Tight End Strength of Schedule 2013 July 30, 2013  |  Chet

I’m going to try the impossible here and give you a strength of schedule for Tight Ends this season.

Below here we have how each team’s pass defense ranked in six categories and then I average those ranks to come up with an overall ranking that I then place down in the schedule below here. So there you go.

So far we have QB SOS, WR SOS and RB SOS, check them out.



Vernon Davis: I am cuckoo for cocoa puffs over Davis this season and this schedule isn’t dampening my cuckooness at the moment. With Michael Crabtree gone, Davis coming off a great postseason, and him lining up as a wide receiver in OTAs, it’s hard not to like him a ton this year.

Jermaine Gresham/Tyler Eifert: The Bengals tight end situation is a little up in the air right now and that’s scary with a tough schedule this season. Gresham should still be a good red zone target this year, but Eifert will take some looks from him. I’ll be avoiding this situation.

Greg Olsen: The Panthers have two good targets in Steve Smith and Greg Olsen and with Dennis Pitta and Aaron Hernandez no longer available to the fantasy football world this season Olsen moves up the list as one of the few tight ends with 100+ targets and a proven track record. Add a nice strength of schedule and you have something.

Jimmy Graham: The Saints strength of schedule is fairly difficult for QBs and WRs, but it’s looking good for tight ends and the best one plays for them. It doesn’t take much to want to have Graham on your team, but this is a nice little bonus.


And here’s a look at the grid with the names of the actual teams for reference:

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