already had his bye week. But I’m worried about Luck’s low pass volume. My other startable RBs are Charles, Forte, & D. Wilson. My other WRs are Cruz, Gordon, & Thompkins in this standard league. Is it worth making this trade? Thanks!

  3. Mitch Cramer says:

    2 FLEX PPR Mike Williams, snelling, Jaquizz, Bolden, Leveon Bell (Pick 2)

    standard: Cutler or Russel Wilson

  4. AlexM says:

    ppr: Marlon Brown or ESanders?

  5. The Vaproziers says:

    Choose two to start: Bernard Pierce, David Wilson, Knowshon Moreno

    Choose three to start: David WIlson, Joique Bell, Lamar Miller, Knowshon Moreno, Steven Ridley.

    Right now, I got WIlson and Moreno

    and Wilson, Bell, Lamar.

    You swapping any of them out???

  6. Andrew says:

    0.5 PPR. Josh Gordon or Bernard Pierce?

    The Buffalo defense and Rice’s possible limitations are tempting. But Gordon is probably a safer bet for touches?

  7. Sully says:

    Bye week help!!! 10 team PPR – Smith, Cutler, or Big Ben?

    I’d go with Pryor, but looks like he’s out… Or is he…?

  8. AlexM says:

    PPR: DWilson or JRodgers and Marlon Brown or ESanders? Tnx!

  9. HuskerMike says:

    Rice, Pierce our J. Bell?

  10. Jon says:

    V Jax, D. Wilson, Lamar Miller, or B. Pierce in Flex? Full Point PPR

    • Jeff says:

      This is a tough one but I would go with VJax since he’s active but its certainly risky. Miller or Wilson would be the safe bet depending on how much risk you like to take. Im a gambling man myself!

  11. Chambo Renard says:

    .5 PPR Edleman/Stevie/Bowe/Nicks (Pick 2)

    PPR Lamar Miller or Leveon Bell

  12. Norman says:

    I started Rivers over Wilson last week, not a great idea, luckily I still won. Would you confidently start Wilson over Rivers this week? I keep changing my mind!

  13. Murray says:

    Two decisions: 1. Cutler or Wilson? 1. Pick 2 for RB@ and flex: Spiller, Miller and Joique? Thanks!

  14. Cory says:

    PPR Flex, pick 2:

    Joique, Gio, or Snelling?

    Thanks Jeff!

  15. Tourinct says:

    Non ppr flex: Miller or J Bell?
    Ppr flex: CJ2K or Thompkins?
    Non ppr: MJD or Powell?

  16. Cochise says:

    Whats up Jeff, Im in a 12 man standard league just got offered calvin and hawks D for ap is that a good deal? The strengh of sched favors det

  17. Robert says:

    PPR – Pick 2 Wallace, Fitz, Antonio Brown. Leaning Fitz and Brown, but Revis makes me wonder if Wallace is the way to go.

  18. murray says:

    Cutler or WIlson?
    Pick 2: Joique, Spiller or Lamar Miller?


  19. brad says:

    Joique Bell, Bernard Pierce, or TY Hilton for my Flex?

  20. Trevor says:

    Do I play a busted up V-Jax or shoot for tge win with Greg Jennings or Alshon Jeffrey?

  21. Norman says:

    Also, Wilson or Rivers??????

  22. Michael says:

    with the Bills secondary in total shambles giving up like 45 FP to WRs per game, I need a WR3 between Marlon and Deandre Hopkins. Was gonna go Hopkins because I felt Andre would be limited, but Marlon might just be the dude. whatcha think?

  23. Kevin says:

    Romo or Stafford? (toughest call of the week for me. Staf is at home and Charles Tillman is hobbled on an already fairly porous secondary, but that matchup for Romo–oof).
    Antonio Brown or Dwayne Bowe? (leaning Brown) (0.5PPR) – Not even sure I can trust Bowe until Reid shows commitment to the long ball, despite the nice matchup.
    Ravens D or Titans D (leaning Ravens)

  24. Ji says:

    Need to pick 3 (a lot of byes and injuries) .5 ppr: Mohamed sanu, Davone bess, Santana moss, Kenny stills

  25. Eddie says:

    Need to figure out who to start at RB2 in 12team, non PPR (SJax still out):

    Bernard Peirce-news is that ray rice will be active and will play at Buffalo
    Jason Snellings vs. New England
    Pierre Thomas vs. Miami
    Michael Bush (handcuff to Forte who is my rb1)


  26. Grant says:

    Need one, standard scoring: Stephen Hill, Dobson, Shorts. Thx.

  27. Matt says:

    Pick 3 – Bowe, TY Hilton, Snelling, Mendenhall

  28. Kimmie says:

    DeAndre Hopkins or Bernard Pierce today for PPR flex?

  29. Keith says:

    Stephen Hill or Mike Wallace? What’s the world coming to? (when I have to ask this question) Thanks and good morning!

  30. bilbo says:

    I’m baffled… flex start 1 pierce, Mendenhall, mcgahee, or broyles

    Thanks in advance, always a good read

    • Jeff says:

      Thanks Bilbo. I would give Broyles a shot. He should be solid this week. The Rice news makes this tougher but thats the direction I would lean.

  31. Matt says:

    Does Ridley ever break out? What about Mathews?

    • Jeff says:

      Ridley yes and Mathews no. Ridley will get rolling here when NE’s offense gets back to full strength but Mathews is losing too much work to the other SD backs

  32. Ben says:

    Bowe or Shorts? PPR. Thanks

  33. Norman says:

    Hi Jeff, 12 Team PPR, who do I flex? Pierce, Bolden, McGahee, Patterson or Randle?

  34. the imp says:

    Morning everyone,
    In PPR with 2R/3W/no flex, I have only 2 active WR available. To get a 3rd, I would drop Pierce for Broyles or MikeFloyd. My other RBs are Forte/Foster/MJD and 42 total RBs are owned in this shallowish league. Would you make this drop or take the zero and hold Pierce?

    • Jeff says:

      Ouch. this is tough. I would drop him for Broyles personally. I hate taking a zero anywhere but I understand the other side of the argument as well. Probably too late to make a trade at this point.

      • the imp says:

        Yeah, need to trade one of my QBs eventually, but didn’t get it done this week. Love Broyles and hopefully he goes off as I just made the drop for him. Thanks!

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