Training Camp Notes: August 24th August 25, 2016  |  Ian Goldsmith

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John Brown Experiencing Headaches

To say concussions are dangerous would be to vastly undermine the negative effects that they can have. So, whenever we see one happen, or think that there even might be a chance of one happening, then we need to take it seriously. The Cardinals are doing just that with their star receiver John Brown. The third year receiver, who broke out last year with a 65/1,003/7 line, sat out practice on Wednesday with a headache. On its own, that might not be too much cause for concern. However, Brown had sat out for a few weeks with a concussion and had only received clearance to practice this past Sunday. Health should be the #1 focus for him and the Cards. There is no need for him to risk it, no matter what part of the season it is. Football is just a game, after all.


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Gronk Returns

I hope you didn’t freak out when Rob Gronkowski was on the sidelines. He was back in action on Wednesday, participating in practice. It seems that his injury was, indeed, minor and not just a Belichickian move. At this point in his career, he knows who he is; the Pats know who he is; every fantasy football fan knows who he is. There is no reason to risk the health of the second best tight end to ever play the position (Tony G. is in a class of his own), especially with the regular season only a couple of weeks away. Draft him in the first round where he belongs.


Sproles the Receiver

Could Darren Sproles get back up to the 70+ catch range this year? It certainly seems plausible. Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer expects “Darren Sproles to be featured in the passing game this season.” What does that mean exactly? His best season as a receiver came back in 2011 for the Saints, when he caught 86 passes for 710 yards. People seem to overlook him, for whatever reason, but he still has a ton left in the tank. He doesn’t have the wear and tear of a RB his age, and has played in at least 13 games every year since 2007. He caught 55 balls last season, which was enough to get him into mid-range RB3 territory in PPR leagues. He’s currently being drafted as a low-end RB4. He hasn’t finished outside of the top30 RBs in PPR leagues since 2008. If Berman’s expectations are correct, that streak may not end this year.


Other Notes

Jeremy Langford was back at practice on Wednesday, after having sat out since last week’s preseason game.

Football Outsiders’ Scot Kacsmar thinks that Titans rookie WR Tajae Sharpe is in the perfect situation to excel as a rookie.

Norv Turner does not think that Adrian Peterson is slowing down, despite being over the dreaded 30.

Roberto Aguayo is proving by the day why you don’t draft a kicker in the 2nd round. (Except you, Ken…you go right ahead and draft Gostkowski in the first few rounds like you always do, and ruin the rest of your fantasy team. Muahahaha!)

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