Week 3 War Room September 23, 2012  |  Jeff

Week 3 has arrived in full force, and THIS is your one stop shop for fake football preparation. Whether your beloved squadron is sitting fat at 2-0, hanging in there at 1-1, or smacking the panic button at 0-2, the following fantasy material will take your team from average to…waaaay better than average! Make sure you have your finest frost brewed companions by your side, and start your fake football Sunday with the following insight:



– Are you still carrying a sub-par defense after two weeks? Snap out of that and check out CD Carter’s week 3 “Dreaming of Streaming.”

– If your team is spinning it’s tires in the muddy terrain of WR2/WR3 debates…get the best target analysis around in The Fake Football’s weekly Target Breakdown.

– As if you have carefully crafted a lineup without this tool (which is impossible), you can find the Week 3 Matchup Machine HERE!

– When the anguish of lineup deadline decisions weigh on your mind, be sure to scope out the Week 3 Start/Sits and the Week 3 Last Second Decisions. Both crucial reads for fantasy domination.

-The constant pain in the neck for fantasy owners world wide is the injury bug. Don’t be the guy who starts an injured player. Check the Week 3 Injury Rundown.


Sunday Injury Updates:


Early Games

Steven Jackson (questionable): Will Start

Pierre Garcon (doubtful): OUT – Hankerson is a good fill in

Marques Colston (questionable): Will Start

Austin Collie (probable): ACTIVE

Mikel LeShoure is Starting for the Lions


Late Games

Ryan Mathews (questionable):

Brandon Lloyd (questionable):


Evening Game

Torrey Smith  (Status Uncertain) – Death of brother


Finally, we finish up with The Fake Football Staff Rankings for your last minute lineup decision making pleasure. As always, leave your lineup questions below!

2012 Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros




149 Responses

  1. iMP says:

    Looking at a 4 pt deficit in PPR and I have Cobb or Jennings waiting to fill my last spot. If both are active (I don’t know even want to think about both being inactive given how it worked out), what kind of signs would you look for to have enough confidence in Jennings to go with him over Cobb?

  2. Del says:

    Could I drop the Texans D. for Christian Ponder, QBs are super valuable in my league and Flacco is my QB1. I have the Cardinals and that D is outscoring the Texans in my league. Texans just dont have enough big plays.

  3. Stinkyjak says:

    16 team league starting 1QB/2rb/2wr/1Flex

    QBs score 1pts/25yards and 4pts/TD
    RB/WR 1pt/10yards and 6pts/TD
    no PPR

    Team1 traded Brandon Marshall, Chi WR to Team2
    Team1 traded Stevan Ridley, NE RB to Team2
    Team1 traded Blaine Gabbert, Jac QB to Team2
    Team2 traded Lance Moore, NO WR to Team1
    Team2 traded Alex Smith, SF QB to Team1
    Team2 traded Toby Gerhart, Min RB to Team1

    Team1 has not really been setting his line up and knows Team2. Is it out of line for me to be calling this trade out for collusion/cheating?

    • Jeff says:

      That is a pretty bad trade, but as a commish, I always contact the teams separately and talk to them about the trade before blowing them up on the league message board or anything. Just casually ask each of them about the trade and their thoughts/reasons for making it. Hopefully that will give you a better idea of whether there is actually collusion or not.

  4. DiRo says:

    Should I start, in the flex spot, Steven Jackson or Brian Hartline?

  5. Leffrey says:

    Thinking of picking up leshoure while he’s a free agent because i have a bad waiver number in case he breaks out this week. Problem (not really a problem) is that my team is stacked. Don’t know if there’s anyone worth dropping.

    QB: RG3
    RB: CJ Spiller, McCoy, TRich
    WR: AJ Green, Percy Harvin
    TE: Pitta

    Lynch, A Hernandez, A Brown, Alfred Morris, Malcolm Floyd, Peyton Manning. Only thing I’m thinking about is dropping Peyton, as crazy as that probably is. Trying to stack up some trade bait to land Julio Jones or another high end WR1.

  6. chowda162 says:

    Hillis or K. Smith?

  7. Chris says:

    .5 ppr…m. williams or s. rice?

  8. Cramer says:

    Cobb, hawkins, decker. Pick one. Standard league.

  9. @chowda162 says:

    I can only carry 3 RB’s on my roster in a non PPR. I have McFadden, D. Murray and Michael Bush. Should I drop Bush and get Leshoure for the long term?

  10. Jimdogg says:

    Mcgahee, ingram, s-jax or leshoure. Ppr league need 2

  11. ANDREW says:

    Boldin or K.smith PPR FLEX HELPPPP

  12. ianw14 says:

    Standard league, need 1 RB and 1 RB/WR from:

    Jamaal, Doug Martin, Wayne, or Torrey

    Same league:

    Pitta or Rudolph

  13. Brandon says:

    Celek, Witten, Alfred. Need 2 in PPR league

  14. Davey P says:

    Hankerson with a good matchup moved to the x slot or vjax with a shitty matchup?

  15. Ben says:

    Trying to plug in a flex, standard.
    leshoure, s-jax, d. moore, celek.


  16. Keith says:

    Start LeShoure over Ced or McGahee? Pick one. Thanks and have a great Sunday!

  17. Josh Smith says:

    DMC or Mike L nonppr?

  18. Bryan says:

    PPR Flex, Kyle Rudolph or Mikel LeShoure?

  19. @chowda162 says:

    Cobb or K. Smith for my flex in .5 ppr?

  20. Matt says:

    Is there any way that I should start Dwyer or Lamar miller over SJax?

  21. @bigmellz says:

    Jeff, you’re the only guy that ranked Benson over Hillis. Why do you lean that way?

    • Jeff says:

      Good question. Personally, I generally go with the guy that I know will have a better chance at the biggest workload. I think Charles will be much more involved for KC this week, so despite the bad matchup, I lean Benson’s way

    • @bigmellz says:

      That’s the philosophy I subscribe to. Although Hillis has better matchup, he’s not assured of the touches.

  22. Zandercage says:

    Colston or Ryan Mathews? Thanks!

  23. @bigmellz says:

    What’s up Chet, why do you like Hillis over a guaranteed workload guy like Benson?

  24. Petter says:

    Worth waiting for Lloyd (and risk ending up starting Golden Tate if he is out), or just start S-Jax or Kenny Britt right away?

  25. Indiepino says:

    Dwyer or KSmith? and Hankerson or DMoore? STD league.

  26. MaC says:

    .5ppr, start Lloyd in flex with no backup plan for tonight, or go with Charles instead?

  27. Kdubya says:

    Leshore or DMC

  28. Loaded says:

    Seeing conflicting reports on Steven Jackson’s status. Peggy Kusinski says he’s out, Jay Glazer says he’s active. Wait and see I suppose.

  29. ianw14 says:

    PPR, need two of these:

    Welker, Amendola, Austin

  30. Cold Beer says:

    pick 2 , ppr D Amendola, J Charles, A Brown, L Fitzgerald

  31. Mike D says:

    You like Cobb or P.Peterson to do better in the return game this week?

  32. bob says:

    Need to decide what to do with Torrey Smith. Leave him in my lineup or play Kendall Wright, or pick up Hankerson, Avery Collie or Jacoby Jones off the wire?

  33. Loaded says:

    Steven Jackson is OUT.

    PPR flex: Daryl Richardson or Anquan Boldin?

  34. marcus says:

    ppr league: need 1, randall cobb, donnie avery or andrew hawkins (but i am starting AJ Green)

  35. Cramer says:

    Do I play sjax, Ingram or Hawkins. Gotta pick 2.

  36. Aaron says:

    Hankerson or Jennings in ppr? Thx.

    • Jeff says:

      Jennings claims he’s playing on MNF, but is still tagged questionable. With Hankerson starting this week, go ahead and play him if you want to eliminate the risk of waiting until MNF.

  37. Kyle says:

    Percy or jordy?

  38. Banjoe says:

    Streaming DST…Currently have Arizona…Any Reason to swap for the Cowboys or Bills? Thx

  39. ianw14 says:

    PPR League:

    Steven Jackson or Ridley

  40. Mike D says:

    Avery or Finley?

  41. J says:

    Denarius Moore or Jon Baldwin in .5ppr?

  42. Jonathan Silsby says:

    Should I start someone like Greg little or Austin collie over Torrey Smith today with the uncertainty around Smith and the game is tonight?

    • Jeff says:

      What a tough spot. I would start Little. I’m actually going to go remove Smith from my lineups here shortly to eliminate that risk.

  43. piercebro says:

    I actually picked up hankerson, would he be best? With vjax, dhb ( Ppr)

  44. Taylor says:

    With the news that Leshoure is starting, would you play Steven Jackson or Kevin Smith?

  45. Jordan says:

    Gates v. ATL or Lloyd @ BALT for a flex play?

    • Jeff says:

      If both healthy, Lloyd, but I would play Gates early and eliminate the risk of Lloyd screwing your team tonight in case he sits. If any more certain news regarding Lloyd is released before Gates goes, stick with Lloyd.

  46. piercebro says:

    Dhb, Cobb, or vjax? Ppr

  47. Steve says:

    Is Donald Driver a worthwhile security pickup in case Cobb can’t go tomorrow night? I would have to drop Criner in a 16 team non PPR deep roster dynasty to do it. My only other early option is to start Stokely and bench Cobb altogether. (Stokely is undroppable due to just being claimed this week)

  48. Mikey says:

    RB2. Kevin Smith or SJax? Standard league.

    • Jeff says:

      Sounds like both are in difficult situations. I would start Smith. At least he has the benefit of being healthy and lessens your risk of a goose egg.

  49. Gil says:

    Amendola or Lloyd in a ppr league. Also if I have Austin, R. White, S. Rice and the 2 we mentioned earlier would you give up Austin for Celek or Bennett if your te is Fred Davis?

  50. Mike D says:

    Hankerson, Jacoby Jones, or Scott Chandler for flex?

  51. El guey says:

    If scheffler plays, go with him over fasano? Lol, bottom of the barrel, I know. Thanks! 16tm

  52. Samer says:

    Who should I start at flex: Crabtree (@Min) or Kevin Smith (@Ten)? Thanks.

  53. Adam says:

    Amendola or Mathews today? .5 pt ppr and yardage based league

  54. M.S. says:

    PPR league, who should I use for the Flex? Boldin vs NE, McCluster vs NO or A. Morris vs CIN?

  55. TJW says:

    Standard league FLEX play today: SJax, Daryl Richardson, Donald Brown, Kenny Britt, or B Lloyd?

  56. pedro says:

    witten or jared cook in a ppr today?

  57. Spruce Goose says:

    Had Nicks out, and now looking for a Torrey replacement…Al Jeffrey, Aldrick Robinson, Jacoby Jones, (TB) Mike Williams…pretty much looking through the waiver wire.

  58. MQ says:

    Would you start Denarius Moore, or drop Kyle Rudolph (TE3) to pick up Jacoby Jones and wait on Torrey’s status? Non-PPR. thanks!

  59. B.J. says:

    Thanks Chet. Looks like SJax is a go today so I’m probably starting him.

    My gut wants to start Hankerson but him being a Redskin worries me. Shanny is a fantasy nightmare.

  60. ianw14 says:

    Luck or Cassel? TD pass 6 pts league

    Uggh, waited too long for QB and got burned.


  61. Ryan says:

    Who is leshoure worth? A torrey smith? Mcgahee? I mean leshoure could really break out….

  62. Tom says:

    DeSean Jackson, Brandon Lloyd, Dez Bryant, Mikel LeShoure, Alfred Morris – pick two for flex spots please

    It’s a PPR league

  63. matt says:

    whod you start, .5ppr: S.Rice, L.Hankerson, D.Avery? Thanks

  64. Ant says:

    Pick 2: DMC, Spiller, T Rich.
    Pick 2: Fitz, Andre, Miles
    Pick 1: Witten, Pettigrew

  65. Bob says:

    WR3 in PPR. Britt, or wait on Jennings with James Jones as insurance. Have Rodgers if it influences your decision.

  66. J says:

    Rodgers or Rivers this week? I’m leaning towards Rivers because of SEA D. What do you think?

  67. TDunn says:

    Gonna change my previous Q….L. Moore, Hankerson, or T. Smith, .5 ppr? thanks

  68. B.J. says:

    3 questions on this beautiful Sunday morning for my 12 team non PPR

    1. If SJax sits who gets the nod at Flex? Ingram, Hillis, Hankerson, Collie, D. Moore. My starting RBs are CJ0K and D. Murray

    2. Who is my WR3 this week? Had LaFell get 2.7 for me The other night as my WR2 and I’m short a WR with Nicks sitting Thursday night? Currently have Lloyd as my WR1 thus week (YUK!). My options are Hankerson, Collie, D. Moore

    3. Who is my QB this week? Peyton at home against the Texans or Luck at home against the Jags?

    Thanks in advance

    • Chet says:

      I’d lean Hillis, Hank, and it’s a coin flip on Luck vs Peyton. If I knew Collie was a go I might lean Luck, but Peyton is going to be safer.

  69. Brandon says:

    Celek or Witten ppr?

  70. TDunn says:

    L. Moore or T. Smith, .5 ppr? thanks

  71. Dani says:

    Struggling to decide on rb2: have hillis, tate, leshoure and jacquizz.. Who would you pick?

  72. matt says:

    hi, who’d you start as WR3, Donnie Avery or Sidney Rice? and why?

    Avery seems solid just concerned that Collie might take away his looks and Rice has a rookie QB vs a tough def.


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