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The 2015 season is finally upon us, and for most of us in 2QB leagues, important sit start decisions loom. With my 2QB rankings, I prefer to place my quarterbacks in tiers to help you decide what type of production you think your virtual signal callers are truly capable of. Week One is always difficult, as we are getting a first look at many remade offenses and defenses. I typically like to use a balance of historical trends and preseason evalutations.

This week, I’m planting my flag with Tyrod Taylor as a must start in 2QB leagues. Rushing quarterbacks have been known to burst onto the scene (Cam Newton, RGIII, Terrelle Pryor). Look for the Bills to run the ball plenty with Taylor in an effort to keep defenses honest as well as aid the rushing attack behind a below average offensive line. Taylor doesn’t have to light it up as a passer this week, he just needs to use those legs like has all preseason, as he rushed for 108 yards in three games. Taylor ripped off three runs of 20+ yards this preseason, demonstrating his ability to make big plays as well. The Colts have an average run defense at best, and if LeSean McCoy does indeed play, Taylor’s life will be that much easier. It probably won’t be a pretty journey, but Taylor can throw for at least 210 passing yards and rush for 40 yards. What I like most about Taylor this week, however, is his ceiling.

With that, here are my 2QB rankings for Week One:

Elite QB1 Production:

  1. Aaron Rodgers (@ CHI) – Last season, he threw for 617 yards and 10 (TEN!!!) TDs vs 0 interceptions against them.
  2. Tom Brady (vs PIT) – Remember the last season Tom Brady played with a grudge? Pittsburgh has looked putrid so far, and has the misfortune of feeling the wrath of Terrific Tom.
  3. Tony Romo (vs NYG) – Has historically roasted the Giants, particularly with Dez.
  4. Peyton Manning (vs BAL) – Peyton has a tendency to open the season with a bang since he’s arrived in Denver.


Solid QB1s:

  1. Andrew Luck (@ BUF) – Slight concern here that an aggressive defense will get to him, but the gameplan will flow through him.
  2. Ben Roethlisberger (@ NE) – New England’s defense will surely regress after losing both its starting corners, plus they will rely on his arm without Le’Veon Bell playing.
  3. Drew Brees (@ ARI) – A tough first test after losing some of his top weapons, but he will find a way to get it done.
  4. Ryan Tannehill (@ WAS) – Washington has improved some since last season, but the Dolphins have looked efficient and improved since last season.
  5. Matt Ryan (vs PHI) – A tougher matchup than one might think. The (lack of) offensive line will have a tough day against a blitz happy Eagles defense.
  6. Eli Manning (@ DAL) – With one of the highest over/under lines of the week, I like the chances of Eli producing similar to his pace vs the Cowboys as of late.


Fringe QB1s:

  1. Sam Bradford (@ ATL) – The Sam Bradford breakout party begins now.
  2. Philip Rivers (vs DET) – Detroit has lost a lot of its pass rush. I like Rivers as a sneaky bet to blow up this week.
  3. Matthew Stafford (@ SD) – About as meh of a matchup as it gets, but with a healthy Megatron, Stafford always has potential.


High End QB2s:

  1. Carson Palmer (vs NO) – Another game with shootout potential. He has weapons against a very highly suspect defense.
  2. Russell Wilson (@ STL) – Seattle should have to rely on Wilson the passer more than they’d like to against a very stout defensive front.
  3. Cam Newton (@ JAX) – Superman owners should take a wait and see approach from Cam before regaining complete confidence. No line and no weapons makes him hard to trust, even against the Jaguars.
  4. Tyrod Taylor (vs IND) – SHOCKER. If preseason usage is any indication, Taylor will rack up rushing yards, making him a very appealing option.
  5. Teddy Bridgewater (@ SF) – SF has had major losses on defense, and TB looked great this preseason. A better matchup than one might think.


Solid QB2s:

  1. Andy Dalton (@ OAK) – Start him with confidence, as his fantasy value relies on beating up bottom ranked defenses.
  2. Marcus Mariota (@ TB) – Something tells me Mariota will burst onto the NFL scene this week.
  3. Colin Kaepernick (vs MIN) – A potential trap here, but he’s always a threat to put up points with his legs.
  4. Jay Cutler (vs GB) – Kudos to Rich Hribar for this nugget: Cutler is 1-10 and sports a 57.1 completion % to go with an undesirable 14/21 TD-INT ratio.
  5. Ryan Fitzpatrick (vs CLE) – Could be one of week one’s most rewarding starts.


Low End QB2s:

  1. Joe Flacco (@ DEN) – I want to like Flacco, but right now he has limited weapons and figures to have to play catchup behind Peyton Manning.
  2. Jameis Winston (vs TEN) – Has had a shaky preseason, but Tennessee’s defense was one of fantasy’s most generous defenses to quarterbacks in 2014.
  3. Alex Smith (@ HOU) – He’ll hold down the fort, and might chip in with his legs as he runs for dear life.
  4. Blake Bortles (vs CAR) – Looks like a new man so far, but has a tough matchup out of the gate.


Dumpster Diving:

  1. Derek Carr (vs CIN) – Has some decent pass catchers, but Cincinnati will make life difficult with the return of Geno Atkins.
  2. Nick Foles (vs SEA) – The ultimate wild card, but don’t expect much this week.
  3. Brian Hoyer (vs KC) – After DeAndre Hopkins, Hoyer and the Texans offense have nothing going for it. I’d avoid at all costs.
  4. Kirk Cousins (vs MIA) – Maybe he puts together a decent game, maybe he’s the same trainwreck we saw in ’14 about to be chased by Ndamukong Suh.
  5. Josh McCown (@ NYJ) – I might take the zero before starting him. Seriously.

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  1. Rich K says:

    Dumpster diving with Derek Carr? I’ll take my chances with a guy who throws it 40+ times a week

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