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Jordy Nelson Likely Out For The Season

Jordy Nelson Likely Out For The Season


You more than likely already know if you’ve been on the internet or turned on a television in the last 24 hours, but if not I’m here to deliver the bad news; there’s a chance Jordy Nelson could miss the entirety of the 2015 season. The Packers’ star wide receiver went down with an apparent ACL tear in the preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers before jogging off the field under his own power. Whether or not Jordy misses all of the regular season or not, his absence from the field will alter the fantasy production of many of his teammates. Aaron Rodgers threw the ball to his no. 1 WR 151 times in 2014; the 4th highest target total in all of football. Jordy caught 98 of those balls for 1,519 yards and 13 scores. Those balls will have to go somewhere and they can’t all go to Randall Cobb.

Davante Adams would be the immediate beneficiary of an extended stretch without Nelson and his 28 redzone targets. Adams managed 38 receptions and 3 TDs in his rookie campaign, the 6’-3” framed receiver will more than likely gobble up a lot of those RZ targets as Cobb – at 5’-10” – doesn’t have the size needed to consistently beat out the big bodied defenders in the short part of the field.

Richard Rodgers could vulture some of those short TDs as well. It will still probably be difficult to draft a Packers tight end but they can be looked at for streaming and DFS options a little more often.



Marcus Mariota didn’t look half bad Sunday night, even without an impressive stat line. The rookie was allowed three drives in which he completed 5 of his 8 pass attempts for 59 yards. If not for a Dexter McCluster drop, one of those attempts would have been a short touchdown. He showed off some of his wheels scrambling around to set up boot legs and play actions. Granted, a quarter and a half of preseason play doesn’t exactly guarantee that he is a polished NFL starter but it was nice to seem him out there minimalizing mistakes. If he can continue to hang onto the ball and make smart plays he should be a decent bye week option during the real season.



Roddy White is set to have elbow surgery this morning to remove “loose bodies” which were causing swelling.  The 33 year-old should be ready for the regular season opener but this elbow problem doesn’t help out his fantasy value all too much, as he just had a knee drained two months ago after fighting with the joint the entirety of the 2014 season. He’s currently looking like a risky WR2. Atlanta let Harry Douglas go to Tennessee but that shouldn’t help the old man’s output either as big speedy Leonard Hankerson should actually be an upgrade.



In news that is sure to shake the very foundation that fantasy football is built upon, Brian Hoyer has beat out Ryan Mallett as starting quarterback for the Houston Texans. The tiebreaker here simply had to have been experience, as Hoyer has six NFL seasons under his belt, including 4,557 yards, 19 touchdowns and 19 interceptions. In other words; one Matt Stafford season. The vet who managed 8 interceptions in a 4-game stretch last season will have to do a whole lot to lose the job to Mallett, but he won’t have a lot of help outside of DeAndre Hopkins to do so with Arian Foster sidelined for the first half of the year. The biggest fantasy impact here will be on Hopkins himself, who should see a small uptick in chances with Brian Hoeyer under center.



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