Training Camp Notes: August 6th August 7, 2016  |  Ian Goldsmith

Ebron Egress

It has been one hell of a day for the Detroit Lions. In front of a home crowd at Ford Field for a “mock game”, third-year TE Eric Ebron was carted off the field in what was initially thought to be a pretty terrible Achilles injury. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport tweeted midday that Ebron had apparently contacted a couple of his teammates, mentioning that he was OK. Whether this means he’s escaped devastating injury or simply has a positive demeanor in the face of challenges is yet to be determined. Ebron had been going as a high-upside TE2 in early drafts. If he’s out for an extended period of time, or the year in a worst case scenario, then it will be interesting to see what the Lions do to pick up the slack in the offense. Brandon Pettigrew is expected back later this month, and undrafted free agent Cole Wick has been impressing, but it is unlikely that either will offer the upside that Ebron was. The winner could be Theo Riddick, whose continued involvement in the passing game should now be a near certainty.


Baltimore Bust?

I’ll be the first to tell you that going into camp I’ve been excited about Justin Forsett. No, he’s not some transcendent talent, but he’s a solid starter with skill in the passing game. The best part? He’s being drafted as a low-end RB3. This is a guy who was well on his way to roughly 1,000 yards and 50 catches before injury derailed his 2015 campaign. Tremendous value, right? Well…not so fast. It appears that Terrance West has been killing it at camp, outperforming Forsett and any other RB on the Ravens’ roster. While Forsett is likely to start still, West certainly is certainly making the situation more interesting that it had looked to be. Even so, I continue to think that Forsett’s current ADP is enticing as I don’t expect West to overtake JF.


Careful there, Coleman

IT’S TIME TO PANIC! Corey Coleman sat out of a scrimmage with a hamstring injury! Why, oh, why, Fantasy Gods? What has he ever done to you to make you take away his glory from fake footballers across the land?! Oh wait…he’s fine? It was just a precautionary measure? Dammit, stop playing with my emotions! Yes, Corey Coleman, former Baylor standout and fantasy darling du jour (my spell-check wanted me to spell that dew jour), does have a minor hamstring issue, but thankfully Hue Jackson is taking good care of his #1WR and giving him rest instead of pushing him this early on. In other Cleveland news, RGIII should be named the starter soon, this according to ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi. Who else is exited to see a Baylor to Baylor connection this year? It will be an even bigger Baylor party when Josh Gordon is back….I’m stoked. Griffin is looking good and will have some great options to throw to this season. Now, if he can only learn to throw the damn ball away… We can’t expect a repeat of his incredible rookie season this year, but I have a feeling that he’s going to finish much higher than his current ADP of 27. I’d be very happy to draft him in 2QB leagues right now.


Other Notes

The one and only Le’Veon Bell has declared himself 100% healthy. That’s great! Now, let’s see if he can play a full season. With the likely suspension, he will have only played a full season once in his four years in the league.

Kellen Winslow, yes, Kellen Winslow, is attempting a comeback. He apparently has a workout scheduled with the Packers. While I certainly wish him well, even if he does somehow make the team, he’s no threat to take away precious fake points from Jared Cook and Richard Rodgers.

Former Lions and Titans LB Stephen Tulloch is in talks to join Doug Pederson in Philadelphia. He’s not an IDP stud at this point in his career, but should prove effective in help bolstering the Eagles defense.

After being declared a missing person, Tre Mason was finally found safe at his mother’s home in Florida. Before he went missing, his family had been questioning his mental health. Let’s hope for his sake that his issues are something that can be resolved in the short term, rather than the symptoms of something like CTE.


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