Week 11 Defensive Field of Streams November 18, 2016  |  adam cook

It seems there has been a changing of the guard on how the end of games are handled. I was watching the Cowboys and Steelers game on Sunday, and it seemed both defenses kind of let the opposition score so that their offense could be the last to touch the ball. With around 1:30 left, the Cowboys were in field goal range and could run the clock down. Ezekiel Elliott then proceeded to go untouched for an easy touchdown. The Steelers then had a chance to score a go ahead touchdown, which they did on a fake spike. Cowboys’ fans were almost relieved as they had 40 seconds to kick a field goal. The Cowboys ended up winning the game as they had the ball last. Here are some defenses that I predict won’t be in those situations this week. Let’s recap Week 10 before diving into Week 11.

Recap of Week 9 Predictions:

Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars – The Texans scored a defensive touchdown and owned Blake Bortles just as we had hoped.

San Diego Chargers vs. Miami Dolphins – I failed to factor in the new run-heavy, conservative Dolphins offense that is limiting Tannehill’s potential for turnovers.

Washington Reskins vs. Minnesota Vikings – Solid performance by the Redskins defense as they racked up 3 sacks versus the Vikings.

Chalk Em’ Up

Arizona Cardinals @ Minnesota Vikings: 97% owned in Yahoo leagues  ($3,100 on DraftKings)

The Cardinals only allow 17.8 PPG and the Vikings only score 19.4 PPG.


Seattle Seahawks vs. Philadelphia Eagles: 96% owned ($3,800)

The Seahawks are known to play stout defense at home, and the Eagles have been horrible on the road (1-4).


New England Patriots @ San Francisco 49ers: 84% owned ($3,600)

The Patriots are 13 point favorites and should have plenty of 2nd half sack and turnover opportunities.

Stream Em’ Up

Pittsburgh Steelers @Cleveland Browns: 34% owned ($3,700)

  • **The Browns are the 3rd worst offense in the league, averaging 17.5 PPG.
  • **Cleveland also struggles to move the ball, only averaging 321.3 YPG.
  • **You cannot judge the Steelers’ defense off recent memory as they have faced the Cowboys and Patriots in 2 out of their last 3 games.
  • **The Browns have given up the 2nd most sacks in the league with 30.
  • **The Steelers are big favorites, leading to more 2nd half sack opportunities.


Oakland Raiders vs. Houston Texans: 33% owned ($2,800)

  • **The Raiders’ defense is improving during a 3 game win streak and coming off a bye week.
  • **The Texans’ offense has not scored more than 20 points in 3 straight games.
  • **Houston is 3rd worst in the league, averaging only 308.8 YPG.
  • **The Texans only score 17.9 PPG
  • **Only Blaine Gabbert and Ryan Fitzpatrick have worse quarterback ratings than Brock Osweiler.


New York Giants vs. Chicago Bears: 15% owned ($3,500)

  • **The Giants have multiple sacks in 4 straight games.
  • **They are facing a Bears offense that just allowed 4 sacks, 2 INT’s, and 2 fumble recoveries last week to Tampa Bay.
  • **The Bears lost their best offensive lineman to injury in Kyle Long and their best receiver to suspension.
  • **The Bears are the second worst scoring offense in the league, averaging 15.7 PPG.
  • **The Bears need to run the ball to find success, and the Giants are 7th in the league allowing only 92.1 rushing yards per game.

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  1. Zach says:

    Hi Adam – In my 12 Team PPR, DST’s only score points based on plays (sacks, INTS, FF, DTD, STY, etc.) – it’s not based at all on points scored against. So even if a DST gets blown out 50 to 7, as long as the DST gets a lot of interceptions/sacks/fumbles, they can still have a great game and vice versa, even if they hold a team to 0 points, if they don’t make plays they will earn 0 points.

    With all of that said would you rather play Giants vs CHI or Steelers @ CLE? Leaning NYG, just because they seem to have been making plays and Cuttler can turn it over… Thanks!

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