Week 2 War Room September 16, 2012  |  Jeff

Here at The Fake Football, we are going to close our eyes, take a deep breath, and pretend that Thursday night never happened. No single digit pouting performance from Cutler, no excruciating drop from Marshall, no boring performance from Rodgers and certainly no high ankle sprain fiasco for Forte.

The new plan of attack, my football friends, is to give our fantasy leagues a swift boot to the backside and swipe some victories whether we were victims of a disastrous Thursday or not. Consider this your headquarters for Sunday domination, where you can find every last inch of information needed to make your lineup decisions a piece of cake…or pie…or steak…or whatever you enjoy grubbing on the best day of the week, Sunday.

Below are the finest tools that The Fake Football has to offer. If you still find yourself torn about a lineup decision after devouring this fine collection of week 2 forecasts, feel free to leave your questions in the comments below.

* Week 2 War Room Required Reading *


Start your morning with Chet, Greg, and Jeff in The Fake Football Staff Consensus Rankings. Look at them, learn them, love them.

Next, make your way over to the greatest machine in the history of machines…better than pinball machines, copy machines, and the Angel’s #3 hitter. It’s the Matchup Machine!!! Join our man Scott, as he looks at some matchups of note and schools you in the sweet science of fake football efficiency.

Defenses are up next on the trek toward Sunday dominance, as Chet takes a look at statistics from defenses that your players will be dealing with in his latest edition of fantasy strategery. On the other side of the peso, join C.D. Carter as he digs deep into the decision of what defenses to stream in the week 2 installment of Dreaming of Streaming.

Still not settled on who will start and who will ride pine? Scope out Mike Braude’s weekly Start/Sit column, and get his take on the prime players to trot out against your opponent, and the ones to send to the showers.

In this week’s Last Second Decisions, Kevin covers the win, place, and show of the lineup decision trifecta as he tackles the “injury watch,” “role circus,” and “matchup alerts.” Great information to add to your weekly reconnaissance mission.

The last piece of the Sunday preparation jigsaw puzzle is the list of game day actives & inactives. The following pack of training table talent will be updated throughout the morning:

Early Games

Hakeem Nicks: ACTIVE and starting

Steve Smith (car): ACTIVE and starting

Jonathan Stewart: ACTIVE – DeAngelo Williams will start

DeSean Jackson: ACTIVE and starting

Jeremy Maclin: ACTIVE and starting


Late Games

Pierre Garcon: Questionable — ESPN reporting he is unlikely to go. Err on the side of caution.

Nate Washington: Questionable

Ryan Mathews: Adam Schefter is reporting Mathews is OUT.

Antonio Gates: Questionable


Feel free to fire up those questions in the comments below. Good luck, and let’s go get some wins in week 2!


147 Responses

  1. Yurk says:

    In a 3 WR/0.5 PPR league I have 4 top WRs and then M. Floyd and Heyward-Bey at WR5/6…would you drop DHB for Martellus B if your only TE is Gonzalez? No Flex in the league.

  2. justin says:

    Drop lloyd for amendola ? Standard

  3. justin says:

    Drop lloyd for amendola ?

  4. Jeff says:

    @J: Still stick with Smith

    @ianw14: Yes

  5. ianw14 says:

    Kyle Rudolph > Dennis Pitta standard lg right?

  6. J says:

    Kyle Rudolph, Jared Cook or Kevin Smith for flex spot in .5 ppr league?

  7. Jeff says:

    @phil: Hillis

  8. phil says:

    Standard Scoring. Flex: Moss, LaFell or Hillis? thanks

  9. Jeff says:

    @Badlab: Maclin and Lynch

  10. Badlab says:

    PPR LaFell or Maclin?
    Regular Flex R. Moss or Lynch

  11. Jeff says:

    @rob J: Yes, sir.

    @Zach P: Maclin, Decker

  12. Zach P says:

    Pick 2: meachem, maclin, decker

  13. Jeff says:

    @Jackson: Britt

    @SMH: Leave Sproles on the bench

    @Jeff: Stick with Stafford

  14. rob J says:

    Romo over A.Smith,right?

  15. Jeff says:

    Stafford or RG3?

  16. SMH says:

    Please help

    McCoy vs. BAL
    D. Martin vs. NYG
    Law firm vs. CLE
    Sprolles vs. CAR

    Pick 3. Thanks.

  17. Jackson says:

    K. Wright or K. Britt for my WR3 today? ppr.

  18. Jeff says:

    @Charles: Yep!

  19. Charles says:

    T. Richardson over A. Morris; especially with B. Jackson inactive… right?

  20. Jeff says:

    @Cold Beer: Great question. I would go with Smith. He may not do much on the ground but he’ll still get his looks through the air.

  21. Cold Beer says:

    better flex ppr……Vernon Davis or Kevin Smith ?

  22. Jeff says:

    @Jayrock: C Johnson, Morris

  23. Jayrock says:

    And in my other league pick two: C Johnson, A. Morris, Stewart, D Brown, Meachem. Thx

  24. Jeff says:

    @Jayrock: Morris, Bryant, Turner

  25. Jayrock says:

    Pick three – Morris, Greene, Nelson, Bryant, D. Moore and Turner.

  26. Jeff says:

    @CP: Maclin

  27. CP says:

    .5PPR league: Maclin, Lafell or Britt?


  28. Jeff says:

    @Jeff: Cook

  29. Jeff says:

    @Bryan: Lance Moore

    @Ryan: J-Stew. He may get less carries but will get more passing down work.

    @Dustin Karmine: Nicks or Moore. Go Nicks.

  30. Jeff says:

    DeAngelo Williams or Jared Cook for flex in .5ppr?

  31. stickmark says:

    oops…. ppr for those players too

  32. Dustin Karmine says:

    Sorry Non PPR Starting D. Bryant, S. Smith, But have H Nicks, E. Decker, and L. Moore on BE. Can Start 1 Be 3 WR league Who?? NICKS?? or DECKER??

  33. Jeff says:

    @stickmark: Rudolph should still outscore the others

    @dave m: Lance Moore

  34. Ryan says:

    PPR Flex: Hillis or J-Stew. Need some upside because started Alshon Jeffery at WR3 (deep league and waited on WR3).

  35. Bryan says:

    Amendola, L Moore, or Willis McGahee in PPR Flex, but its 1 pt per 20 yards receiving instead of 10.

  36. dave m says:

    need a flex from the following: lmoore, hillis, jaquizz, lafell or deyheybey…thanx

  37. Jeff says:

    @kdubya: Im not sure I would take that drop at QB in order to upgrade at WR

  38. stickmark says:

    Special Teams15yds = 1 pt. 12 teams… Need help picking w/r/t flex. David Wilson, Andre Roberts, or Kyle Rudolph?

  39. Badlab says:

    PPR LaFell or Maclin?
    Regular Flex R. Moss or Lynch

  40. RonPaul2012 says:

    With CJ2K’s grandma passing away this morning do you start him in a daily league like draftday thinking he can go for 200yards and 2 TDs

  41. Jeff says:

    @Matt: Maclin

    @Murray: Moore and Nicks

  42. kdubya says:

    Redraft League trade offer: AJ Green and J. Freeman for B Rothlesburger and V Jackson

  43. Jeff says:

    @Dustin Karmine:TRich should be ok this week, but stick with Lynch

  44. Murray says:

    Which 2 for WR2 and WR3: Moore, Nicks, Shorts, Kerley? THANKS!

  45. Dustin Karmine says:

    TRich Or M Lynch Who has better Upside Today with News B.Jackson out???

  46. Matt says:

    Start Maclin, Malcom Floyd or Lafell in a PPR? Need a big week after Forte injury

  47. Jeff says:

    @Kyle: Maclin

  48. Kyle says:

    Dwyer or maclin?

  49. Jeff says:

    @Matt: Mcalin now that he is good to go.

    @Mark: I think you are a smart man.

  50. Mark says:

    Picking Ridley over T Rich and Dekcer for flex in one league… thoughts?

  51. Matt says:

    K. Smith, J. Stew or Maclin in Flex spot?

  52. Jeff says:

    @Markus: Dez

    @ianw14: Wayne/Gabbert/Decker…no problem, I know how that goes!

  53. Jeff says:

    @Will: I don’t think Tampa’s D is quite as good as it appeared last week. Stick with Bradshaw.

  54. Will says:

    Worried about Bradshaw against that Tampa D. Would VIncent Jackson be a bad flex over bradshaw?

  55. Jeff says:

    @w00tm3: Robinson is a better play with Garcon out.

    @Jeff: Maclin

    @Ab: MJD/Martin

  56. ianw14 says:

    Reggie Wayne or Torrey Smith standard lg

    Russell Wilson or Gabbert 2 QB standard lg

    Malcolm Floyd or Decker standard lg

    Thanks in advance, recovering from a wedding last night, brain is mush

  57. Markus says:

    Dez Bryant or Eric Decker?

  58. Jeff says:

    @w00tm3: Wayne and Smith

    @Ab: Give SJax another shot

  59. Ab says:

    pick 2
    Mjd , Doug Martin , T Rich, A Morris

  60. Jeff says:

    Maclin, Crabtree, Stephen Hill, Denarius Moore? Need to start two in .5 ppr.

  61. w00tm3 says:

    Which is the better play this week? Aldrick Robinson or Greg (Stonehands) Little?

  62. Ab says:

    Pick 1…
    Sjax, Bowe or A Brown for flex Standard..

  63. w00tm3 says:

    Which 2 should I start in standard scoring non PPR? R.Wayne, Steve Smith (CAR), Demaryious Thomas, Dez Bryant.

  64. Jeff says:

    @Ian: Raiders

    @Zandercage: Big Ben and Rice/M. Williams but make sure Rice is active

    @Dan Wren: Ridley but its very close

    @jeffdotca: ABrown/Wayne

  65. JUJU says:

    You guys think Gates is gonna play? Rudolph is other option and he plays at 1; Gates at 4.

    Also, Pick 1 PPR: Crabtree vs DET, LaFell vs NO, Boldin vs Eagles, or DHB vs MIA. Thanks!

  66. Collin says:

    Donald Brown or Eric Decker as my flex this week?

  67. @jeffdotca says:

    I need 2(nonPPR) ABrown, Nicks, Wayne, S Smith?

  68. Dan Wren says:

    Ridley or A. Brown at PPR flex? Cheers.

  69. Zandercage says:

    Big Ben or Ryan Fitzpatrick?


    Pick two please – Sidney Rice, Mike Williams (TB) and Stephen Hill.


  70. Ian says:

    RaIders or jest dst

  71. Jeff says:

    @ianw14: Charles, and go with both RB’s

    @Tggq21: If Nicks is active play him but if not, Moore is a good sub

    @Bealzy: Maclin/Thomas/Brown at WR. Nicks at flex if he is good to go, Morris if not.

    @Scott: Maclin, D. Brown. Need to see life from the Raiders air game before playing DHB.

  72. Scott says:

    PPR, pick two, please: Maclin, DHB, D. Brown. Thanks!

  73. @Bealzy says:

    Have Nicks, Maclin, Demaryius, Antonio Brown and Alfred Morris. Need to go with 3WRs and a flex. What do you think?

  74. Tggq21 says:

    Hakeem Nicks or Lance Moore in non-ppr?

  75. ianw14 says:

    Pick one RB and Flex out of T Rich, MJD, and Torrey Smith standard lg

  76. ianw14 says:

    Jamaal Charles or Doug Martin standard lg

  77. Brandon says:

    Spiller, Lynch, DeMarco. start 1 standard league

  78. ianw14 says:

    Maclin or T Rich Flex spot standard lg?

  79. Mike says:

    Need 2, PPR: Maclin, Bowe, VJax?

  80. Yurk says:

    Would you still start Nicks if best back-up option is Steve Johnson?

  81. Sven says:

    Yo Doc!

    Pick 2 of these 3 to start in 12 team PPR: Blackmon, Dwyer, & Ogletree

    Also, what is the latest on Nicks starting for the G-men & do I start him if he does play?

    Thanks in advance!

  82. Keith says:

    Greg Olsen or Gonzo on Mon night?

  83. Rob says:

    Sit Vick for Luck with both maclin and jackson questionable?

  84. John says:

    Desean j, R Wayne, or Antonio Brown? Pick two. Standard league.

  85. Keith says:

    PPR leauge flex option Stewart or Lafell?

  86. Steve Schwartz says:

    Donald Brown or Maclin?

  87. George says:

    Hello and Good Morning! It’s week 2 and I have a question about who to start in my flex. Mike Williams ( Tampa ), Beanie Wells, J. Gresham, Davon Bess or Emanuel Sanders? Is it worth picking up A. Robinson ( Redskins ) and starting him?

  88. Cobby says:

    Being a D.Jackson and S.Smith owner I’m force to lean to my bench:
    Starting: D.Moore and S.Hill (Hearing no Polamalu or Harrison.)
    Bench: T.Young.

  89. Dustin Karmine says:

    H.Nicks, Eric Decker, or Lance Moore?? PPR, Have Nicks in but Prob??

  90. Chuck says:

    Any reason to sweat Demaryius tomorrow?

  91. TheRealTaz says:

    Got Ryan Mathews penciled in at flex. Other options: Bess (it’s PPR), Greg Olsen, Donald Jones, Burleson, or Jacquizz. Only Burlo and Jacquizz have late starts. If Mathews doesn’t go, who should I plug in? Thanks!

  92. Bong Crosby says:

    Fred Davis hasn’t looked like much. Garcon is out so seemingly he’ll get more looks. But Pettigrew, Cook and Tamme are all available. Should I move on from Davis?

  93. hogan says:

    Flex in a PPR: Kevin Smith, Dwayne Bowe, Danny Amendola?

  94. John says:

    RG3 without Garcon or Vick against ravens? Thanks

  95. Ray says:

    Non ppr – mccluster or Pierre Thomas? Also, freeman or russel Wilson?

  96. Yurk says:

    CJ or Bradshaw in 0.5 PPR?

  97. Jill says:

    Play Hakeem Nicks? I only have Devone Bess or Santonio Holmes to fill in.

  98. stephen says:

    brown vs. NYJ or murray @ SEA at flex? 0.5ppr

  99. Ant says:

    Who do I start Spiller or RIchardson .5 PPR? Pettigrew or Witten?

  100. Adam says:

    Big Ben or Luck? I was leaning Luck before Revis was ruled out, but now I’m unsure.

  101. Cold Beer says:

    Better Game ppr leauge Lance Moore or Antonio Brown?

  102. Johnny Wishbone says:

    Roll with the Jets DEF (minus Revis) vs Pitt or will Bengals have that good a day you think? [Picking up Bengals risks the Jets to waivers. ]

  103. Clancy says:

    Ahmad Bradshaw or Reggie Bush in my flex? 1 PPR league.

  104. steve says:

    who would u bench?
    M. Lynch, A. Morris or A. Bradshaw?

  105. Johnny Wishbone says:

    BJGE vs Doug Martin this week: the internet varies between who to start. What’s your rationale for Martin?

  106. Marq says:

    Please rank the following Rb’s in the order of which I’d want to own at he end of he season:
    Leshoure, Dwyer, Tate, Mendenhall


  107. Josh says:

    Also 2 of 3 here: Dez, Lafell, Heyward Bey, D-Jax, Lance Moore. .5 PPR. Have Dez and Moore right now. Thanks for your help!

  108. Josh says:

    PPR- Amendola, McCluster, Heyward-Bey? Have to start 1 of these guys. Thanks!

  109. mt says:

    Need 2 WR and 1 flex help…S. SMith(good one), Dez, Lloyd, Wayne, and ALF…leaning Smith + Dez, but unsure after that…if ALF gets 28 carries again then…but…standard league…thanks for any help and as always great site..

  110. Steve Schwartz says:

    Vick, Flacco, or Roethlisberger?

  111. Keir says:

    PPR League… Nicks vs. Antonio Brown and Lance Moore vs. A. Hawkins (flex spot)

  112. Mike says:

    PPR Flex, DWill or DHB?

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