Week 10 Waiver Wire November 5, 2013  |  gregsauce

Let’s face it, the fantasy football season is a series of disappointments and bad news for some owners. The games rarely play out as we’d like and each week summons a new rash of injuries to scratch. Inherently, some percentage of teams have underperformed based on bad beats. In head-to-head formats, those teams in the middle of the pack are likely out of the race for best regular season record. That’s not to say those same teams can’t catch fire in their late-season match-ups and make an unexpected playoff run. Sometimes an innocuous waiver wire addition is all it takes to turn a fantasy season around. If you’re one of the many owners looking to make a late push for the postseason, working the wire proactively is a must.

On the other hand, if you’re one of the select few coasting to the playoffs on the back of a great start, it’s time to start using your waiver claims defensively. Survey your league, see who your biggest threats are, and stifle their attempts to improve via free agency. You can also try to block your upcoming opponent from filling a need on his or her roster. If your upcoming contest looks like cakewalk, look ahead to future weeks and shore up your team’s issues with byes and bad match-ups. Don’t let that little plumber hang around in search of a hammer; knock him out with a barrel. Whether you’re a fake football Donkey Kong or a fake football Mario, the Week 10 Waiver Wire is your guide to the best widely-available players to target.



Better late than never: Nick Foles, Case Keenum, Mike Glennon

After his first two starts of the season, Jason Campbell heads into his team’s bye week with 561 passing yards, 5 TDs, and 0 INTs. Thersz_ej Browns’ schedule after the week off is a mixed bag of good and bad match-ups for their new QB, but Campbell has proven startable in deep leagues.

While many of us will be sad to see the “Tuel Time” nickname go away, fantasy owners can’t help be glad to hear E.J. Manuel has been cleared to play. Thad Lewis should also be healthy enough to go in Week 10, so act accordingly if you need to own a piece of the Buffalo passing game.

Aaron Rodgers absorbed a huge blow to his non-throwing shoulder on Monday night and subsequently dealt a potentially huge blow to his fantasy owners. There’s reason for optimism if you’re a Rodgers owner, but Seneca Wallace is worth a look if you want to play it safe.



BLTN: Mike James, Andre Brown

Darren McFadden keeps finding new ways to McFrustrate his fantasy owners. The injury-prone Oakland starter left Sunday’s game early in the second quarter and didn’t return. In his stead, Rashad Jennings blew up for 176 total yards and a score on 22 touches. Marcel Reece chipped in 22 receiving yards on two catches and a rushing goose-egg on 1 carry. Jennings is the clear handcuff to McFadden, but Reece could have minor value in PPR leagues if this situation morphs into more of a timeshare.

BLTN: Mike Tolbert, Jonathan Stewart, Montee Ball

Shonn Greene didn’t reach the 15-carry mark Mike Munchack touted him for leading up to Week 9, but he did score a 5-yard touchdown on the Titans’ opening drive. It’s easy to overlook Greene’s contribute relative to Chris Johnson’s monster game, but Greene has the goal-line role on lockdown and TDs are a valuable fantasy commodity.



BLTN: Aaron Dobson, Jarrett Boykin, Marvin Jones, Lance Moore, Kenny Stills

With Justin Blackmon blacklisted indefinitely, Mike Brown ascends to the Jaguars’ starting lineup. Cecil Shorts should garner the majority of attention from opposing defenses and that creates potential for James to produce in Jacksonville’s perpetual state of garbage time.

Doug Baldwin posted his best stat line of the season on Sunday against the Bucs. His 10 targets were nearly double that of all other Seattle wideouts combined. I’ve been a Percy Harvin doubter pretty much all season, but it’s not for lack of opportunity in the Seattle offense. The targets are there to go around. With Sidney Rice out for the year and Harvin still on the mend, Baldwin offers a lot of potential down the stretch.

Jason Avant’s disappearing act on Sunday was Riley Cooper’s gain as the latter grabbed 5 of his 6 targets for 139 yards and 3 touchdowns. Cooper is developing a connection with quarterback Nick Foles on some level, but I’m not ready to put a ton of stock into a breakout performance in a soft match-up (sorry Raiders fans). Meanwhile, this Philly offense has an aroma reminiscent of the New Orleans Saints. It’s hard to know who to trust on a week-to-week basis aside from LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson.

Just as Terrance Williams had value while Miles Austin was the #2 WR in Dallas, Cole Beasley has value while Terrance Williams is the #2 guy. Beasley actually out-targeted Williams 9 to 7 on Sunday, hauling in 6 of those passes for 68 yards. Since Week 5, he’s caught at least 4 passes in every game except one. In those 4-catch-or-better performances, Beasley is averaging 6.25 fantasy points per game in standard scoring. You’re not doing backflips for that sort of production, but steady reception and yardage can do wonders for PPR owners.



BLTN: Tim Wright, Coby Fleener, Scott Chandler

Garrett Graham has been mentioned here in the Waiver Wire before, but we expected more from him after Owen Daniels was lost for the year. His usage is slowly trending up, but Case Keenum’s tunnel vision for Andre Johnson is worrisome for Graham’s prospects. With that said, his Week 10 match-up against Arizona is literally as good as it gets in terms of fantasy points allowed to the tight end position. Graham is a great bye-week add for owners of Rob Gronkowski and Jordan Cameron.

Once upon a time, John Carlson was a promising fantasy tight end for the Seahawks. He’s playing for the Vikings now and their starter, Kyle Rudolph, just broke his foot. Carlson didn’t do much in relief of Rudolph on Sunday (4 catches for 23 yards), but the 6 targets aimed his way are promising for future weeks. The receiving options in Minnesota are limited and Carlson could carve out a nice niche in the passing game with check-down artist Christian Ponder under center.

For more evidence on the variability of the Eagles’ offense, allow me to present Zack Ertz. The rookie tight end caught 5 passes for 42 yards and a score against the Raiders. Those 10 fantasy points were his best total since earning half that in Week 2. Ertz is the clear starter ahead of Brent Celek at this point, but don’t expect a repeat of Sunday every week.


25 Responses

  1. Guy says:

    Hi Greg. I have an opportunity to grab a QB for next week to cover a bye. Not the most inspiring group… includes Glennon, Tannehill, Smith, Manuel, Palmer, Campbell… I’m leaning towards Campbell or Manuel, in that order. Campbell looked good against a couple of decent defenses and faces Cincy without Geno/Hall. Manuel was looking good before his injury and did well against the Jets earlier this season. Thoughts?

  2. Trevor says:

    Greg, after Carlsons big game, do you still like him with Ponder hurt and musical chairs at qb in MN?

    I’m looking to upgrade at TE2 from Rob Housler, and top options are Brandon Pettigrew, Zach Ertz, and John Carlson. (PPR). Olsen is my te1.

  3. Mike B. says:

    What’s going on Greg! Looks like you are providing some awesome advice, so I was wondering if you could take a look at my line up and provide some thoughts for Week 10:
    QB – RGIII
    WR – Eric Decker
    WR – Eddie Royal
    RB – Zac Stacy
    RB – Alfred Morris
    TE – Vernon Davis
    W/R/T – Andre Brown (Think I’ll take a chance on him)

    Bench – Arian Foster (Only because not sure of injury)
    Bench – Harry Douglas
    Bench – Kendall Wright
    Bench – Jake Locker
    Bench – Rashad Jennings
    Bench – Anquan Boldin

    Tried to base my lineup on what others have done against the teams each player is up against and on match-up/projections. Any ideal movements stand out to you?

    Thank you!!

    • gregsauce says:

      @Mike B.: Assuming McFadden sits, I would probably start Jennings over Brown. I want to see Brown in action before I trust him. I would also plug in Douglas or Wright over Royal (in spite of his match-up, I would lean toward Douglas based on his crazy volume of targets). Royal has been very inconsistent. The potential for lots of targets in a shootout with Denver is enticing, but I worry about Royal laying an egg.

      • Mike B. says:

        I was a little on the fence myself about Royal. Wright has a nice match up with JAX, but my gut tells me they will probably go heavy on the run.

        Thanks for the feedback!

  4. Norman says:

    Thanks Greg, who would you rather have the rest of the season: Rivers or Wilson? I’m leaning towards Wilson, mainly because I traded for Harvin.
    Thanks !

    • gregsauce says:

      @Norman: I’d give a slight edge to Rivers. His offense is predicated a little more on the pass and he’s already had his bye week. Don’t worry about pairing Wilson with Harvin. If/ When Harvin plays, you’ll get points from him whether Wilson is on your roster or not.

  5. Norman says:

    Hi Greg, 12 Team PPR, 7-2, my team: Rivers, R Wilson, AJ Green, Antonio Brown, Torrey, Boykin, Harvin, R Bush, Spiller, Ellington, Andre Brown, B Tate, Olsen, Walsh, NE D AZ D (for NE bye). Should I drop Boykin for: L Moore, LaFell, Burleson, R Cooper, M Brown (Jax), M Ball, D Thomas or JStew? Also, with Rodgers going down, do you see a trade with this team: 2-6-1: A Rodgers, Royal, Bowe, R Mathews, AP, H Miller, Hartline, S Johnson, Welker, Moreno, Nicks, Quarless.

    • Norman says:

      Or R Jennings off waivers?

    • gregsauce says:

      @Norman: The Aaron Rodgers injury certainly hurts Boykin’s value. I would probably drop him for the following guys (in order): R. Jennings, J. Stewart, L. Moore, Mike Brown, M. Ball, and R. Cooper.

      As for your trade idea, it would be nice to unload Rivers or Wilson for some added depth. Perhaps package Ellington and a QB for AP or Moreno? Torrey Smith and a QB for Welker?

  6. Cochise says:

    Whad up gregsauce, i have Jordan Reed and Dalton should I trade Bennet for Alex Smith or just hope for Keeneum off waivers? Btw yo da man Im just took 1st in my 12 man standard after trading Ap for Megatron

    • gregsauce says:

      @Cochise: Glad the season is going well for you, sir. I’d try to get Keenum off waivers before trading for Smith. I know giving up Bennett doesn’t seem like much, but you don’t want to improve your opponents’ teams if you can help it.

  7. Nate says:

    12 team league starts 2 Rbs 2 wrs 1 flex (rb or wr), non-ppr. Currently have Charles,McCoy, Lamar miller, vereen. Wrs are bmarsh, Antonio brown, Keenan Allen. I think its a possibility to trade Lamar vereen and a wr for marshawn or Reggie bush would you suggest a trade like that. Getting marshawn (week 12 bye same as mccoy) would leave me with a waiver wire scrub at rb2 for that week do you think it is worth it? Tied in first for record and first outright in points for just thinking of a move because depth isn’t that necessary in playoffs just trying to stack my starters

    • gregsauce says:

      @Nate: If you’re looking like a lock for the playoffs, I like dealing depth to add a stud like Lynch or Bush. If you attempt this sort of strategy, try to handcuff your studs (Robert Turbin/Christine Michael for Lynch, Bryce Brown for McCoy, Knile Davis for Charles, Joique Bell for Bush).

  8. reed says:

    I have the #3 waiver claim and can almost certainly get one of Foles, Cutler, Keenum. Romo is my starting QB, but with a tough matchup against the Saints and a bye in week 11 I am thinking about trying to pick up someone to fill in.

    The only reason I could see blowing a waiver claim here is for a 2 week starter (e.g. Foles against GB and Wash). Would you make that move? I figure if I stick with Romo this week, there I can wait out next week’s QB situation.

    • gregsauce says:

      @reed: Foles is my favorite of those options. At this point in the season, a top waiver claim isn’t worth as much because there are only 6 weeks of games left. Unless you are extremely shallow at another position, I’d pull the trigger now to cover for Romo’s bye week.

  9. Sam says:

    Greg – Got a couple trade proposals and wanted to run them by you. 2 QB league, 12 teams, standard scoring. Guys I would give up are listed first.

    A. Luck for R. Bush and J. Flacco
    J. Cutler and L. Miller for Big Ben and Ray Rice

    Rest of my team:

    QBs: McCown (may give him up in Cutler trade)
    RBs: AP, MJD
    WRs: P. Garcon, J. Gordon, T. Williams, C. Shorts, B. LaFell
    TEs: C. Clay, H. Miller

    You like both, either, none? Thanks!

    • gregsauce says:

      @Sam: I don’t like the second trade. Ray Rice looks washed up.

      As for the first trade, this one makes more sense and I would probably do it. Adding Bush makes your RBs a lot better and that worth downgrading from Luck to Flacco.

  10. Andy says:

    Last week you said you like Graham’s match-up against the Cardinals better than Tim Wright’s match-up against Miami. Just curious if you feel the same way after Sunday.

    Also…is Ben Tate worth rostering as a handcuff for Foster? I have both and might need to drop someone to pick a QB for Romo’s week 11 bye. My other RB’s are Murray, L.Bell, Lamar Miller and MJD. 12 PPR league.

    • Andy says:

      12 *team* PPR…

      • gregsauce says:

        @Andy: Why not wait until next week to drop Tim Wright and add your QB fill-in for Romo? At the very least, wait through Week 10 to see if any of your non-Tate options get injured or otherwise become better candidates to drop.

    • gregsauce says:

      @Andy: I still like any TE matched up against the Cards, but Wright is trumping match-up plays at this point. He’s the #2 target in the Bucs’ offense and should be started over Graham most weeks.

      As for Tate, he’s definitely worth rostering, especially if you own Foster, but it depends on who you’d be cutting to hold onto him. I don’t think you’re cutting any of those other RBs for him, so you’d probably have to cut a bench WR, TE, or QB. If you are carrying two kickers or two defenses, cutting one of them for Tate is a no-brainer.

      • Andy says:

        My team:
        QB: Romo
        RB: Foster, Tate, L.Miller, L.Bell, D.Murray, MJD
        WR: Dez, Keenan Allen, Michael Floyd, Jordy Nelson
        TE: Jordan Cameron, Tim Wright
        Only 1 DEF and 1 K

        In my opinion, Tate is the most cuttable option…agree or disagree? Keep in mind week 11 I have Dallas on bye so no Romo, Bryant, or Murray. In a PPR format, I’d rather flex a WR and Michael Floyd has JAX week 11.

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