Week 14 Consensus Staff Rankings December 3, 2013  |  Chet

Welcome to week14 of the National football League, fake football division. The playoffs are here and hope you have dominated your way into them with the force of Thor’s hammer. There are quite a few good matchups this week to exploit and hopefully those matchups are yours to exploit. Take a look at out rankings here and remember to check back because they will be updated as the week goes on. Good luck!

Matt Forte


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  1. James says:

    Hi Jeff! PPR League–WR’s Gordon,A.Brown,V-Jax-RB’s-Stacy,Rainy,Spiller-Who do I sit?Can use WR,RB,TE in flex spot-have J.Thomas if he is a go.Searted G.Graham thurs night in TE spot,Thanks so much!Driving me nuts! James

    • Jeff says:

      Wr: Gordon/VJax
      RB: Stacy/Spiller
      I would flex Brown

      Not sure how many u need at each spot but if it is 2wr and 2rb then flex, thats the way I would roll.

      Good luck James!

  2. B-Real says:

    Considering R. Bush’s injury…..Who do you like between J. Bell, B. Rainey, Donald Brown and M. Ball? I need two starters. Thanks, man.

  3. fakefootballlife says:

    Any reason you are ranking Cinci so low this week? Indy has been giving up a lot of sacks and throwing interceptions

    • Jeff says:

      No reason in particular from my perspective. Nothing against them, just a matter of liking other teams better this week.

  4. wile e coyote says:

    Pls. rank the following for Flex spot:
    Jordan Reed
    Joique Bell
    Jared Cook
    Montee Ball

  5. Chris says:

    QB: RG3 or Fitzpatrick
    WR – Need 2/3: Edelman, Cooper, Hilton


    • Jeff says:

      Im giving Fitz the edge this week at QB with that nice matchup and I’d sit Hilton of the WR’s. Edelman/Cooper have been great lately.

  6. Big Al says:

    WOW GREGSAUCE, did you really just put AP as his #9 RB, 4 spots behind DeMarco Murray and 5 behind Eddie Lacy??? YOU EVEN WATCH FOOTBALL BRO???

    • Jeff says:


      In Greg’s defense, AP has a tough matchup this week as BAL gives up the 4th least amount of fantasy pts to opposing RB’s while Murray and Lacy have very good matchups. I think that is probably the angle he is taking and I think it’s reasonable. And yes, Greg watches plenty of football.

  7. Steve C. says:

    PPR: Need 1 RB’s 1 FLEX ‘ L.Bell’ Vereen, MJD and Floyd.. and last couple weeks have missed the right call & Left WAY too many pints on my bench HA! Looking at ur Ranks I got Brown as RB 1 But the rest are pretty close so i Humbly ask for YOUR advice to hopefully get the right call .. Now it.s Win or Go Home LOL Thanx Guys

    • Jeff says:

      I would go with Bell and Vereen. Sounds like Bell is back healthy after getting his bell rung so he should be ready to roll.

      Good luck this week Steve!

  8. Banjoe says:

    PPR my only TE is Cameron & needless 2 say Woried w/Browns QB situation. I could grab H.Miller or L. Green. Now thing is’ I don’t feel ggod 2 Just Drop JC .. I plan on Starting @WR: Dez, DJax and then M. Floyd or a RB @Flex…Have Amendola & Crabtree as bench stash… I don’t know if I’ll even Use Crebby till Maybe week 16 .. so u think HE would be the one 2 drop for above TE? and then Which One would YOU start? THanx

    • Jeff says:

      I would cut Crabs and then go with Green if you are scared about the QB situation in Cleveland but I think Cameron is still a bit better of an option. I wouldn’t think you’re nuts for playing Green tho

  9. John says:

    Oakland vs. Jets or New England vs Cleveland?

  10. zee says:

    Flex spot – standard scoring:

    Joique Bell (vs Phi)
    Steve Smith (vs NO)
    New and exciting?! rookie Cordarelle Patterson (vs Bal)?

    I know Steve Smith is ranked higher but the guy has about as much upside as Brian Hartline, because Greg Olsen and Cam Newton get all the red zone touches.
    And the situation is, I’m a bit of an underdog this week, so I’m swinging for the fences and looking for some upside – do you still go with Steve Smith?

    • zee says:

      Also Ladarius Green or Jordan Cameron (same situation, bit of an underdog this week)?

      • Jeff says:

        Its not too exciting but I think Smith is probably your best bet there and I would go with Cameron at TE despite the potential QB setup he may have this week. Gates still is on the field quite a bit in SD

  11. ZJG says:

    Man, Jeff… i am seriously considering benching Romo for this round of the playoffs and rolling with McCown. Am i crazy?!?!

    • Jeff says:

      No I dont think you’re nuts at all! I have Romo one spot higher but they are definitely close enough that it would be too wild at all.

  12. nate says:

    non ppr. pick one: keenan allen, vereen, lamar miller, or m.floyd? i lean keenan

    I also have brandon marshall as a set starter and will choose either rivers or mccown as my qb. does having a qb/wr combo from one of these teams (assuming i pick keenan) ever factor into your decisions?

    • Jeff says:

      I like Allen slightly ahead of Vereen.

      I dont usually think about the QB/WR pair. I try to separate each lineup slot when deciding and pick independently when possible

  13. Tim says:

    I have K Allen and D. Green starting this week. My QB choices are Rivers and Fitzpatrick. I’m wondering if I should start Fitz so as not to be so dependent on how well the Bolts play. Any thoughts?

  14. Norman says:

    12 Team PPR, 10-3, getting ready for the 1st round of playoffs. We start 1 qb, 2 wr, 2 rb,1 te, 2 flex, 1 k, 1 d. Any suggestions?
    Rivers vs. NYG
    R Wilson vs. SF
    AJ Green vs. Ind
    Antonio Brown vs. Mia
    Torrey vs. Min
    Crabtree vs. Sea
    Percy vs. SF
    R Bush vs. Phi
    Andre Brown vs. SD
    Spiller vs. TB
    Woodhead vs.NYG
    Ellington vs. Stl
    Fleener vs. Cin (my only te)
    NE vs. Cle
    As vs. Stl

  15. Phil says:

    Since I own them on most of my playoff bound fantasy teams, I respectfully and sincerely ask why Carolina is ranked so high this week? Most rankings have them out of or near the bottom of top 10. I saw what Seattle did to NO in Seattle, but NO is home this week and I guess I can’t imagine them struggling like that two weeks in a row. Not asking this to argue, really want to know what you guys see. Thanks. Your input is always appreciated.

    • Jeff says:

      Phil. NO QUESTIONS!!!! Just joking. Questions like this are always welcome so don’t worry about that at all. I have them high still due in part to NO being shut down by another good D last week and the Panthers are pretty solid. Clearly the home factor always helps Brees and the Saints but I think the panthers are in the top tier still here.

    • Phil says:

      Ha! Thanks Jeff!

  16. shawn says:

    steven Jackson or rashad jennings. ppr league. i have a feeling mcfadden will see more touches this week, with him having no setbacks last week. rashad coming off a concussion to. thoughts? Thanks!

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