Training Camp Notes: August 23rd August 24, 2016  |  Justin Edwards

As I sit here eating whatever the hell a Taste Rite is and drinking a PBR in good ol’ Denver, this batch of Training Camp  Notes will be very Broncos-centric.


No News is Good News

And unluckily for the Broncos, they are receiving bad news at the QB position day in and day out. As Mr. Goldsmith pointed out yesterday Mark Sanchez is performing poorly enough to possibly shoot down all the way down to no.3 on the depth chart. Trevor Siemian has a sore shoulder, being relegated to taking snaps only in running plays during practice Tuesday. This could continue the roller coaster that is Sanchez’ standing on the depth chart, or maybe we’ll get a better view of what rookie Paxton Lynch has to offer, because why the hell not? As it stands now Siemian is getting the start for the 3rd preseason game but that could change by the weekend if he can’t throw a ball without being in discomfort. We will see Lynch sooner rather than later, Elway is not going to watch his first round pick rot behind these two guys.


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Darrion the field, Darri-in the starting lineup

Darrion Weems went undrafted in 2012 and has appeared in only one game in his career yet he’s likely to start for the defending champions’ Week 1 opener as the right guard. It’s not a good look for Ty Sambrailo who missed 13 games last season when he was forced to have surgery on his left shoulder. Now that he’s been moved to right guard, he’s not on the field to fight off the journeyman Weems or the rookie Connor McGovern. This might be a situation to watch as the season begins, it won’t invoke a lot of confidence if they have to rotate their offensive line around.


Ware you at?

Veteran pass rusher DeMarcus Ware has been inactive throughout the entire offseason, nursing a back injury. “He’s right on schedule to get to Carolina, which is where we’re trying to go. You’ll see him do a little more each day.” Says head coach Gary Kubiak.  Although he is unlikely to be on the field on all of the defensive snaps, he will offer some added pressure to what is possibly the best defense in the league. In his two seasons with Denver DeMarcus has 17.5 sacks through 27 games. We should be able to expect just that kind of statistical output again this year from a healthy mauler.



John Elway Stadium

Mile High Stadium’s naming rights no longer belong to Sports Authority. The Broncos organization will have the ability to change the name whenever they feel, and it will require weeks to change the name on the stadium and all of the markings around the inside of the building. I pitched “Justin Edwards Stadium” but I don’t think they’re accepting offers for $0. I realize this isn’t fantasy news but I just toured the stadium so deal with it.


DT responds to Norman

I’ll leave you with this. I hope all of your weeks are going wonderfully, I’m gonna go head on another brewery tour!

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