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Three weeks are now in the books and the 2015 fantasy football season is rolling full steam ahead. Before you buckle up and dive into our Week 4 fantasy football rankings below, remember to remove all Titans and Patriots from your lineup(s). Yes, I know it hurts deeply to bench Gronk but you can have him back next week. I promise. As always, be sure to check out all the great fantasy resources here at The Fake Football including our weekly rankings, and feel free to leave any lineup questions in the comments section. Thanks for reading and good luck in Week 4!


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  1. Struggles says:

    Andre Ellington, Colston, Ladarius green, agholor, Royal ? Half ppr. Seems like Ellington but workload scaring me

  2. Last minute says:

    Half ppr toddy or Travis Benjamin. Tough choice just feel like roddy has lower floor. Thoughts?

  3. Johnny Boy says:

    Thoughts on Jon Stewart vs. Lance Dunbar in a .5 PPR at Flex?

    Stewart has underwhelmed in favorable matchup and game scripts the first 3 weeks. His snaps have decreased as well as touches. He’s getting pulled for Tolbert on passing downs, short yardage downs and in the Red zone.

    In 3 games, Dunbar is outperforming Stewart by a full point per game without considering its .5 PPR.

  4. week 4 says:

    half ppr. need a WR3 and a flex

    CJ Spiller
    Kenny Britt
    Andre Johnson
    Travis Benjamin
    Cecil Shorts

    • Jeff says:

      I would roll with Spiller and then the Wr is a tough call. We have them all ranked pretty closely this week but I think I’d go with Britt in a toss up.

  5. wr says:

    half PPR

    keenan allen
    steve smith
    larry fitz
    jordan mathews

    need to pick 2
    thinking fitz and then either steve smith or keenan allen as eagles game might not happen this week. Thoughts?

  6. Zach says:

    Appreciate this so much!

    in a pickle in .5 PPR. I have Arian Foster (so am monitoring reports). I also have Forsett but he plays tonight. My other two backs are Matt Jones and Ivory. How would you fill the two RB slots? Weary of Ivory because of the injury and last week’s goose egg.

  7. the imp says:

    1. Sitting in hopes that Jeffery and Decker can play for my 12 team PPR this weekend. Given this crew of WR and RB (start 3W/2R/no flex) who is your drop for an emergency L. Hankerson sort of spot starter?
    WR: Jeffery/Edelman/Robinson/Decker/Wright
    RB: LBell/JForsett/Blount/CJ2K

    2. Also, would you drop KWright (on bye anyway) to stash D.Adams who has just hit the wire but is also unlikely to play this week?

    • Jeff says:

      Of those options, I suppose CJ2K would be the best bet for a drop if you need one. As far as Adams is concerned, I don’t think I would drop Wright at the moment with that ankle injury likely to sap his production for the next few weeks.

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