Training Camp Notes: August 11th August 12, 2016  |  Justin Edwards

Malcolm Mitchell 

I’ll spare you the visual, but Patriots’ rookie wide receiver had a pretty graphic injury in their first preseason game last night. After catching four passes for 55 yards he was dragged down and landed oddly on his arm, twisting his left elbow and ultimately dislocating it. Despite the disturbing visual Malcolm is expected to only miss four weeks, possibly returning soon enough to suit up for the regular season opener. In an offense and a playbook that are notoriously difficult to master, this could end up being a big blow to the rookie getting consistent playing time in the early parts of the season.


Ladarius Green

In one of the more surprising and possibly depressing stories of recent memory, Ladarius Green may not be putting on a football uniform this year – let alone a Steelers jersey. Going against reports that it has been his ankle surgery that has kept him sidelined all offseason, Aditi Kinkhabwala of NFL Media says it could be something more serious; recurring headaches, likely linked to two concussions the former Charger suffered last September. After missing a game in each of the last two seasons due to concussion issues, this is not a good sign for the long term health of Ladarius. If the Steelers can prove that he was having these same symptoms when he signed his four-year, $20M contract, they will be able to theoretically get their $4.75 million signing bonus back. For a team missing it’s best field stretcher for the year, it’s running back for the first four games and features a quarterback who has missed time in five of the last seven years, that money might be the least of their concerns.



Dez “Rodney Dangerfield” Bryant

“I love Antonio Brown. I love Julio Jones. I love Odell Beckham. I put myself up there with those guys as well.” Said Bryan himself in an interview with Michael Irvin for the NFL Network. A co-host of the Candidly Cowboys podcast was on-site to relate the information to those of us who weren’t on the field. Apparently the Cowboys wideout felt dejected after watching the latest NFL 100 list in which he was ranked no. 51, the 9th “best” wide receiver. He’ll hopefully just use this as fuel and talk and catch his way back into greatness. Greatness like the 2012, ’13 and ’14 seasons when he finished as fantasy’s 4th, 7th and 4th best PPR WR, respectively.  The Cowboys look set to move the ball on the ground as often as possible this season but when (a healthy) Tony Romo is forced to throw the ball Bryant will be the beneficiary, especially in the red zone where he caught the ball 8 times in 2014 for EIGHT BLEEPING TOUCHDOWNS. That’s a pretty good conversion rate.


Kenny Ring My Bell

Not a good first showing by the “redshirt” rookie last night. After fumbling the opening kickoff, he went on to catch zero balls and get called for offensive pass interference. He was replaced on returns by Donteea Dye – a player he is battling for a roster spot, and new Tampa Bay coach Dirk Koetter called the special teams the worst he’s ever seen. He’s got three more games to step it up, beginning next Saturday at Jacksonville.

If you’re looking to have a little more rooting interest in these preseason games, make sure to go check out our primer for tonight’s action!


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