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Fantasy football playoff season has arrived and now it’s time to get down to business. Wins are critical at this juncture of the season, so your good pals here at the The Fake Football have delivered Week 14 Fantasy Football Rankings to help with your trickiest lineup decisions. As always, these rankings will be updated frequently throughout the week as injury news pops up, so be sure to stop by often. Leave any lineup questions in the comments section below and good luck in Week 14!


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  1. Rich says:

    Sorry about the mistakes…that should be Gronk, James Jones, Jordan Matthews, and Davante Parker…

  2. Rich says:

    That’s James Jones…

  3. Rich says:

    Thanks! Quick game time decision question…I have Gronk, C. Matthews, J. Jones, and D. Parker at Rec (No TE in this league), all with different game start times. I need 2 of the 4 now. Any thoughts?

  4. Imp says:

    Okay so I have 4 sketchy rbs and need two for PPR.
    They are Blount/white/ware/rmathews.
    I’m in a close matchup (in theory) and trying to decide if I should go for floor or ceiling here.
    The floor plays are maybe white and Blount to catch one or Blount/ware for more predictable floor work). The upside play is to chase Whites points and hope Mathews takes control over Sproles.
    How would you play it?

  5. Rich says:

    I’m going back and forth between McFadden and C. West for the flex in a 1/2 PPR league. Need the win to make the playoffs. Any thoughts on choosing one over the other? Thanks much!

  6. Irish Wonder says:

    PPR league:
    struggling with 2 out of 3 RB:
    J. Stewart, B. Allen or C West.

    2 out of 3 WR:
    Dez, Amari or D Parker

  7. Banjoe says:

    Hey Jeff PPR RB advice Eddie Lacy has ben my thorn,But I kNow pack need him (Ad do I LOL) hurt last week but hearing McCarthy saying good things. So Need 2 form Lacy, Ware Langford or Ryan Mathews? I would like to think Mathews but NO CLUE wat the plan is in Phi? And 2 WR from Evans, Decker or Baldwin? Decker’s been so consistent but Baldwin On fire.. and as for Evan’s I’m Stating Winston Hoping for a mice stack w/Evans? Dare I chance Baldwin or stick with Decker? Thanx Real Catch 22 that after Injuries my WW picks got me to P/O’s but hating the time share..now UGH .Thanks Jeff :)))

    • Jeff says:

      I think Evans is worth playing in this matchup for sure. Decker/Baldwin is tough. I’d lean Decker’s way but wouldn’t call you crazy for going the opposite direction. Baldwin has been great. At RB, I think Lacy/Mathews is probably worth the gamble in this spot, but all of those options carry some risk for sure.

  8. B-Real says:

    Cam or Brady?

  9. citizen5 says:

    Looking over the rankings it appears that West is my best choice for FLEX this week. Other options on my bench are Langford, White, Ware, Amendola, Cobb or Cooper. do you agree?
    Starters are: QB Cam, RBs Peterson, Yeldon, WRs Robinson, Megatron FLEX ?
    Do you like the lineup as is?
    Thanks in advance.

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