Week 14 Ranksauce December 5, 2012  |  gregsauce

For those of you lucky skilled enough to make the fake football playoffs, the Week 14 Ranksauce is here to guide you on your path to postseason victory. For those of you not in the playoffs, I’m not entirely sure why you’re still checking in on my rankings, but thanks!

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  1. Rona says:

    I need 1WR,1RB&a flex from A. Morris,C.Johnson,Jacquizz,VicBallard, V.Cruz,R.Wayne, and G.Jennings

  2. phil says:

    Greg, sorry to partially repeat this question, but I have Ballard and with D.Brown out, he’s now coming up as a viable flex option. Although Hilton is a solid second/third option in the pass game, as much as Colts throw Ballard seems risky.
    So I now ask: Hilton or Ballard @ the Flex?
    Standard scoring
    Thanks again man, appreciate it.

  3. Adam says:

    +.5 PPR, who’s your 1 pick for FLEX this week?

    Mathews @ PIT or D Alexander @ PIT? Also have Britt @ IND, but you have him ranked under Alexander so…

  4. gregsauce says:

    Of those three, I like the Browns the most this week. After this week, I like the match-ups for the Texans and Bengals best.

  5. Marc says:

    Benching Texans D, picked up Clev. D. Drop a D for CIncy D? Which 1 or combo of 2 would be good for playoffs?(Win and Im in this week)

  6. phil says:

    Hey Greg–
    Two questions
    Gordon or HIlton @ Flex spot?
    Miller, Clark or Scheffler @ TE
    Standard scoring.

  7. phil says:

    Hey Greg–
    Two questions
    Gordon or HIlton @ Flex spot?
    Miller, Clark or Scheffler @ TE

  8. B-Real says:

    I need to start a WR2 between Stevie Johnson, Chris Givens and James Jones. Considering the possible weather conditions for the buffalo game and Jordy Nelson’s injury, who do you like? Also, I am playing against A Rodgers, if that factors into your decision.


  9. Marc says:

    Is Larry Fitzgerald droppable for depth? Would you drop him for F Jax, Russell Wilson, or Quizz?

  10. Ghost says:

    Got some problems at WR/FLEX—- full PPR/Bonus league

    current lineup

    QB- Brady
    WR- Smiff
    WR – Fitz (such a shame)
    RB – Charles
    RB -Morris
    TE – Rudolph
    Flex (R/W/T) Alex Green

    Bench – Amendola,Britt, H.Miller, J-Stew, Reece

    I really dont know what to do with Fitz ive been playing him all year and I really want to bench him but a piece of me will die if i bench him and he somehow some way puts up a 20 spot…would you play either briit or amendola(if playing) over fitz? which then leads me to the flex if amendola is playing im leaning towards throwing him in there but if he is not whos the better flex play green, briit or heeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaathhhhhhh

    • gregsauce says:

      The lineup you have posted looks good. With Skelton back at QB for the Cards, you should feel better about starting Fitz this week. As for your flex, Green is the safest bet because his touches are essentially guaranteed. Although, if you are feeling risky, you could try for the home run with Britt.

  11. Jeff says:

    I have a tough one: Luck or Stafford ? Thanks in advance.

  12. Glenn says:

    Standard league. I need 3 from these:

    Decker, Bryant, T. Smith, B. Myers, Gordon, Garçon, or DX.

    I was leaning Bryant, T. Smith and Garçon (WR/TE FLEX). I love Deckers matchup but just don’t trust him on Thursday night.

  13. Glenn says:

    I need 2 RB, 2 WR and FLEX in 1 pt PPR.

    Martin, Ridley, Morris, Moreno, Mathews, Colston, V. Jackson, Jennings. Thanks!

  14. Josh says:

    The above is for a .5 ppr league btw.

  15. Josh says:

    Nice site! Just found it. Anyways, in a pickle. Have a great team, but really hurting all year at QB and WR2. Week 14: Romo or Palmer. And D. Moore, D. Alexander or Kendall Wright. (I am leaning Romo/Wright)

  16. eric n says:

    One guy for two weeks in a PPR – Moreno or Alexander? Thanks!

  17. unit says:

    total points is decider of last playoff spot and i need a big score this week because i am trailing by about 35 points. need to start 2 of the following: steve smith, antonio brown, dwyer, harvin. also assuming i start steve smith would you play celek over olsen? i know olsen is probably the better play but because i need a huge week would it make sense to not start 2 guys of the same receiving core because it is unlikely that they both have a great game or am i overthinking this. thanks

    • gregsauce says:

      I’d use Smith and Dwyer and I wouldn’t worry about starting Olsen alongside Smith. The only question you should be asking yourself is who between Olsen and Celek will score the most points this week, and I’d bank on Olsen.

  18. Wade says:

    Deciding between L Moore, Mathews, FJax, and Dwyer. I need 2. Thoughts?

  19. tehc says:

    Pls rank the top 5 RBs from the following for ROS:

    D. Wilson, R. Turbin, E. Royster, B. Tate, M. Ingram, B. Pierce, J. Stewart, Alex Green, S. Vereen, R. Hillman

  20. Jermichael says:

    12 Team PPR: Would you start Alex Green over Beanie as RB2, now that Starks is done for the year. DX or Garcon as Flex?

    • gregsauce says:

      Wells and Garcon.

      • Jermichael says:

        I know neither Beanie or Green are great options. Beanie has been playing poorly since he came back & Green is now taking over the starting RB position with Stark out. With that said, would you still start Beanie over Alex Green?

  21. Brooke says:

    I need your opinion.
    I have 1 WR and 1 flex open with these options….
    K Moreno, M Floyd, A Boldin and J. Gordon

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