Week 1 Fantasy Football Rankings September 3, 2014  |  Jeff


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Week 1 has finally arrived! The 2014 NFL season gets started with a fantastic Thursday night matchup between Seattle and Green Bay, and thankfully Golden Tate and his “hail mary” shenanigans won’t be involved this time around. Below, we have our staff consensus Week 1 Fantasy Football Rankings that cover every fantasy position in every game from Thursday through the Monday Night Football doubleheader.

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Stay tuned throughout the week for buckets full of additional fantasy football coverage and analysis. If you have any rankings or lineup questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Good luck!

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50 Responses

  1. Nick says:

    Mike Wallace or Reuben Randle today? Non-PPR.

  2. Herschel says:

    PPR, need to bench one this week. CJ1K, TY or Ryan Matthews? Leaning TY. Thoughts?


  3. Tom says:

    PPR. I need 1 WR/TE Flex. Kelvin Benjamin, Markus Wheaton, Travis Kelce?

  4. Sully says:

    10 team PPR, need WR2 and Flex from the following:
    To Smith, Wallace, Decker, Latimer, Spiller


  5. B-Real says:

    I have to start either K. Allen or M. Crabtree at a WR 2. Which do you like?
    Also, I have to choose between R. White, Fred Jackson or Joique Bell in the my flex.

  6. Richie says:

    I’m about to trade Emmanuel Sanders, Mike Wallace, and Pierre Thomas for Cordarelle Patterson. Each is a bench players besides Sanders, who is my WR3. Good idea or bad idea?

  7. imp says:

    FIguring out if my bench is right in shallow PPR league starting 3WR/2RB/QB/TE with no flex, a 4 RB limit, and 6pt TDs all around.
    I drafted:
    Gronk / H Miller
    ABrown, Cruz, Colston / Wallace
    Forte, JBell / FJax, LMiller

    Questions 1. I am starting to feel LMiller is the weakest link. I could drop him to:
    A. Carry (and probably play in week 1) Big Ben until Cam proves his health
    B. Switch to Pierce or HIll for a shot at more upside.
    Do you like either of those options?

    Question 2. Would you carry a backup to Gronk or use Heath’s spot for another position (to backup Cam, for example).

    Thanks for any help.

    • Jeff says:

      Good questions.

      first, I wouldn’t make any moves for a backup to Cam until we get more news Sunday a.m. If he is gonna play then go ahead and run him out there.

      I think miller/Pierce/Hill are all pretty close in value. I would see what the snap count between Miller/Knowshon looks like tomorrow before cutting him.

  8. Steve Coppola says:

    DILEMMA … 12 team PPR and the Only “Dispensable” Player I have is A Bradshaw..Now My Only TE is Cameron *(have till week 4 to really have any concern) so Your advice was to drop him if I wanted a Backup and get L Green BUT With the Breaking News.. Should I drop AB and take a chance to grab Gordon OR Pick up Dwyer if Ellignton misses extended time . My other RB’s are McCoy, Gio, Vereen and FJax? Cameron will always be in my Lineup So BIG PICTURE I could afford to go w/o a TE week 4 -we have “8” teams in Playoffs- so that’st the goal.. Lose the battle but win the WAR Right?? LOL I highly Value the Opinions of your staff sop Which route would YOU’s Go in this decision?
    AND AS A FYI What value DOES Dwyer Hold (IF any) if Ellington is out.. Even with having a bigger role Can he make use of it? Hmmm? Appreciate your insight … Thanx!!

    • Jeff says:

      First of all, I don’t think Dwyer will have a ton of value if Ellington is out. He may be a RB3 type occasionally but nothing you would start with confidence.

      I would cut Bradshaw and snag Gordon just to give that a shot. Hopefully it works out.

  9. Randy says:

    Who would you rather have as the last WR on your bench in a standard league–Latimer or Dobson? Also, would you drop Bradshaw for Dywer given that Ellington is having an MRI on his foot? My 4th RB is T-Rich. Thanks!

  10. Bob says:

    So looks like Josh Gordon could play this year because of a potential new drug policy. If/when he comes back, how many games you think he’ll play? Would you drop Greg Jennings or Andre Williams for him just in case?

    • Jeff says:

      I would dump Williams for him. I have no idea how many games he could possibly play but it’s worth a shot just to pick him up in case. That kind of upside is hard to find.

  11. footballtime says:

    Joique bell, bernard pierce, or kendall wright? .5 ppr

  12. Brian says:

    need to start 2 guys in a .5 ppr league; J Bell, Vereen, K Wright or Edelman

  13. adrian says:

    3 wr league ppr …who would you bench this week nelson, cruz, allen, D thomas

  14. Norman says:

    Hi Jeff, just finished my 2nd 12 team PPR draft. I drafted 7th:
    Luck, Keenan, Edelman, Wayne, Shorts, T Austin, DeMarco, Stacy, F Jackson, Sproles, Dunbar, J Graham, Kelce, Cin D, D Bailey.

    • Jeff says:

      Looks solid. I think taking Graham early probably hurt your WR group a bit, as that is the weakest area of your team. But the RB and TE advantage you have will hopefully more than make up for it.

  15. Gene says:

    Who would you start in week 1 (non ppr)?
    Keenan Allen @ Arizona or Michael Floyd vs San Diego?
    Emmanuel sanders vs Indy or Julian Edelman @ Miami ?
    Thanks in advance !

    • Jeff says:

      Keenan Allen and I will go with our consensus rank on the other one and choose Sanders. He should be solid with Welker out.

  16. hoosier says:

    Deandre Hopkins, Kyle Rudolph, or Greg Jennings in the flex?

  17. ZJG says:

    Is Keenan Allen going to draw Peterson in the slot? Trying to decide between Torrey SMith and Keenan in my PPR. Torrey doesn’t do well against Cincy and Keenan is going against a good Zona secondary. You think i should just roll with keenan?

  18. Steve C says:

    Need SERIOUS advice
    Have a Good 12 ye PER Draft except did Not get a Backup TE for Cameron with week 4 bye. So before the season starts I can drop probably A . Bradshaw or Ugh Justin Hunter Choice of Backup is either L. Green. Dwayne Allen or the Rookie in GB. R.Rogeres? Your Opinion; Which I Value Dearly? THANX

    • Jeff says:

      If it’s gonna be a backup, I generally look for the highest upside and that would be with Green. I would rather cut Bradshaw than Hunter as well.

  19. Norman says:

    12 team PPR, with Welker out until Week 6, do you see a trade here? We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 WR/RB/TE.
    His Team: Rodgers, Cruz, Welker, Lacy, B Tate, J Thomas, L Miller, Boykin, Kaep, Bradshaw, Hyde, Hartline, Dobson, Eli.
    My Team: R Wilson, Dez, Roddy, D Martin, R Mathews, J Cameron, R Wayne, R Randle, Sankey, J Hill, Hopkins, D Freeman, G Jennings, C Latimer.

    • Jeff says:

      Nothing really jumps out but it looks like your team will be fine. I would maybe sniff around and see if he is interested in getting Latimer as a fill in there, but make sure the deal is really worth it. Aim high.

  20. john says:

    Also,my wrs are Megatron,Antonio Brown,Michael Floyd,Justin Hunter,Dobson,Kelvin Benjamin.What kind of a package deal should I try to target at rb and possibly wr?

  21. john says:

    Draft didn’t exactly pan out my way.In a 10 team ppr league my backs are Joique Bell,Pierce,Pierre Thomas,T-Richardson,Deangelo Williams,Mcfadden.I was offered a trade.Spiller and Pita for my Julius Thomas?Thoughts?

    • Jeff says:

      I wouldn’t deal Julius for that package. I don’t think its enough of an upgrade to take that hit at TE.

      I think I would hold off on dealing for the moment and see what kind of production you get from Bell and PT and Pierce. Bell and PT should be solid in PPR and you may be able to get by with that before pulling the trigger.

  22. footballtime says:

    Why is everyone so low on Malcom floyd? Is it just because of his injury last season? Deep ball threat with Rivers throwing him the ball…

    • Jeff says:

      I like Floyd plenty this season. He is a great bounce back candidate. I don’t think the matchup is great for him this week and it would be nice to see him translate his training camp success into game speed first. But I agree, he has nice potential this year.

    • Jeff says:

      No, I would probably rank Floyd third there.

  23. Randy says:

    Do your DST rankings account for yards allowed? Also, I’m trying to pick the best DST for the week; I have TB in one league and the Saints in another…both the Jets and Lions are available, should I make the switch? I noticed Chet has the Lions third, but Jeff has them 20th. I tend to think they are a top three choice this week but would love any additional thoughts you have. Thanks!

    • Jeff says:

      I am probably too low on them. Chet is probably much higher with how bad the Giants looked this preseason. thats probably one I will have to look at a tad closer here this week. CD Carter will have plenty of defense coverage here this week too.

  24. Hoosier says:

    My auction draft came our as follows (.5 ppr). Flex is wr/te so I feel I need to make a trade for a wr (also don’t want to start 3 Vikings pass catchers on bye week). What would you try and target I’m a trade? And what rbs to start week 1? I’m leaning joique and cj. Also I think Rudolph is the flex play? Thanks for the help!

    Qb: Brees
    3 Wr: Julio, Julian, cordarelle, Jennings, deandre Hopkins
    2 rb: Mathews, rice, joique, CJ, Trent, sjax
    Wr/te: thinking starting Rudolph here
    Te: witten, rudolph
    K: hauscka
    D: sea

    • Jeff says:

      I’d probably start Mathews and Joique this week at RB. rudolph at the flex is probably fine. as for trades, I would probably be trying to package witten and a WR for a better WR probably. Someone in the mid-range. Maybe Tate or like Decker maybe.

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