Titus Young Has A Senior Moment January 27, 2013  |  Chet

Good day all you fake footballers and ships at sea. I’ve got some footbally news just below here so read it and then forward it to ten of your friends and ask them to forward it to ten of their friends or they may contract some rare disease most likely originating from Rob Gronkowski.

Titus Young Sr. — Mr. Young Senior has some real problems filtering what happens in his brain from becoming manifested in his actions. He sabotaged plays last season and was benched and now in the offseason has taken to Twitter to say he’s not selfish, but he won’t play unless he get’s the ball. He probably should Google the word “selfish” and a few others like “fool,” “moron,” “idiot,” and well, you get the point. He for some reason thinks he deserves something he has yet to earn, but until he earns playing time and the ball by actually becoming a team player, we might as well forget about him, just like the Lions will.

Jahvid Best — It’s sad to see, but it looks like Best’s career as an NFL player is over. Doctors aren’t going to clear him to play and even though this is tough for him, at least the NFL is getting something right here. It probably wasn’t that long ago he would have been allowed to return to the game as soon as he showed the physical attributes to play at a high level. I wonder what Best would give to have the chance Titus Young is just throwing in the gutter?

C.J. Spiller — The Bills running backs’ coach says, “We could do two-back, we could be one back. We could be single back, we could be shotgun. It’s a multiple set” when talking about using Spiller and Fred Jackson moving forward. This news isn’t surprising in the least and even though Spiller puts up crazy numbers every time he touches the ball, it’s time to come to terms with the fact that he is not going to get much more than 15-20 looks a game. He’s just not a 30 look guy and will be hard pressed to live up to top-five running back predictions, even though his ceiling is there.

Jimmy Graham — The Reverend recently underwent wrist surgery, an injury that looks like it was one of the reasons for his down year. He’s still young and there’s no reason to think he won’t heal quickly and be ready for a big 2013. Tight end ADP will be interesting to see for next season after a really down year for the position in 2012.  With the “depth” at the position not materializing, I’ll be ready to invest a top pick in the GronGrahmski’s.

Rashard Mendenhall — It looks unlikely that Mendenhall will be a Steeler next season. The Steelers’ backfield was so full of medocrity last year that Mendenhall still looked like their best back when not injured, but that isn’t saying too much. He has proven to be one of the Steelers poorest draft picks and will need to really show something with another team before I’d get excited about him.

Cecil Shorts — He has been cleared to return to football activities after being placed on IR after his second concussion of 2012. His ability was apparent on a poor Jaguars offense last season, but the lack of a competent quarterback and his concussion problems are concerning. Thankfully Justin Blackmon also stepped up in a bad situation and took some defensive heat off Shorts in the second half of last year, so there is some hope they can help each other, even with middling quarterback play.

Terrelle Pryor — It looks like Pryor will get to compete for the starting quarterback position this offseason. Carson Palmer will most likely win the competition, but with the success other running quarterbacks have shown recently, especially in fantasy, he’s very much worth keeping an eye on.

Darren McFadden — The Raiders played against McFadden’s strengths last season, but at least look like they’ll scheme for his strengths this season, according to head coach Dennis Allen. After the Raiders running backs rushed for a total of two touchdowns last year, that seems like a smart move.

Tony Romo — Here is a bit of a non-story, but Jerry Jones said he’s still all aboard the Romo train. This is good news because the only thing keeping Romo from being a top-10 fantasy quarterback is not being on the field.

Michael Turner — It looks like Michael “Jerome Bettis” Turner will most likely be on another team next season scoring touchdowns and racking up 3 yards and a cloud of falling down. That would be good news for Jacquizz Rodgers if he hadn’t sucked pretty hard most of the season. The Falcons will be on the lookout for another fat-butted-back.

Pierre Garcon — Garcon is weighing the pros and cons for surgery versus rest for the torn ligaments in his foot. RG III loves the guy and unless they grab a receiver in the offseason, he will once again be the #1 target, so his health is the biggest concern going forward.

Greg Jennings — It looks like Jennings is done as a Packer. There will be plenty of speculation as to where he’ll go, with the Dolphins topping that rumor mountain right now. The Packers shouldn’t lose too much with Jordy Nelson, James Jones and Randall Cobb sticking around.

Chip Kelly — After hiring the creative offensive minded coach, the potential is going to be high for the Eagles skill position players. Of course the floor will also be pretty low with a new coach and system. I’m going to try to take the middle road on the Eagles players going into next season.

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