Week 14 Fake Football Start/Sit Chat December 9, 2011  |  Chet

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Week 16 Starts and Sits

We’re here. Week 16. The second to last week of the NFL regular season but the most important week of your year. Fantasy football championship games. Whether you have one game this weekend or eight, you’ve done something right. And if you’re reading this column, looking for advice, I’ll do my ...


Week 15 Starts and Sits

Put that coffee down. We’re in week 15 which means either you just made the playoffs, you won a playoff game, or you got a bye. You’re on your way to being a closer. But you’re not there yet. And coffee is for closers. Whether you watch Red Zone with the vitriol ...


Week 14 Starts and Sits

Follow @scedar015 Brian Hoyer in 2015: 60.7 completion percentage, 5.1 touchdown percentage, 1.9 interception percentage, and 7.2 adjusted yard/attempt. Brock Osweiler in 2015: 61.8 completion percentage, 3.6 touchdown percentage, 2.2 interception percentage, and 6.9 adjusted yards/attempt. Pretty similar, right? So why did the Texans jettison Hoyer to give Osweiler a 4 year, $72 ...