Week 10 Defensive Field of Streams November 10, 2016  |  adam cook

Everyone has their opinion on the new President, but what is totally ridiculous to me is that Harambe had over 15,000 write-in votes. Harambe was the gorilla that was put down at a zoo for dragging a young boy through the water after the boy climbed down into the exhibit. Listen, I have laughed at a few Harambe memes myself, but the fact he has Presidential votes is pure craziness. Our millennial generation needs to get a grip. On a lighter note…”How bout them Cowboys” (have to get some homer takes in here). Let’s recap Week 9 before diving into Week 10.


Recap of Week 9 Predictions:

Green Bay Packers vs. Indianapolis Colts – The Packers struggled as a whole team and knocked me out of my survivor pool. The losses at defensive back finally caught up to them in this one.

San Diego Chargers vs. Tennessee Titans – Two defensive scores? Let’s go!

Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets – The Week 9 mojo was working as Kenyon Drake scored on a kickoff return. The defense made Fitzpatrick miserable all day.

Chalk Em’ Up

Carolina Panthers vs. Kansas City Chiefs: 91% owned in Yahoo leagues ($3,200 on DraftKings)

The Panthers are coming alive and their defense has played very well in 2 straight. Alex Smith and Spencer Ware should have some rust after missing last week’s game.


Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers: 88% owned  ($3,700)

The Cardinals had 7 sacks in the previous meeting between these two and they are the clear #1 play in Week 10.


Los Angeles Rams @ New York Jets:  66% owned ($2,900)

The Jets offense is a mess, and now Fitzpatrick is less than 100%. I like the Rams despite their cross country travel.


Stream Em’ Up

Houston Texans @Jacksonville Jaguars: 43% owned ($3,800)

  • **The Texans are my weekly pick to stream against Blake Bortles.
  • **The Texans are coming off a bye and have had two weeks to prepare for this game.
  • **The Jaguars are averaging a measly 19.1 PPG
  • **The Jaguars are tied for 3rd worst in the league with 17 turnovers.
  • **Bortles has been worse at home than on the road. He has a 74.2 QB rating at home compared to 85.2 on the road.

San Diego Chargers vs. Miami Dolphins:  39% owned ($2,900)

  • **The Chargers aren’t the prettiest defense, but they have scored 3 touchdowns over the last two games as a unit.
  • **San Diego is 2nd in the league with 18 turnovers forced.
  • **The Chargers lead the league with 11 recovered fumbles.
  • **The Dolphins’ recent success has been about getting their ground game going, but San Diego only allows 3.8 YPC and rank 5th in the NFL, allowing only 85.3 RYPG.
  • **The Dolphins are bad on the road at 0-3 and have scored 10 points or less in 2 out of 3 games.

Washington Redskins vs. Minnesota Vikings: 11% owned ($3,000)

  • **The Vikings’ offensive line has been struggling, and the Redskins have 3 plus sacks in 4 straight games.
  • **Washington has held opponents to 20 points or less in 4 our of their last 5.
  • **The Vikings’ offense is averaging a league worst 298.8 YPG.
  • **The Redskins are 7th in the league with 22 total sacks.
  • **The Vikings have allowed a total of 21 sacks in 2016.

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