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Welcome to Week 1 of The Fake Football DFS Cheat Sheet!


With the help of our resident DFS Guru Rich Hribar, Ian Goldsmith and myself, we have put together a comprehensive NFL DFS Cheat Sheet with matchup stats, analysis, picks, sample lineups and lineup configuration advice. We have picks for FanDuel, Draftkings, Fantasy Elite and Draftday, and with their differing settings, the picks, stats and analysis will help you on even more sites than just those four. And with a week between games we will update our picks and analysis as the week progresses. You will receive your Cheat Sheet on Wednesday, in time for the Thursday night games and then we will update the sheet on Sunday Mornings to make sure you don’t miss any breaking news.

And even though we will have more info, more stats, more picks and just more everything in our NFL sheets, we will not be raising the price. Each sheet will remain $1.99 each just like our baseball and basketball sheets.  One Month ($6.99), Season (34.99) And as a subscriber you will receive an email as soon as the new Cheat Sheet is posted on Wednesday of each week and then an update on Sunday mornings.

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UPDATE: Crabtree should go, but if you want to play it safe look at Colston, Decker, Sanders as replacements. 

UPDATE: Andre Ellington has a toe injury. Unless the news turns around fast he’s a no-go for your DFS lineups. We will have a Sunday morning update.

 UPDATE: Antonio Gates tweaked his hamstring and is listed as questionable.


Cheat Sheet












Sample FanDuel Lineups  (by Rich Hribar)

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 8.25.13 PM


FanDuel Lineup Configurations

Cash Game Lineup

I normally won’t stack a receiver with his quarterback in cash games, but Marshall does enough underneath work to provide catch induced roster smoothing to go along with true WR1 pedigree. Outside of pairing him and Cutler, Gore and Ball are lead backs on teams anticipated to win and score a lot of points this weekend. Graham is like paying up for an elite receiver and since I really like the two subset of cheaper wide receivers I have and the projected point totals each of their teams are expected produce, there should be a trickle down. I’m going to play Maclin everywhere this weekend because I really can’t foresee a scenario in which he’s on the field and doesn’t hit value. He also makes for a great tourney play because he’s the lead target on a heavy favorite and most owners will be scared to play him due to injury concerns.


Thursday Cash Lineup

Seattle has held 22 of their past 23 opponents at home under 24 points scored and allowed only two top 12 weekly scoring quarterbacks in all of 2013. I really can’t see any good reason to play anyone from Green Bay. For my Thursday lineup, I’m going in with Wilson as my quarterback who has looked sensational this offseason. After him, I’m sticking with steady options of high volume at running back and receivers who are in high volume passing games that get frequent targets with a high success rate.


Tournament Lineup

With sites locking their prices in so early this summer, week one should offer a healthy dose of diversification across all formats, but especially in tournaments. Setting those prices in early also created a wealth of receiver value, so with it, I’m going against the tournament grain and loading up on the two elite backs. I believe many tourney teams will have a Geno Smith/Eric Decker stack, so I’m staying away from them for the Monday night duo. Like Marshall in my cash lineup, Fitzgerald has high end upside that comes along with a roster smoothing floor since he gets so many highly convertible targets from the slot. Palmer is a play on his skill players who have great matchups.

 UPDATE 9/6:

Some minor and major happenings have gone down throughout the week, and the one that has the biggest impact on this weekend is the news that Andre Ellington could miss Monday night with a foot injury. Ellington had a prime matchup against San Diego, and Jonathan Dwyer is expected to be the lead back if Ellington is indeed inactive. Dwyer is nothing more than a long play since he doesn’t have the big play capability or receiving prowess of Ellington, so I won’t have him anywhere. Ellington’s inactivity would also have a ripple effect on Carson Palmer as he would lose an element of point smoothing from easy completions that could pick up big yards. Anticipate Arizona to be heavy pass Monday night with even more vertical passing than originally expected. John Brown would become another long play as he’d move up to the third option in the passing game, with Michael Floyd and Larry Fitzgerald still being very much in play versus the Chargers’ secondary.

(UPDATE: Shorts has been ruled out) Cecil Shorts also hasn’t practiced to end the week with a hamstring, creating another long play opportunity in Allen Hurns. Marqise Lee will be a hot pickup, but Lee ran 70 percent of his routes from the slot in the preseason, the place where the Eagles best cover corner, Brandon Boykin resides. Philly was roasted by secondary wide receivers on the boundaries all of 2013, so Hurns is worth a look at minimum salary in a game that Vegas still projects the Jaguars to score 21 points in. Just keep tabs on Shorts’ availability in the morning.

I’m still rolling out all of my original lineups and feel good about them. If you’re looking for one more supreme tourney team, here’s one extremely healthy cut for the fences.

FanDuel also is running an early games only game and I have provided a recommended cash game lineup for that as well. Good luck in week one!

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 3.43.29 PM




Sample DraftDay Lineups (by Chet Gresham)


Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 2.49.11 PM


DraftDay Lineup Configurations


UPDATE: Ellington is a game time decision. Take him out of all DFS lineups.

UPDATE: Antonio Gates tweaked his hamstring and is listed as questionable. Take him out of these lineups. Travis Kelce is a high upside play and somewhat safe with Dwayne Bowe out for the game.


Cash Lineup 2

This is a studs and duds lineup banking on Brees, Manning and Charles putting the floor of this team very high. After those three Ball comes in as a safe play with great upside and then we hit the scrubs with upside (scrubside). Britt is probably the riskiest, but has a great matchup with the Vikings who were one of the worst pass defenses in the league last year (Quick could also go in this slot). Ingram, Maclin, Gates, and Lee I think are safe for their value prices while the Lions take on Eli Manning and an offense that hasn’t looked good this preseason.


 Tournament Lineup 1

I’m going with a small 49ers and Saints stack. I’ve plucked from the highest over/unders for this one and went with high upside guys. Gore is always better early in the season and has a great matchup with Dallas and a great price. Palmer and Kaepernick have a lot of upside. I love the way Palmer looked much of the preseason with Floyd, Fitz and Brown all looking good and Ellington there for even more receptions. Colston looked healthy and I want to get him at his lowest price and highest health in a game the Saints should put up a lot of points. Jimmy Graham is my favorite tourney play because you know you are getting the most out of the TE position which is usually very volatile. The biggest risk of this group is Arian Foster. I believe the Texans were mainly just giving him the Adrian Peterson treatment and wanted to keep him healthy for Week 1 and his price is nowhere near his upside. When healthy last season he was still a star.



Cash Lineup 1 Redo

The big news is that Andre Ellington is a game time decision for Monday night, so my first cash lineup is a no go (I have removed it to save confusion). And with Cecil Shorts not going I would move Marquise Lee to Allen Hurns in some line ups for the very cheap price of 4k, which of course frees up even more cash.  I’m now feeling better about the Cowboys’ offense against the beat up and suspended 49er defense so I’m looking to get some Tony Romo and Dez Bryant shares into my lineups. With Scott Linehan as the new OC I think we’ll see Dez used a ton, especially with that defense giving up plenty of points and making the Romo throw the ball a bunch. The Broncos defense is another addition. Their price is insanely cheap because this game is supposed to be a barn burner, but I like Denver’s upgraded defense at home and the Colts have little running game to keep this a low scoring, non-turnover affair. I expect the Colts to put up points, but with those points will come turnovers and upside for the Broncos.

Cash Lineup 3

This lineup has some of the old standbys for this week in DFS. I’ll be using this one for 50/50s as it feels balanced and safe enough. I’m still stacking the 49ers against Dallas which I just can’t get away from. That Dallas D is just too bad and I think the Dallas offense will be able to keep the 49ers offense needing to score. Decker should see plenty of targets in a nice matchup, including red zone targets and Sanders is a nice way of getting some Peyton Manning shares. Lee is the weakest link here, but with Shorts gone he’ll see more targets in a game in which the Jags will be losing. Gates is safe, especially early in the season against a defense that doesn’t mind giving up receptions to tight ends and of course Jamaal Charles IS the KC offense. The Jets get a rookie QB traveling cross country. I wish it was Schaub, but the Raiders will have trouble no matter.

Contrarian GPP

I’ve also added a Tournament/GPP lineup here that I like for upside and to move away from the pack a bit. Of course there is plenty of downside here, but the ceilings for players like Gronk, Dez, Foster, Graham and Gronk are extremely high. I wouldn’t play this lineup or one like it that much, but it’s good to throw out one like this for the big stakes.



Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 3.22.17 PM



Sample Draftkings Lineups (by Ian Goldsmith)


Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 8.28.39 PM




Draftkings Lineup Configurations


Cash Games (Thursday and Sunday)

I don’t like any of the players from Thursday’s game. Seattle is notoriously tough at home and gave up the fewest points to opposing QBs last season, a paltry 10.9. As good as Aaron Rodgers is, he is going to have a tough time distributing the ball. I do think that Russell Wilson could have a decent game, but I’m skeptical that he can do enough to reach value at his salary of $7700. My favorite pick from this game is Doug Baldwin, who at only $3500 does not need to do much to hit value. That said, let other people gamble on this game. Safer picks abound. Gore is my #1 back this week, as I’m sure you can tell by looking at my other lineups. Dallas’ defense is porous and the Niner will have every opportunity to carve them up. Ball, Edelman and Britt – perhaps the riskiest pick here – all make appearances again. Danny Woodhead may seem like an off choice going up against last year’s #1 fantasy defense against RBs. Arizona, however, has been riddled with injuries and lost players to free agency and suspension. Gone are stud linebackers Karlos Dansby and Daryl Washington. Darnell Dockett tore an ACL and the Honey Badger may or may not play. Woodhead’s consistent involvement in the passing game is what makes him so reliable. He was the 18th highest rated RB on DK last year, but starts the season with the 50th ranked salary. Dalton may seem like an odd choice, but he is safer than he looks against Baltimore. While he threw seven, yes seven, interceptions against the Ravens last year, his risk-taking downfield paid off. In two games against Baltimore last year he averaged 20.85 FP. His price is only $6800, too, which astounds me given that he threw for the 3rd most TDs in the league last season. I guess red heads aren’t sexy. Given that this is a cash game, I like to pay up for reliability. Jimmy Graham and Antonio Brown have this trait in spades. Brown is one of only three people in the history of the NFL to catch at least five passes in every game during a season (Pierre Garcon also did this last season).


Multiple-Entry Tournaments

Go big or go home. You will be playing against people who may be submitting more than ten teams. It is imperative that you use high risk/high reward picks. Yes, you can win with a balanced roster, but don’t count on it. Pairing a QB and WR is exactly the type of risk/reward strategy that can work wonders here. Chad Henne is not a good QB. He is mediocre at best. He is, however, playing in the game with the second highest Over/Under of the weekend. Philly scores often and quickly and should be ahead early in this game, which means that Henne will have every opportunity to throw 50+ passes. You only get -1 for each turnover on DraftKings, which means that players with higher proclivities for turnovers – like Henne – aren’t penalized as much as they are on other sites. Marquise Lee will start opposite Cecil Shorts for the Jaguars. He has looked good in preseason and will be on the field often and should have ample opportunities to succeed. At only $3500, it does not take much for him to pay off his salary. I do like some stability here, which is why Gore, Ball, Thomas and Edelman are once again staples of this lineup. The lower prices of some of the riskier players do allow one to splurge on a stud, in this case Jamaal Charles. Charles torches Tennessee for nearly 28 DK FP last season. He should open the season with a bang and has a chance to replicate or exceed those numbers against the team who gave up 29.2 DKFP per game last season – the second most in the league. The Eagles may seem like an odd choice given that I already chose Henne and Lee. Remember, however, that DraftKings only penalizes 1 for each turnover, but rewards DSTs two. I love rolling with defenses whose teams are heavily favored. The Jags will be playing from behind, which equates to higher risk and the chance for more turnovers. The Eagles, to me, have the best chance of any team to score a defensive touchdown in Week 1.


Single-Entry Tournaments

I believe that single-entry GPPs reward skill more than any other type of DFS contest. Instead of worrying that someone else is going to win by simply entering thirty rosters (not that that guarantees winning), research and calculated risk are rewarded. That is, you need balance and risk. Safety, to me, means running backs with high numbers of touches, preferably with favorable matchups. Gore has perhaps the best on-paper matchup of the weekend. Peterson goes against St. Louis who, despite their penchant for rushing the passer, gave up the 7th most DraftKings fantasy points to running backs last season. Pairing a QB and WR is not necessary here, but can reap rewards. Hill, despite being thrown into the fire, actually has a much better career completion percentage and rating than Sam Bradford. For minimum salary, you get a QB going against the worst fantasy QB defense in 2013. Britt, the much maligned receiver, reunites with Jeff Fisher and is the clear cut #1 in St. Louis. He should be a safety blanket for Hill. Patterson is a wildcard here, but his skillset offers WR1 potential. Minnesota will get him involved early and often. We all know what Edelman is capable of. Even if Gronk plays, Brady has found his new Welker in the former Kent State player. The Steelers, while a bit more expensive than other defenses, were one of the most consistent defenses in the second half of the 2013 season. Facing a Browns team without direction (or wide receivers!), they are a safe, if unsexy, pick.




There are even more questions to answer as the weekend draws near. Andre Ellington and Antonio Gates are now questionable, Kenny Stills is out, etc. This has huge implications for DFS as backups such as Jonathan Dwyer ($3000) become near must plays if they start. With all of this news coming out, I almost missed DraftKings’ offering of late games and Monday only games. The late-night game includes Denver v. Indy plus both Monday night contests. If you decide to take a chance on such short slates, focus on tournaments only. There is too little variance in lineup selection for you to gain a true advantage in head-to-head and 50/50 contests.

Sunday Late Night/Monday Tournament Lineup

I don’t often use two TEs, but if Gates is out then this becomes a strong strategy for the late night contests. Ladarius Green becomes a phenomenal play against the horrid TE defense of Arizona. Paired with Julius Thomas and you only need a combined 27 points from the two of them to reach my personal goal of 3X value each week. The Lions are my favorite option – by far – on defense on this late slate, but I could see Denver push for a good score if Peyton can get the Broncos ahead big early. Pairing more than one WR with a QB is usually a mistake – unless, of course, you are talking about Manning and co. Sanders has the ability to go off and will be heavily utilized without Welker in the lineup. I’ve professed my love for Woodhead this week and he is a good fit for only $3700 here, allowing me to put DT into the mix. Malcom Floyd has been under the radar, but has had a phenomenal preseason. If Gates is indeed out, he becomes an incredible play at $3300.

Monday Only Lineup

Ugh. This is only a two game slate. I HATE playing two game slates as there is little to no variation. It is, frankly, boring and more up to sheer luck than anything. Choose a QB you like and pair them with their WR…or two. Calvin Johnson is a must play….I think he will be over 75% owned as he is the only true stud skill player on the slate. Green is probably a must at TE if Gates is out. Fitz and his cohort Michael Floyd are worth a look pairing with Palmer. Eli Manning is the riskiest pick, but may actually be the best tournament play as he will probably have the lowest ownership. If goes off – and it is a BIG if – then you will have a head up on the competition. The Lions are clearly the best DST option on paper. I’m personally avoiding the Monday-only slate, but I’ve provided a sample lineup in case you dare enter its murky waters.





Fantasy Elite Drafting Tiers


Fantasy Elite is different than other DFS games in that you do a quick draft against another player. Below I have set up a drafting cheat sheet for each contest.



9/7 Early

9/7 Early



















If the Matchup Machine isn’t sortable for you, here are the same stats in Excel that are sortable: Matchup Machine Week 1


Sortable Matchup Machine Quarterbacks

Here you will find the matchup stats for each Quarterback for the week.


Tom Brady@MIN$7,000$13,200$8,50025.962.7308.72.30.6329.
Ryan Fitzpatrick@OAK$5,000$10,350$6,00024.468.6279.82.60.4290.02.71.929.032.029.520.019.420.2
Jake LockerDAL$7,100$11,700$7,40023.166.9270.52.30.5276.02.51.627.023.027.722.521.622.7
Matt CasselNE$5,200$9,200$6,40022.859.2280.42.00.9297.
Andy DaltonATL$7,500$13,050$7,80021.266.7248.91.70.7270.42.01.732.031.025.419.619.019.9
Andrew LuckPHI$8,400$15,250$9,20021.058.3297.41.41.4321.61.52.625.
Robert Griffin IIIJAX$7,300$12,950$7,80020.463.2285.51.61.0297.91.92.526.026.022.419.618.920.0
Peyton ManningKC$8,800$17,300$10,20020.458.0293.62.11.4302.
Joe FlaccoPIT$6,400$11,550$6,80020.256.4270.61.80.7285.91.82.719.017.018.716.015.416.3
Geno Smith@GB$6,200$10,300$6,90019.861.9255.42.00.9263.82.12.328.022.021.818.317.618.6
Shaun Hill@TB$5,000$7,500$4,50019.863.9246.71.91.7267.
Derek CarrHOU$5,300$9,850$5,50019.659.8242.42.00.4248.92.01.824.016.020.616.916.617.1
Drew Brees@CLE$8,300$16,150$9,40019.159.6228.92.11.1240.32.31.823.024.018.418.017.118.2
Nick Foles@IND$8,100$14,100$8,30019.062.0251.21.40.8269.91.72.313.014.017.316.615.717.0
Eli ManningARI$6,200$11,050$6,60018.857.2232.11.91.0251.
Alex Smith@DEN$6,300$4,000$6,70018.457.5225.81.80.5247.31.82.421.
Russell Wilson@SD$7,100$13,550$8,20017.365.3258.61.40.9270.41.41.731.
Aaron RodgersNYJ$7,900$15,200$9,10017.358.7268.91.41.1283.
Cam NewtonDET$7,700$12,600$8,60017.157.0238.91.40.6243.61.52.520.07.012.916.715.817.0
Josh McCownSTL$5,700$10,750$6,30016.868.5278.10.91.1285.61.13.515.
Chad Henne@WAS$6,000$9,300$6,00016.665.3231.41.61.0241.81.71.822.020.016.817.716.718.0
Ben Roethlisberger@BAL$7,300$12,950$7,80016.254.5231.91.61.3242.
Tony Romo@TEN$6,800$12,950$7,80015.762.9241.81.00.8252.91.11.816.05.013.813.913.114.2
Brian HoyerNO$5,000$9,950$5,80015.660.8187.81.30.3205.
Colin KaepernickCHI$7,900$13,350$8,40015.158.6215.21.61.0222.01.62.417.029.013.416.515.316.7
EJ ManuelMIA$6,000$10,750$6,80015.158.1239.20.91.1254.21.12.412.08.09.514.813.715.0
Matthew Stafford@CAR$8,300$15,600$9,30014.866.8237.41.21.2250.
Jay Cutler@SF$7,700$14,400$8,10014.560.9242.91.11.1250.81.12.610.02.09.614.613.514.7
Carson Palmer@NYG$7,300$13,150$6,90014.560.1220.50.91.3241.
Matt Ryan@CIN$8,100$14,350$8,90013.659.7208.91.41.6218.
Ryan Tannehill@BUF$6,500$11,800$6,50010.452.6173.31.01.4178.
Philip RiversSEA$6,200$12,450$8,1009.360.6173.81.11.9180.

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 11.53.44 PM









Sortable Matchup Machine Running Backs

Here you will find the matchup stats for each running back for the week.


RB1Shonn GreeneDAL3300740050002927.4144.45.31.13646.37.70.75283027.528.131.431.7
RB2Bishop SankeyDAL3000710059002927.4144.45.31.13646.37.70.75283027.528.131.431.7
RB3Dexter McClusterDAL3000450045002927.4144.45.31.13646.37.70.75283027.528.131.431.7
RB1Chris Johnson@GB590010050700023.228.3146.15.214.5639.78.70.1130292622.825.125.4
RB2Chris Ivory@GB48005750570023.228.3146.15.214.5639.78.70.1130292622.825.125.4
RB1Giovani BernardATL630011800780021.426.8131.14.90.894.7836.27.60.22262223.322.324.724.9
RB2Jeremy HillATL30006000490021.426.8131.14.90.894.7836.27.60.22262223.322.324.724.9
RB1DeMarco Murray@TEN750012150850022.624.396.241.336.6762.19.30.11251523.225.828.929.2
RB1Montee BallKC680011750810023.627.9124.84.50.885.2556.610.80.3815323.22123.423.5
RB1Arian Foster@OAK70001240083002425.9108.94.20.895.5656.110.10.67181823.223.826.526.7
RB2Lance Dunbar@TEN30005750470022.624.396.241.336.6762.19.30.11251523.225.828.929.2
RB2Ronnie HillmanKC30005350460023.627.9124.84.50.885.2556.610.80.3815323.22123.423.5
RB1Frank GoreCHI490010050740025.627.6172.76.31.333.22185.60323222.526.628.829
RB2Carlos HydeCHI33006100620025.627.6172.76.31.333.22185.60323222.526.628.829
RB1Adrian PetersonNE740013000880019.325.5114.54.50.634.8842.48.70.25271321.221.924.424.7
RB1Marshawn Lynch@SD720013600900018.921.1934.41.33534.76.90312820.419.521.922
RB2Robert Turbin@SD30004000450018.921.1934.41.33534.76.90312820.419.521.922
RB3Christine Michael@SD30004950460018.921.1934.41.33534.76.90312820.419.521.922
RB1Pierre Thomas@CLE52009850650016.525.11094.30.384.7547.810.10231719.521.223.924
RB2Mark Ingram@CLE45008600590016.525.11094.30.384.7547.810.10231719.521.223.924
RB3Khiry Robinson@CLE30005400470016.525.11094.30.384.7547.810.10231719.521.223.924
RB1LeSean McCoy@IND820014450920017.824.6107.94.40.784.2231.27.40.11222418.318.920.821
RB2Darren Sproles@IND51007900600017.824.6107.94.40.784.2231.27.40.11222418.318.920.821
RB1Doug MartinSTL5100985074002023.477.
RB3Mike JamesSTL3000400058002023.477.
RB1Maurice Jones-DrewHOU36008100560018.624.41154.70.564.2237.68.90.3312121821.223.123.3
RB2Darren McFaddenHOU30006000560018.624.41154.70.564.2237.68.90.3312121821.223.123.3
RB3Latavius MurrayHOU30004000450018.624.41154.70.564.2237.68.90.3312121821.223.123.3
RB4Marcel ReeceHOU30005650450018.624.41154.70.564.2237.68.90.3312121821.223.123.3
RB1Justin ForsettPIT50004000520017.121.794.64.414.4429.96.70.11212516.720.822.722.9
RB1Toby Gerhart@WAS50009750580018.723.
RB2Bernard PiercePIT36006650530017.121.794.64.414.4429.96.70.11212516.720.822.722.9
RB2Jordan Todman@WAS39006250450018.723.
RB1Andre Ellington@NYG580010550680018.823.589.33.80.756.6360.99.20.134516.620.423.523.7
RB1C.J. SpillerMIA600010050750015.326.6121.84.60.443.89246.20292116.621.924.324.4
RB1Lamar Miller@BUF46008800630019.626128.14.913.6320.55.70.1319616.619.921.821.9
RB2Jonathan Dwyer@NYG44006500540018.823.589.33.80.756.6360.99.20.134516.620.423.523.7
RB2Knowshon Moreno@BUF570010200700019.626128.14.913.6320.55.70.1319616.619.921.821.9
RB3Stepfan Taylor@NYG38004600490018.823.589.33.80.756.6360.99.20.134516.620.423.523.7
RB3Bryce BrownMIA30004000470015.326.6121.84.60.443.89246.20292116.621.924.324.4
RB3Fred JacksonMIA40007950570015.326.6121.84.60.443.89246.20292116.621.924.324.4
RB1Shane Vereen@MIN590011800680015.421.885.23.90.445.6746.68.20.22162315.823.82727.1
RB2Stevan Ridley@MIN37007000600015.421.885.23.90.445.6746.68.20.22162315.823.82727.1
RB3James White@MIN30005400450015.421.885.23.90.445.6746.68.20.22162315.823.82727.1
RB1Trent RichardsonPHI4600805064001723.881.83.40.754.634810.40.13111415.719.421.822.2
RB2Ahmad BradshawPHI4000645052001723.881.83.40.754.634810.40.13111415.719.421.822.2
RB1Alfred MorrisJAX520010600720014.625.989.43.50.635.528.45.20.13242715.222.424.825
RB2Roy HeluJAX30005200500014.625.989.43.50.635.528.45.20.13242715.222.424.825
RB1Jamaal Charles@DEN740014500910016.624.51004.10.884.8829.460.139213.821.623.924.2
RB2Knile Davis@DEN30004650450016.624.51004.10.884.8829.460.139213.821.623.924.2
RB1Le'Veon Bell@BAL760011600890016.32389.33.90.564.6736.97.90.3310812.817.719.920.1
RB2LeGarrette Blount@BAL30005650460016.32389.33.90.564.6736.97.90.3310812.817.719.920.1
RB1Ben TateNO46008200670013.820.992.24.40.563.7825.76.80.11202012.518.620.520.5
RB2Terrance WestNO48007800530013.820.992.24.40.563.7825.76.80.11202012.518.620.520.5
RB1Zac Stacy@TB550010000770012.924.398.340.334.1126.76.508261217.820.320.5
RB1Steven Jackson@CIN4100790067001220.877.
RB2Jacquizz Rodgers@CIN3000620048001220.877.
RB3Devonta Freeman@CIN3000625052001220.877.
RB1Reggie Bush@CAR600010000780010.718.878.
RB1Ryan MathewsSEA45008700680011.422.689.8406.3836.95.807410.11719.619.7
RB2Joique Bell@CAR53009700680010.718.878.
RB2Danny WoodheadSEA45008400570011.422.689.8406.3836.95.807410.11719.619.7
RB3Theo Riddick@CAR30004000450010.718.878.
RB3Donald BrownSEA33004900500011.422.689.8406.3836.95.807410.11719.619.7
RB1Eddie LacyNYJ600012200820013.52378.53.40.54358.80.13218.515.917.918
RB2James StarksNYJ45008600690013.52378.53.40.54358.80.13218.515.917.918
RB1DeAngelo WilliamsDET340073506000122080.840.382.8819.56.80.13516717.118.919
RB2Jonathan StewartDET300059504600122080.840.382.8819.56.80.13516717.118.919
RB3Mike TolbertDET300052004700122080.840.382.8819.56.80.13516717.118.919
RB1Matt Forte@SF80001470086001120.377.
RB2Shaun Draughn@SF3000400045001120.377.
RB1Rashad JenningsARI51001040067008.417.449.82.90.25425.86.40.1319414.316.716.8
RB2Andre WilliamsARI3200530050008.417.449.82.90.25425.86.40.1319414.316.716.8

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 11.57.08 PM







Sortable Matchup Machine Wide Receivers

Here you will find the matchup stats for each Wide Receiver for the week.


WR1Julian Edelman@MIN620010700640027.214.33202.914.21.33303129.1732.139.139.3
WR2Kenbrell Thompkins@MIN37004750450027.214.33202.914.21.33303129.1732.139.139.3
WR3Aaron Dobson@MIN30006800490027.214.33202.914.21.33303129.1732.139.139.3
WR4Danny Amendola@MIN36007050490027.214.33202.914.21.33303129.1732.139.139.3
WR5Brandon LaFell@MIN30004000450027.214.33202.914.21.33303129.1732.139.139.3
WR1Jordy NelsonNYJ660011900790025.513.5187.913.91.25182925.3332.438.838.8
WR1Eric Decker@GB53009750630025.412.44178.414.31.44281925.3331.136.836.8
WR2Randall CobbNYJ640011550760025.513.5187.913.91.25182925.3332.438.838.8
WR2Jeremy Kerley@GB31007000460025.412.44178.414.31.44281925.3331.136.836.8
WR3Jarrett BoykinNYJ30007650490025.513.5187.913.91.25182925.3332.438.838.8
WR3David Nelson@GB30004000450025.412.44178.414.31.44281925.3331.136.836.8
WR1Andre Johnson@OAK640011100710023.711.67164.214.11.44293224.3333.140.340.6
WR2DeAndre Hopkins@OAK48009550610023.711.67164.214.11.44293224.3333.140.340.6
WR1Pierre GarconJAX64001105069002412.75186.914.71.13262124.1728.433.733.7
WR2DeSean JacksonJAX5300990064002412.75186.914.71.13262124.1728.433.733.7
WR3Andre RobertsJAX3000475045002412.75186.914.71.13262124.1728.433.733.7
WR1Percy Harvin@SD640010700760022.212.89175.813.61313023.8333.941.241.3
WR2Doug Baldwin@SD34008050450022.212.89175.813.61313023.8333.941.241.3
WR3Jermaine Kearse@SD30005600450022.212.89175.813.61313023.8333.941.241.3
WR1Reggie WaynePHI53009850620022.814.13191.413.50.88252222.8339.648.148.1
WR2T.Y. HiltonPHI50009900640022.814.13191.413.50.88252222.8339.648.148.1
WR3Hakeem NicksPHI47007000580022.814.13191.413.50.88252222.8339.648.148.1
WR1Kelvin BenjaminDET590010250660025.411.5175.415.31.25201020.536.943.443.4
WR2Jerricho CotcheryDET30007150500025.411.5175.415.31.25201020.536.943.443.4
WR1Kendall WrightDAL580010600610021.412.13168.313.91272020.1731.638.338.6
WR2Nate WashingtonDAL34006300510021.412.13168.313.91272020.1731.638.338.6
WR3Justin HunterDAL43008650570021.412.13168.313.91272020.1731.638.338.6
WR1Torrey SmithPIT5000940059002313.1117713.51.11191419.8324.930.330.4
WR1A.J. GreenATL820013650850017.911.33160.414.20.78322619.833440.740.7
WR1Greg JenningsNE51009450570024.111.25172.515.31.25141619.8327.63333.2
WR2Steve SmithPIT5500875063002313.1117713.51.11191419.8324.930.330.4
WR2Mohamed SanuATL34005800470017.911.33160.414.20.78322619.833440.740.7
WR2Cordarrelle PattersonNE630010900710024.111.25172.515.31.25141619.8327.63333.2
WR3Marlon BrownPIT3000505045002313.1117713.51.11191419.8324.930.330.4
WR3Jarius WrightNE30004550450024.111.25172.515.31.25141619.8327.63333.2
WR1Demaryius ThomasKC700013800870024.513.25196.814.817719.3326.532.432.8
WR2Emmanuel SandersKC600011300690024.513.25196.814.817719.3326.532.432.8
WR4Cody LatimerKC30004000450024.513.25196.814.817719.3326.532.432.8
WR1Marques Colston@CLE540010200560022.113.13141.610.81.523231924.731.131.2
WR2Kenny Stills@CLE39008000480022.113.13141.610.81.523231924.731.131.2
WR3Brandin Cooks@CLE53009950630022.113.13141.610.81.523231924.731.131.2
WR1James JonesHOU40006750500021.612.33148.712.11.22242718.8322.326.626.6
WR2Rod StreaterHOU46008000510021.612.33148.712.11.22242718.8322.326.626.6
WR4Andre HolmesHOU30006750490021.612.33148.712.11.22242718.8322.326.626.6
WR1Kenny Britt@TB30007650450024.111.89161.113.61.44111818.53036.436.6
WR2Brian Quick@TB48006300520024.111.89161.113.61.44111818.53036.436.6
WR3Tavon Austin@TB37007500550024.111.89161.113.61.44111818.53036.436.6
WR1Jeremy Maclin@IND61009800630022.411.67170.714.61.11131518.3331.437.337.5
WR2Riley Cooper@IND40007800540022.411.67170.714.61.11131518.3331.437.337.5
WR3Jordan Matthews@IND33007150480022.411.67170.714.61.11131518.3331.437.337.5
WR1Vincent JacksonSTL500010650730018.113.25166.512.60.515251728.334.234.5
WR2Mike EvansSTL40008750600018.113.25166.512.60.515251728.334.234.5
WR3Robert HerronSTL30004000460018.113.25166.512.60.515251728.334.234.5
WR1Michael CrabtreeCHI51009800650021.410.78139.112.91.22172415.526.831.631.7
WR2Anquan BoldinCHI53009500640021.410.78139.112.91.22172415.526.831.631.7
WR1Dwayne Bowe@DEN45008300640019.611.38144.412.71.1321171530.83737.1
WR2Donnie Avery@DEN48006600500019.611.38144.412.71.1321171530.83737.1
WR1Cecil Shorts@WAS45008200590018.310.11132.613.10.89222814.8332.939.639.8
WR2Marqise Lee@WAS43007850540018.310.11132.613.10.89222814.8332.939.639.8
WR3Allen Hurns@WAS51008450570018.310.11132.613.10.89222814.8332.939.639.8
WR1Antonio Brown@BAL760013650830021.311.7816013.6191314.333036.236.3
WR2Markus Wheaton@BAL49009050510021.311.7816013.6191314.333036.236.3
WR3Lance Moore@BAL33006450480021.311.7816013.6191314.333036.236.3
WR2Alshon Jeffery@SF620012250760018.513.63168.512.40.51021324.530.330.5
WR3Brandon Marshall@SF800013250800018.513.63168.512.40.51021324.530.330.5
WR3Josh Morgan@SF30004000450018.513.63168.512.40.51021324.530.330.5
WR1Sammy WatkinsMIA3600925059001712.3315812.80.44121211.6721.527.527.6
WR2Mike WilliamsMIA3000615048001712.3315812.80.44121211.6721.527.527.6
WR3Robert WoodsMIA3500585052001712.3315812.80.44121211.6721.527.527.6
WR1Victor CruzARI600010200690017.612.25144.911.80.63538.8324.430.430.4
WR2Rueben RandleARI43008500550017.612.25144.911.80.63538.8324.430.430.4
WR3Jerrel JerniganARI33005400480017.612.25144.911.80.63538.8324.430.430.4
WR1Dez Bryant@TEN710013000820013.910.11121.912.10.441697.3317.522.322.4
WR2Terrance Williams@TEN47009800610013.910.11121.912.10.441697.3317.522.322.4
WR3Cole Beasley@TEN30006250450013.910.11121.912.10.441697.3317.522.322.4
WR2Donnie AveryTEN30005950450013.910.11121.912.10.441697.3317.522.3
WR1Dwayne BoweTEN49008700640013.910.11121.912.10.441697.3317.522.3
WR1Miles AustinNO300061504500148.78115.213.10.67687.172429.429.5
WR2Andrew HawkinsNO490078005200148.78115.213.10.67687.172429.429.5
WR1Calvin Johnson@CAR850014450920015.610.89141.3130.443672025.525.8
WR2Golden Tate@CAR52009900500015.610.89141.3130.443672025.525.8
WR1Vincent JacksonCAR590010700730015.610.89141.3130.443672025.5
WR1Larry Fitzgerald@NYG62009700690013.410.5118.911.30.388115.8327.333.433.4
WR1Julio Jones@CIN7500130008400189.75114.411.71.13445.8325.631.631.7
WR2Michael Floyd@NYG600010400660013.410.5118.911.30.388115.8327.333.433.4
WR2Roddy White@CIN6100110507200189.75114.411.71.13445.8325.631.631.7
WR3John Brown@NYG30005400450013.410.5118.911.30.388115.8327.333.433.4
WR3Harry Douglas@CIN410085005300189.75114.411.71.13445.8325.631.631.7
WR1Mike Wallace@BUF610010550620013.19.88116.611.80.38253.535.842.242.2
WR2Brian Hartline@BUF36008250450013.19.88116.611.80.38253.535.842.242.2
WR3Brandon Gibson@BUF30004000450013.19.88116.611.80.38253.535.842.242.2
WR1Keenan AllenSEA540010350720012.58.594.611.10.75112.6720.625.425.6
WR2Malcom FloydSEA34007750450012.58.594.611.10.75112.6720.625.425.6
WR3Eddie RoyalSEA30004800490012.58.594.611.10.75112.6720.625.425.6

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 12.28.48 AM






Sortable Matchup Machine Tight Ends

Here you will find the matchup stats for each Tight End for the week.


TE1Larry DonnellARI30004950450011.85.2559.811.41.132024.
TE1Jordan ReedJAX3100845054008.15.8868.911.70.3828241315.915.9
TE1Mychal RiveraHOU3000420045008.64.2258.613.90.563023.610.612.412.4
TE1Dennis PittaPIT5600920061008.85.1163.712.50.5614239.812.112.2
TE2Owen DanielsPIT3000410048008.85.1163.712.50.5614239.812.112.2
TE1Marcedes Lewis@WAS3200690045008.85.1165.412.80.442122.210.512.712.8
TE1Kyle RudolphNE3900835055008.85.6365.511.60.5132211.314.114.1
TE1Scott ChandlerMIA3000535053007.24.4459.913.50.332921.411.413.513.5
TE2Chris GraggMIA3000400045007.24.4459.913.50.332921.411.413.513.5
TE1Rob Gronkowski@MIN60001265079009.85.4459.310.90.78152112.41515.1
TE1Delanie WalkerDAL3700785050007.84.885611.50.5322112.415.215.2
TE2Tim Wright@MIN3000400045009.85.4459.310.90.78152112.41515.1
TE2Jermaine GreshamATL3000735045008.64.3352.212.10.67232010.812.913
TE1Dwayne AllenPHI4100745048007.44.635812.50.382419.29.311.711.8
TE2Coby FleenerPHI3000585054007.44.635812.50.382419.29.311.711.8
TE1Vernon DavisCHI5700870068007.64.1158.114.10.332718.811.41414.1
TE1Eric Ebron@CAR3100625054008.84.7854.911.50.671218.211.113.613.6
TE2Brandon Pettigrew@CAR3000445046008.84.7854.911.50.671218.211.113.613.6
TE3Joseph Fauria@CAR3000400045008.84.7854.911.50.671218.211.113.613.6
TE1Garrett Graham@OAK3000625048007.95.3359.411.10.4418189.71212.1
TE3Ryan Griffin@OAK3000400045007.95.3359.411.10.4418189.71212.1
TE1Anthony Fasano@DEN3400415047007.64.255212.20.51717.211.814.414.4
TE2Travis Kelce@DEN3000675046007.64.255212.20.51717.211.814.414.4
TE2Martellus Bennett@SF5600895061008.64.635411.70.63816.69.711.912
TE1Jason Witten@TEN3800900063007.3555110.442216.211.213.613.6
TE1Jared Cook@TB3500685056007.75.2258.911.30.441016.21113.413.4
TE2Gavin Escobar@TEN3000400045007.3555110.442216.211.213.613.6
TE1Jimmy Graham@CLE70001360080008.34.1343.610.60.7531169.912.112.2
TE1Jordan CameronNO3800995063007.65.1149.79.70.56713.89.411.711.7
TE1Jace Amaro@GB30004150450063.4442.312.30.442513.411.213.513.6
TE1Zach Ertz@IND4800855056005.94.6749.810.70.222613.
TE2Brent Celek@IND3000485045005.94.6749.810.70.222613.
TE1Zach MillerGB30005700450063.4442.312.30.442513.411.213.5
TE1Richard RodgersNYJ3000425045003.93.545.312.901912.810.813.313.3
TE1Zach Miller@SD3000590045006.84.1148.111.70.441111.
TE2Luke Willson@SD3000400045006.84.1148.111.70.441111.
TE1Levine Toilolo@CIN3000620045005.55.3845.18.40.25910.88.811.211.3
TE1Julius ThomasKC710012650810083.6340.311.10.7529.88.11010.1
TE1Charles Clay@BUF3200765053006.13.1336.111.60.548.68.710.510.5
TE1Heath Miller@BAL33007000520042.893512.10.22168.68.710.310.4
TE1Antonio GatesSEA3200815056006.64.2542.5100.538.69.812.212.2
TE2Ladarius GreenSEA3200860045006.64.2542.5100.538.69.812.212.2
TE1Greg OlsenDET5900995064003.64.88449057.48.811.511.5
TE1Rob Housler@NYG3000400046005.93.7540.810.90.3866.410.61313.1
TE1Austin Seferian-JenkinsSTL3000540048005.83.8843.611.30.2516.48.11010.1

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 12.28.22 AM






Sortable Matchup Machine Defenses

Here you will find the matchup stats for each Defense for the week.


Arizona Cardinals@NYG3300635053008.6401529683.3
Oakland RaidersHOU3000450045007.7429227108.9
Green Bay PackersNYJ3200530047007.1477226134.9
New England Patriots@MIN32005500510074413194130.1
Jacksonville Jaguars@WAS2500380046006.94115192134.4
Washington RedskinsJAX2900470045006.851621478.8
Pittsburgh Steelers@BAL3300435047006.748623583
Houston Texans@OAK3500675054006.64510203125.3
San Francisco 49ersCHI3200640057006.33010137114.4
Buffalo BillsMIA3000645049006.259719290
Indianapolis ColtsPHI2600450048006.2451192159.7
Miami Dolphins@BUF3000450050006.24812153144.2
New Orleans Saints@CLE3000510048006.150920386.4
Cincinnati BengalsATL3100590052006441117477.9
New York Jets@GB2800480047005.9459163133.5
Tampa Bay BuccaneersSTL3200665049005.63610115109.5
Carolina PanthersDET2900615056005.42415194112.3
Dallas Cowboys@TEN2400480046005.4379164118.4
Atlanta Falcons@CIN2700450046005.22910203109.7
Baltimore RavensPIT3200565047005.1431014286.5
New York GiantsARI2900450052005.141922196.3
St. Louis Rams@TB3300645048005.1479122100.8
Minnesota VikingsNE2700575053004.8399113129.1
San Diego ChargersSEA2800490049004.6441091136.8
Cleveland BrownsNO2600465047004.338712292.2
Philadelphia Eagles@IND2600610051004.3324102108.4
Seattle Seahawks@SD4100885054004.33010113122.6
Chicago Bears@SF2800355049004.1391080137.6
Kansas City Chiefs@DEN25004550490042016102117.2
Detroit Lions@CAR3100495046003.9436130126.1
Tennessee TitansDAL2900505052003.835812194.2
Denver BroncosKC3100620054003.640990128.6

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 12.48.38 AM










Sortable Matchup Machine Kickers


Here you will find the matchup stats for each Kicker for the week.


KickersOppFDFan PtsFGFGAFG %XP Made
Chandler Catanzaro@NYG48007.51.881.881.0001.88
Matt Bryant@CIN53006.91.631.880.8672
Justin TuckerPIT48007.21.561.780.8762.56
Dan CarpenterMIA48007.822.330.8581.78
Graham GanoDET52007.622.250.8891.63
Robbie Gould@SF46006.11.51.880.7981.63
Mike NugentATL52008.81.8920.9453.11
Billy CundiffNO45007.81.892.110.8962.11
Dan Bailey@TEN53009.92.442.780.8782.56
Brandon McManusKC50007.91.631.880.8673
Nate Freese@CAR45007.422.220.9011.44
Mason CrosbyNYJ50009.32.382.750.8652.13
Randy Bullock@OAK45009.71.891.891.0004
Adam VinatieriPHI50005.41.251.630.7671.63
Josh Scobee@WAS45007.71.441.670.8623.33
Cairo Santos@DEN46006.11.131.380.8192.75
Caleb Sturgis@BUF49008.122.130.9392.13
Blair WalshNE51006.31.131.380.8192.88
Stephen Gostkowski@MIN53007.91.671.890.8842.89
Shayne Graham@CLE47008.11.751.880.9312.88
Josh BrownARI47005.81.251.880.6652
Nick Folk@GB48009.11.892.220.8513.44
Sebastian JanikowskiHOU45008.92.112.560.8242.56
Cody Parkey@IND49006.11.111.670.6652.78
Shaun Suisham@BAL49006.71.441.560.9232.33
Nick NovakSEA51005.
Steven Hauschka@SD530061.111.440.7712.67
Phil DawsonCHI53007.81.441.670.8623.44
Greg Zuerlein@TB45008.21.891.891.0002.56
Patrick MurraySTL45005.311.50.6672.25
Ryan SuccopDAL50007.81.51.630.9203.25
Kai ForbathJAX45008.11.882.130.8832.5
Cairo Santos@DEN46006.11.131.380.8192.75

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 12.53.16 AM









Sortable Team Stats for the last three games and whole year:

Last 3RZ
Green Bay25.728393.2374.7132.9145260.3229.766.869.756.8%54.5%43.2%45.5%4.15.350.7%56.3%
Kansas City27.925347.6377.3129.8149.3217.822865.267.357.3%55.9%42.7%44.1%3.6359.7%77.8%
New England27.931382.8373.7131.3188.3251.6185.370.465.757.9%46.7%42.1%53.3%4.14.358.1%61.5%
New Orleans25.327.7401.6435.398.1130.3303.530567.666.762.8%54.0%37.2%46.0%3.5355.6%66.7%
NY Giants18.414.3307.524683.262.7224.2183.361.86261.4%62.4%38.6%37.6%2.21.747.2%20.0%
NY Jets18.121.3318.1364.3134.9173183.2191.363.868.751.7%47.1%48.3%52.9%2.6450.0%58.3%
San Diego24.423.7381.7327.3123.7149258178.364.859.353.3%47.2%46.7%52.8%3.73.751.5%54.5%
San Francisco24.721325.5334.7139.7151.3185.7183.360.260.747.8%49.5%52.2%50.5%3.53.753.0%36.4%
St. Louis21.819.7304.8245.7109.595.3195.3150.360.554.756.0%44.5%44.0%55.5%3.1351.0%33.3%
Tampa Bay1814.7277214.3100.857.7176.2156.761.35657.2%68.5%42.8%31.6%2.21.751.4%60.0%



Sortable Team Stats for the last three games and whole year:

Last 3RZ
Green Bay26.529.7372.8356.3127.5146.3245.321063.45757.1%51.5%42.9%48.5%3.64.359.0%69.2%
Kansas City20.631.7377.7436119140.3258.7295.766.769.760.5%57.4%39.5%42.6%2.5455.8%58.3%
New England21.422.7381.2428.7128.9115252.3313.769.76857.7%58.8%42.3%41.2%3.2451.7%33.3%
New Orleans19.521.3301.3274.3113.3109.7188164.758.758.358.0%57.1%42.0%42.9%2.92.756.6%62.5%
NY Giants23.916.3332.2311108.9124.3223.3186.768.17458.3%58.1%41.7%41.9%2.9354.3%44.4%
NY Jets24.216.7334.9323.788.2112.7246.721165.562.759.8%58.0%40.2%42.0%3.13.344.9%30.0%
San Diego21.219.3370.3378109.5129.7260.8248.361.672.760.7%56.0%39.3%44.0%2.93.361.5%70.0%
San Francisco17.117.7316.5304.798.3110.7218.219462.857.759.7%51.4%40.3%48.5%2.73.347.1%20.0%
St. Louis22.818.7345290.3102.977242.1213.363.466.356.6%60.3%43.4%39.7%3.8450.8%33.3%
Tampa Bay24.332.7348373.7110.1138237.9235.763.864.357.1%43.5%42.9%56.5%3.23.747.1%45.5%




A very simple, but good start to DFS research is to look at the over/unders and odds. Obviously you want your players in games where Vegas believes the game will be high scoring and on winning teams, while your defenses should come from games they believe will be low scoring.


Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 2.27.14 PM




FanDuel Scoring

DraftDay Scoring














Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 12.40.20 AM



Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 6.28.08 PM

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    i purchased using paypal, how do i see the cheatsheet?

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