Week 12 Fantasy Football Last Second Decisions November 24, 2012  |  Kevin Roberts

I did something right this week, as Robert Griffin III owns the number two spot in my week 12 fantasy player rankings. And you’d think if I owned RG3 and started him (which I do and did), that I’d be sitting pretty. If I told you I also had Megatron, you’d say I’ve got this week in the bag and I’m heading for the fantasy playoffs.

You might be wrong. Especially when I’m facing the New England Patriots suddenly elite defense (thanks, Jets), who piled on 30+ points, as well as Arian Foster, who we all know who can’t help but just be out of this world awesome on a regular basis.

I still have over 75% of my roster to go, but with a tight race despite two huge efforts from two of my biggest guys, I still have some crucial last second fantasy football decisions to make before I board my flight back to Florida and kiss the holidays good-bye. I think you know where I’m going with this. Hit the injury report, check the matchups, and make sure your final roster is the one you’d use 10 out of 10 times this week.

To help you get to that level of confidence, we’ve got another friendly dose of Last Second Decisions:


Injury Sound-Off


Michael Vick, QB, Philadelphia Eagles

Vick is looking to be out for this week. Nick Foles will get his second straight start, and I’m not overly excited about that fact.

Jay Cutler, QB, Chicago Bears

Cutler is slated to face the Vikings this week. His return could go either way, but Minnesota is a bit vulnerable against the pass. Look for him to pick things up with Brandon Marshall this week.

Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Pittsburgh Steelers

Big Ben is out at least one more week. In looking for replacements, just be sure to ignore Charlie Batch, Brady Quinn and Nick Foles this week.

LeSean McCoy, RB, Philadelphia Eagles

McCoy will miss week 12 and possibly even week 13 with a concussion, which gives way to Bryce Brown. Brown is a very natural and fluid runner, and he rests well inside my top-20 for running backs this week.

Darren McFadden, RB, Oakland Raiders

Run DMC will miss another week. Marcel Reese is your guy to use in Oakland, as he’s been very solid for two straight weeks.

Darren Sproles, RB, New Orleans Saints

Sproles should play in week 12 and is free to use in PPR formats. Elsewhere, I’d wait a week to see what his role will be as a runner.

Julio Jones, WR, Atlanta Falcons

Jones is no lock this week with a bum ankle that robbed him of time against the Cardinals in week 11. I love him against Tampa Bay if he’s a full go, however.

Percy Harvin, WR, Minnesota Vikings

Harvin is officially doubtful, so don’t count on him this week. Rookie Jairus Wright put up 65 yards and a score in his absence last week, so he could be worth a flier again if you’re desperate.

Dwayne Bowe, WR, Kansas City Chiefs

Bowe is a bit shaky this week due to a sore neck, and also because Brady Quinn is his quarterback. Facing Champ Bailey can’t help, either.

Danny Amendola, WR, St. Louis Rams

Amendola is in a walking boot and is pretty unlikely to play this week. Start looking for a suitable replacement.


Role Control


All Spiller and No Jackson?

Fred Jackson is expected to play this week, but C.J. Spiller will start and is a good bet to dominate carries. F-Jax will still get his and a matchup with the Colts bodes well for both guys. Clearly Spiller is the Buffalo back to use, however.

The Return of Beanie Wells

Beanie Wells makes his return for the Cardinals this week, while LaRod Stephens-Howling is banged up after a solid week 11. Look for the two to split touches as long as LRSH is healthy.

Steelers Flimsy Curtain

The Steelers back-field is a bit of a miss right now, so it might be wise to steer clear from their running backs if you can. Rashard Mendenhall makes the most sense, but Jonathan Dwyer should also get carries, with Isaac Redman third in line if he plays.

The Ballard of Vick and Brown

Vick Ballard owns the starting gig in Indy right now, but Donald Brown is expected to play in week 12. Ballard is the suggested play, but if you’re starving for RB help, Brown could help out in the Flex against a weak Bills defense.

Rashad Jennings vs. Jalen Parmele

The Jaguars have benched Jennings and Parmele will start this week. He put up 80+ rushing yards last week and gets a weak Titans defense, so he could be in for decent RB2 production this week. Jennings shouldn’t be used at this point.

Alex Green’s Starks Reality

James Starks has been stinking up the joint, so he’s a shaky bet to continue getting 15-20 touches. Then again, so is Alex Green. Neither back is a threat to score or put up 70+ yards. Use them as flex filler at the very best if you’re desperate. I’m taking Green over Starks, but not happily.


Matchup Dance-Off


  • If Colin Kaepernick is in fact the starting quarterback for the 49ers (which I expect him to be), I expect nothing less than 250+ total yards and 2-3 scores. If not, Jim Harbaugh could end up looking like quite the idiot.
  • I know Matt Ryan has been imploding as of late, but I really like him ans his Falcons receivers against a shaky Buccaneers pass defense.
  • Carson Palmer and Andy Dalton are dueling to the death in a bit of a revenge contest this week. I even think the Raiders could win. More to the point – expect a lot of points and big numbers for both quarterbacks and their counterparts.
  • The Packers are 11th against the run, so I’m not a huge fan of Ahmad Bradshaw this week. Besides, Andre Brown is still stealing his goal-line touches.
  • I’m super excited to see what Bryce Brown can do against a weak Carolina Panthers run defense. That is, if Andy Reid actually, for once, commits to the ground game. On the flip-side, I’m not banking on much of a rebound effort from Nick Foles.
  • Vernon Davis is going to have a big game against the Saints. Jimmy Graham will join him from the other side.



There will not be a fantasy versus section this week, thanks to the would-be holiday and arguably the worst four-day cold of my life. Feel free to ask me questions via Twitter @NFLSoupKevin or below. Just remember that I will be in the sky for a good part of Sunday, and can’t guarantee I will be able to answer questions heading into game-time. If I can, I’ll be here or on Twitter. Good luck this week as you make a push for the fantasy football playoffs!


33 Responses

  1. Blanket says:

    i was told Rams D, but CAR playing the struggling eagles with no vick or mccoy…how can you pass that up?

  2. Blanket says:

    yo bud. Denarius or Julio. also Rams or CAR D?

  3. Jeff says:

    FJax, B. Brown, Parmelee….have to start two

  4. Mike says:

    Reese, Beanie Wells or Moreno at flex?


  5. Ray says:

    H Miller or M Bennett? PPR Julio Jones or Healthy TY Hilton? Non PPR

  6. Jermichael says:

    12 Team PPR: Still on the fence on who I should start as my flex today, James Jones or Alexander? NYG gives up more pts to WRs, but SD doesn’t have much more than Floyd & Alexander at WR.

  7. Patrick says:

    Flex: Reece or Nicks?… 0.5ppr

  8. tommaso says:

    Hi Kevin, i have Spiller@Colts, Gore@Saints and Rice@Chargers…which two do i play this week? Thanks!

  9. Adam says:

    Need to choose a QB this week in my most important league….6 pts per passing td, 1 pt per 20 passing yards.

    Eli vs GB or Kaepernick @ NO? Eli is due for a big game, and finally got to rest his “dead arm,” but I really want to go with Kaepernick here…..

    What do you say?

    • Kevin Roberts says:

      I’m a Packers fan so it would only make sense for Eli to come to life here and throw for 400 yards and 4 touchdowns. However, Kaep looked great last week and the matchup suggests a pretty huge game for him.

      Just considering Eli has been so bad for about three weeks now, I’d give Kaep a shot.

  10. Stewart says:

    Am I crazy for thinking of starting Reece over TRich?

    • Kevin Roberts says:

      Nope. T-Rich faces a tough Steelers D. However, dude gets fed the rock like crazy (25+ touches in three straight games). Reece has been good, but he’s not at Rich’s level. I’d stick with T-Rich.

  11. Tommy says:

    Should I drop Maclin for rest of year for Garçon? Also, am I crazy to pick up Carolina dst and play this week over SF dst? Thanks man!

    • Kevin Roberts says:

      I’d hold onto Maclin if I can help but it’s pretty clear Garcon needs to be owned. So if it comes to that, sure. And no, it’s not crazy to play Carolina over 49ers, but I wouldn’t necessarily suggest it. The matchup is there, but can you trust the Panthers? Not so sure.

  12. A says:

    PPR NEED ONE>>>> Bradshaw, B.Brown or Hillman

    • Kevin Roberts says:

      Gonna go Brown here. Bradshaw faces a pretty solid Packers run D, is nicked up, losing touches to Andre Brown, and has just 3 rec in his last 3 games. Brown has more upside this week with a much better matchup.

  13. Wilsonian says:

    0.5 PPR, play three: Nicks, Blackmon, Graham, Bryce Brown, Hillman, Forte, Beanie.

    Have to play at least one RB. The other two can be any position.

    We have 3 bonus points at 85 yards receiving and 100 yards rushing, and 6 bonus points at 135 yards receiving and 150 yards rushing.

    • Kevin Roberts says:

      Forte, Graham (if it’s Jimmy), and Nicks. Nicks is due and Packers are short-handed on D.

      I like Brown but Nicks has more upside. Hillman and Wells could be solid but also carry risk. Blackmon won;t do what he did last week, so is a bit shaky.

      • Wilsonian says:

        Thanks. That’s the lineup I have in. And yes, it is Jimmy. I’ve already had Dez, Welker, Morris, Witten, and Gostkowski play. But I’m also up against A. Johnson and Foster, so I don’t have that big of a league.

  14. The U says:

    Hi Kevin – Mathews or Bryce Brown?

    • Kevin Roberts says:

      I really like Brown but you can’t start him over Mathews. Ryan could pop off anytime now and Ravens aren’t elite against the run anymore. Brown has major upside, but he comes with risk, too, because Vick isn’t around.

  15. Phil says:

    Hey Kevin, play Bryce Brown or Ballard this week? Also, start Heath Miller this week, or…play Dallas Clark or Dwayne Allen? Standard Scoring. Thanks man, I appreciate it.

    • Kevin Roberts says:

      I prefer Brown. Both have really nice matchups, but Donald Brown could cut into Ballard’s work and Colts seem to pass a ton. With Foles back there again and Shady out, Philly could run more. I also just think Brown is more explosive and could bust some long runs.

  16. LakerSteve (@LakerSteve) says:

    Kevin – My WRs are a mess. Harvin is out & Bowe is a mess. I need to pick 3 WRs to play this week – 1p PPR. Which three of these guys would you play?
    – D. Moore
    – D. Alexander
    – L. Moore
    – Bowe
    Or can also p/u Blackmon, M.Williams or DHB off waivers.

    • Kevin Roberts says:

      I like the three you have there – a lot. Moore faces a beatable Cincy secondary in Palmer’s return, while Alexander is on a roll. Moore can be shaky, but he’s due and Saints are at home. If Bowe wasn’t facing Bailey, I’d stick with him. Just don’t think you can this week.

      • LakerSteve (@LakerSteve) says:

        Thanks Kevin. That’s who I’ve got slotted. I’m off to a good start with Romo (for a change), maybe a couple of those guys will have big games.

  17. keith says:

    bryce brown or jonathan stewart?

    • Kevin Roberts says:

      Brown. Panthers have tough time against run and Brown should see 15+ touches with Shady out. J-Stew hasn’t been consistent all year and shares the rock with too many extra bodies.

  18. Alex says:

    I have six RBs in a standard-scoring league and need to start three. I already had a big start to the week from Brady and Dez, so I’m leaning towards players with high floors. Which do you like: Marcel Reece (@Cin), Bryce Brown (Car), Ronnie Hillman (@KC), VIck Ballard (Buf), Jalen Parmele (Ten), Jonathan Stewart (@Phi).

    • Kevin Roberts says:

      I’m going Reece, Brown and Hillman. They have the most upside.

      Ballard should lose touches to Brown and Colts don’t run all that much. Vick has also never scored a rush touchdown, topped 90 yards, and has more than 16 carries in just one game. Parmele is a pretty average talent so I don’t expect an explosion, although his matchup with Titans is sweet. Stewart loses too many carries and is too inconsistent.

      Reece has been killing it and dominates touches in OAK. Hillman only has Lance Ball to worry about in Denver and could be in for a big day vs Chiefs, and Brown has the back-field all to himself with Shady out.

  19. John says:

    I have three solid running backs with great matchups. Which two do I play this week, Ray Rice @ Chargers, Frank Gore @ Saints, or CJ2K @ Jaguars?

    • Kevin Roberts says:

      I’d roll with Rice and Johnson. Gore would be fine but he’s been pretty quiet lately (just one touchdown and one 100+ yd rush game in last 5 contests).

      Rice and CJ2k both have relatively tough matchups, but both are more explosive and should get ton of touches. Johnson is super fresh, too. I’m sure all three will be solid, but I’d roll with Rice and Johnson.

      • John says:

        Thanks for the input man I’m going to go with your suggestion. Having RG3 and Dez go crazy on Thanksgiving doesn’t hurt either.

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