Week 4 DFS Value Plays – DraftKings, FanDuel, FantasyDraft, and Yahoo September 29, 2017  |  Ian Goldsmith

Value is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has their own definition. Is it players below a certain price point? Is it any player ranked below X at a certain position? No matter how you decide to define it, value plays are a necessity if you want to pay up for a couple of studs.

This article will be short on words, and big on tables. Each week I’ll provide value picks for DraftKings, FanDuel, FantasyDraft, and Yahoo. To find a common ground with how I define value on each site, I’ve chosen to set a percentage threshold for each position.

  • *Quarterbacks are limited to 12% of salary cap.
  • *Running Backs and Wide Receivers are limited to 10%.
  • *Tight Ends are limited to 8%.

Using these admittedly arbitrary limits, I’ll be choosing from players priced no higher than seen in the table below.



Because of these limits, I may not have a pick for certain positions  on a given week. There may not be, for instance, a QB on Yahoo less than $25 that I want to use next week. If that’s the case, I’ll leave that position blank.

You’ll also see Cash/GPP point targets, Vegas odds, FantasyPros consensus projections (and the projected multiple), and other pertinent info.

If you have any questions, leave me a comment below or message me on Twitter. If not, onto the Week 4 picks!



DraftKings – $50K, 1 PPR

PositionPlayerTeamOpponentHome/AwayO/ULineSalary% of CapFP ConsensusFP MultipleCash GoalGPP GoalType
QBJay CutlerMIANOLONDON50.53$5,80011.60%17.0822.9517.4020.30GPP
QBTyrod TaylorBUFATLAWAY48.58$5,30010.60%17.23.2515.9018.55All
QBDeshaun WatsonHOUTENHOME441.5$5,10010.20%16.0123.1415.3017.85All
RBJavorius AllenBALPITHOME423$4,7009.40%11.172.3814.1016.45GPP
RBDuke JohnsonCLECINHOME413$4,5009.00%10.712.3813.5015.75All
RBAndre EllingtonARISFHOME44.5-7$3,8007.60%10.252.7011.4013.30All
WRPaul RichardsonSEAINDHOME41.5-13$4,6009.20%9.22.0013.8016.10GPP
WRMarqise LeeJAXNYJAWAY38-3$4,5009.00%11.952.6613.5015.75GPP
WRJordan MatthewsBUFATLAWAY48.58$3,9007.80%10.792.7711.7013.65GPP
TERyan GriffinHOUTENHOME441.5$3,5007.00%7.362.1010.5012.25All
TEJesse JamesPITBALAWAY42-3$3,0006.00%8.622.879.0010.50GPP
TEAustin Seferian-JenkinsNYJJAXHOME383$3,0006.00%7.992.669.0010.50All

FanDuel – $60K, 0.5 PPR

PositionPlayerTeamOpponentHome/AwayO/ULineSalary% of CapFP ConsensusFP MultipleCash GoalGPP GoalType
QBTyrod TaylorBUFATLAWAY48.58$7,100 11.83%172.3914.2017.75All
QBEli ManningNYGTBAWAY443$7,000 11.67%15.5162.2214.0017.50GPP
RBDuke JohnsonCLECINHOME413$5,800 9.67%8.611.4811.6014.50GPP
RBJavorius AllenBALPITHOME423$5,500 9.17%9.471.7211.0013.75GPP
RBTevin ColemanATLBUFHOME48.5-8$5,400 9.00%10.521.9510.8013.50All
WRTaylor GabrielATLBUFHOME48.5-8$5,500 9.17%7.251.3211.0013.75GPP
WRPaul RichardsonSEAINDHOME41.5-13$5,000 8.33%7.71.5410.0012.50GPP
TEAustin Seferian-JenkinsNYJJAXHOME383$4,800 8.00%6.341.329.6012.00All
TERyan GriffinHOUTENHOME441.5$4,500 7.50%5.761.289.0011.25All

FantasyDraft – $100K, 1 PPR

PositionPlayerTeamOpponentHome/AwayO/ULineSalary% of CapFP ConsensusFP MultipleCash GoalGPP GoalType
QBDak PrescottDALLARHOME47.5-6.5$11,700 11.70%18.5621.5917.5520.48All
QBMatthew StaffordDETMINAWAY42.52$11,300 11.30%17.1921.5216.9519.78GPP
QBEli ManningNYGTBAWAY443$11,200 11.20%15.8161.4116.8019.60GPP
QBTyrod TaylorBUFATLAWAY48.58$10,500 10.50%17.21.6415.7518.38All
QBDeshaun WatsonHOUTENHOME441.5$10,100 10.10%16.0121.5915.1517.68All
RBDuke JohnsonCLECINHOME413$8,800 8.80%10.711.2213.2015.40GPP
RBAndre EllingtonARISFHOME44.5-7$7,400 7.40%10.251.3911.1012.95GPP
WRMarqise LeeJAXNYJAWAY38-3$8,800 8.80%11.951.3613.2015.40GPP
WRTaylor GabrielATLBUFHOME48.5-8$8,000 8.00%8.61.0812.0014.00GPP
WRJordan MatthewsBUFATLAWAY48.58$7,700 7.70%10.791.4011.5513.48GPP
TECharles ClayATLBUFHOME48.5-8$7,400 7.40%10.31.3911.1012.95All
TEVernon DavisWASKCAWAY49.57$7,400 7.40%4.660.6311.1012.95*If Reed Out
TERyan GriffinHOUTENHOME441.5$6,9006.90%7.361.0710.3512.08GPP
TEJared CookOAKDENAWAY463$6,600 6.60%9.021.379.9011.55All
TEAustin Seferian-JenkinsNYJJAXHOME383$5,9005.90%7.991.358.8510.33All

Yahoo! – $200, 0.5 PPR

PositionPlayerTeamOpponentHome/AwayO/ULineSalary% of CapFP ConsensusFP MultipleCash GoalGPP GoalType
QBDeshaun WatsonHOUTENHOME441.5$2010.00%15.8120.7912.5015.00All
RBChris CarsonSEAINDHOME41.5-13$199.50%12.390.6511.8814.25All
RBChristian McCaffreyCARNEAWAY499$178.50%12.320.7210.6312.75All
RBTevin ColemanATLBUFHOME48.5-8$157.50%10.520.709.3811.25All
RBDuke JohnsonCLECINHOME413$136.50%8.610.668.139.75All
RBAndre EllingtonARISFHOME44.5-7$105.00%8.450.856.257.50GPP
WRLarry FitzgeraldARISFHOME44.5-7$2010.00%12.550.6312.5015.00All
WRGolden TateDETMINAWAY42.52$2010.00%11.90.6012.5015.00All
WRDeSean JacksonTBNYGHOME44-3$199.50%8.690.4611.8814.25GPP
WRJordan MatthewsBUFATLAWAY48.58$178.50%8.840.5210.6312.75GPP
WRChris HoganNECARHOME49-9$157.50%9.950.669.3811.25GPP
WRTaylor GabrielATLBUFHOME48.5-8$136.50%7.250.568.139.75GPP
WRTyrell WilliamsLACPHIHOME47.5-1.5$136.50%9.080.708.139.75GPP
WRPaul RichardsonSEAINDHOME41.5-13$136.50%7.70.598.139.75GPP
WRTyler LockettSEAINDHOME41.5-13$115.50%7.650.706.888.25GPP
TECharles ClayBUFATLAWAY48.58$157.50%8.20.559.3811.25All
TEJesse JamesPITBALAWAY42-3$136.50%6.870.538.139.75GPP
TERyan GriffinHOUTENHOME441.5$126.00%5.760.487.509.00GPP
TEAustin Seferian-JenkinsNYJJAXHOME383$126.00%6.340.537.509.00GPP
TEVernon DavisWASKCAWAY49.57$105.00%3.760.386.257.50*If Reed Out!


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