Week 14 War Room December 8, 2013  |  Jeff

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The fake football playoff season is in full swing, so put down the ginger bread cookies and twinkle light so we can focus on some serious fantasy action. Victories are of the utmost importance this time of year and The Fake Football is here to provide the best fantasy football advice on the planet. Below, you will find a list of our finest Week 14 lineup resources for use when crafting your dominant fake football lineup. As always, be sure to leave your lineup questions in the comments section below. Good luck in Week 14!




Week 14 Last Second Decisions is back with a comprehensive look at all the hurdles facing your fantasy squad this week.rsz_rivers

– For all the defensive streamers in the house, be sure to jump on Dreaming of Streaming Part I and Part II for the best in D/ST options.

– For the brave fantasy owners facing difficult lineup decisions, check out Week 14 Start/Sit for critical roster advice.

– If you need a wide receiver with some upside for Week 14, check out Garbage Time Romance and the underplayed options who will feast on garbage time production.

The Matchup Machine is back, delivering the best in fantasy football statistics. Check it out!




Finally, check out The Fake Football staff consensus rankings!

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38 Responses

  1. SOA says:

    Standard flex: CJ2K or Garcon?

  2. Norman says:

    12 team PPR, after reading the news about R Bush slipped & is hurt? Do I start Spiller as my RB2, sit Bush & start Woodhead as my flex? My other rb is A Brown.

  3. akinator says:

    Please help me pick my flex: Jordy Nelson or BenJarvus Green-Ellis or Joique Bell or Pierre Thomas.

    Already playing Giovani Bernard in my RB2 slot if it makes a difference for BJGE, 10 team non PPR league.

  4. Kirk says:

    0.5 PPR, but for WR Only. Need one out of M. Reece, R. Mendenhall, or R. Randle.

    At QB: RG3 or McCown? (Note: Rushing and passing yardage is worth double than standard leagues)


  5. Jeremy says:

    Who do you like better for Flex slot: Roddy White or Darren Sproles?

    14-team PPR league.

  6. Shallow Hal says:

    For flex in ppr u like Lamar miller or d bowe? Thanks

  7. alex says:

    PPR Garcon or Torrey S.
    QB: Romo or McCown?

  8. Kirk Webber says:

    Ok, need some serious help. I need to pick 1 to start out of Marcel Reece, R. Mendenhall, and Reuben Randle. 1/2 Point PPR but for WR only. Thanks!

  9. pete says:

    Pick 3 wr please in a ppr with bonus on big plays and century mark. gordon, cruz, tsmith or kallen?

  10. Mike says:

    Fleener, Miller or Bennett for TE (standard)?

    Also Pick 2:
    Nelson, Hilton, Edleman, Colston, Baldwin

  11. pete says:

    Need three wr in a por with bonus on big plays and at 100 yd

    Gordon v ne
    tsmith v min
    Cruz v sd
    k.allen v nyg.


  12. the imp says:

    For WEEK 15, do you think it is too cute to drop Amendola (at MIA week 15) to pick up Jacoby Jones (at DET next week) before seeing if he gets more snaps with both Thompkins and Dobson hurting? Amendola has been so cold, but is still being ranked in WR3 range…presumably for this upside….

    • Jeff says:

      I would hold onto Amendola. I am not thrilled about him by any means with Edelman playing so well but since the other option is Jones, I would wait it out just a hair longer.

      • the imp says:

        With Reed inactive, I could also drop him for Jones (PPR), but if he returns week 15 I am still inclined to trust him week 16 over my current backup (LGreen). Would you still hold Reed for now? Thank you for your answers.

  13. Walter Black says:

    Happy Sunday Funday! 1 ppr 12 team
    Pick 2 WR: Green, Garçon, White

    Thank you

  14. Jim says:

    T.Y. Hilton or Ray Rice in my flex ppr? And zac Stacy or Alfred Morris?

  15. jmkobus says:

    .5 PPR Need one. Rashad Jennings, Rueben Randle, or Donald Brown?
    I am leaning towards Jennings. The Jets d just scares me
    PPR Need 2 Rashad Jennings, Ridley, Tolbert, Denarius Moore, or Streater.
    Is Ridley going to get enough touches to be useful?

  16. Noah says:

    Pick one for .5 PPR Flex
    Amendola / Jennings / Sproles / D. Brown

  17. Norman says:

    12 team PPR, flex Spiller over Woodhead? My other flex is Torrey, my rbs are A Brown & Bush, my wrs are AJ Green & Antonio Brown. AZ or NE D?

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