Week 4 Recap: The Marquee Quarterbacks Are Alive! October 1, 2012  |  Jeff

Week 4 is just about wrapped up, and Sunday’s action saw a few things actually go right for fantasy owners, particularly at the quarterback position. The list of week 4’s highest scoring fantasy QB’s reads: Brady, Newton, Brees, and Rodgers. The start of the 2012 season hasn’t gone precisely as planned, but at least the big money quarterbacks showed up to the week 4 party ready to play (Matt Stafford’s invitation must have been lost in the mail). The most noteworthy of Sunday’s performances are below, headlined by, yes, a Dolphin!


Brian Hartline: Aaaaaaaand week 4’s leading fantasy wide receiver, ladies and gentlemen, was Brian Hartline. The Tannie Man (do people call him that? No?) was looking for his favorite receiver often as Hartline’s 19 targets turned into 12 catches for 253 yards and a touchdown. The tricky part with Hartline is the consistency of Miami’s offense. Hartline now has alternated great games and clunkers through 4 weeks and will remain a worthwhile but semi-risky PPR play.

Marques Colston: Colston seemed to be completely over his foot troubles on Sunday, as he dominated the Pack for 9 catches, 153 yards and a score. If Colston is indeed finally 100%, his reception volume should stay at this level as he, Moore, and Graham split up Brees’ 50 weekly passes.

Roddy White: Roddy went over 100 yards for the 2nd time in 2012 and caught his 2nd and 3rd touchdowns of the season. White was the recipient of 12 Matt Ryan targets, the two most noteworthy of which were the 49 yard strike for his first score and the bomb from the Atlanta end zone that led to the Falcon’s winning field goal. Despite the world waiting for Julio Jones to bloom into Megatron, Roddy is still the man in Atlanta.

Leonard Hankerson: After being named a starter at WR for the ‘Skins, Hankerson turned in a nice effort on Sunday catching 7 passes for 57 yards. Most importantly, Hankerson was targeted 11 times by Mr. RGIII, and seems to be developing into a solid target. If he is still marinating on your waiver wire, put an end to that.

Julio Jones: Julio pulled a disappearing act this week, registering 1 catch for 30 yards. Don’t get too crazy about this one, as Julio was still targeted 8 times, and was a toe nail away from hauling in a big gainer from Ryan that would have salvaged his day. Roddy isn’t going away, but Atlanta has some nice matchups coming up so keep rolling Jones out with confidence.

Rob Gronkowski: The Gronk bounced back nicely from his week 3 stinkfest with 104 yards and a touchdown. The big doofus is still awesome, do not fret.

Scott Chandler: Playing the role of “surprise tight end of the week” was Buffalo’s Scott Chandler. Chandler did what he does best, making sure 2 of his 4 catches went for touchdowns. The Bills TE is now the proud owner of 12 catches and 4 touchdowns in 2012, and makes a decent but very risky bye week fill in.

Jake Locker: After Locker enjoyed a huge week 3, he was knocked out of week 4’s contest with another shoulder injury. Locker will have an MRI on Monday, so stay tuned for details. The Titans now turn to Matt Hasselbeck (author of 2 pick-six’s on Sunday) as they travel to Minnesota.

Michael Turner: Just when you thought you could stick a fork in the burner’s enormous backside, he produces a game like this, highlighted by a 60 yard touchdown RECEPTION. Yes, Turner and reception together in one sentence. In 4 seasons in Atlanta, Turner’s season receiving yardage totals have been 41, 35, 85 and 168…and the guy busts out a 60 yarder. Makes perfect sense. Turner looked decent enough for the 2nd straight week but I would be looking to trade him while others forget that his 13 carries for 46 yard games aren’t so fun.

Stevan Ridley/Brandon Bolden: Ridley had a monster game as he racked up his 2nd 100+ yard rushing performance this season, but what sticks out of this box score is the 16 carry 137 yard performance by Brandon Bolden. This situation smells an awful lot like “Everybody runs and picks up Bolden and he has 5 carries for 11 yards in week 5.” Either way, he’s worth a snag if you’ve got space. Just don’t expect the Pats to forget about Ridley.

Chris Johnson: Perfectly timed with his universal fantasy benching, Chris Johnson erupted for 141 yards rushing against the stout Texans defense. Whether it was the weather, the calming influence of Matt Hasselbeck’s bald dome, or pure hatred for his fantasy owners that tossed him to the bench, CJ was back for a brief moment in time. Back-to-back rough matchups await the Titans in weeks 5 and 6, so let’s just see what Chris Johnson does for an encore.

Ryan Mathews: Mathews was locked into an evenly divided committee in week 4, which was baffling to the fantasy universe. How the Chargers decided that Jackie Battle and his 2.6 yards per carry was deserving of 19 touches is ridiculous, even if Mathews has a penchant for fumbling. After the game, Norv admitted that Mathews still has his trust, so hopefully this is just a minor speed bump. San Diego gets New Orleans in week 5, which means mucho points are on the horizon as long as this Battle character keeps his grubby mitts of Mathews’ touches.

Darren McFadden: DMC gave his best Chris Johnson impersonation this week, taking 13 carries and turning them into a robust 34 yards. The Raiders were getting smoked by Denver in this one, so the Raiders seemed to scrap the run game. The Oakland offense is not good (to be polite) so we may have to sit through a few of these type of games, but please don’t give up on McFadden yet.

Cam Newton: Cam was the fantasy beast we all know and love in week 4, throwing 2 touchdowns and adding a beefy 86 yards and yet another score on the ground. Carolina has a tough defensive slate ahead (SEA, DAL, CHI), but Cam will continue to do his thing. This is why we drafted him…enjoy!

Aaron Rodgers: In the least surprising fantasy breakout in human history, Rodgers dumped 319 yards and 4 touchdowns on the Saint’s horrendous defense. If you traded Rodgers after his slow start, you need to do a discount double-check on your brain because you got hosed. Rodgers has Indy up next, you know what that means.


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  1. LakerSteve says:

    Jeff, need a QB to replace Romo this week. 6pt TDs, bonuses for yardage at 250 (2), 300 (4), 350 (6).
    – Ponder at home vs TEN
    – Dalton at home vs MIA (my favorite)
    – Hasselbeck at MIN
    – Fitz at SF
    – Kolb at STL

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Trade frustrations says:

    Trying to make a trade with this guy but i feel like hes trying to get over on me a bit 12 team 1pt ppr

    QB- Brady
    WR- Fitz, Green, S.Smith(car), Britt
    RB -J-Stew, M.Bush, K.Hunter, B.Powell, K.Smith
    TE- Rudolph, Hernandez

    His Team
    QB- Vick
    WR- D-Jax, Austin, L.Moore, Lafell
    RB – Charles, Matthews, leshoure, Almo, R. Williams
    TE – Gresham

    My original offer Fitz + Smith for morris, matthews and d-jax (started high) his counter Morris, Williams, Austin for Green+hernandez….I need to RB’s bad but i feel like im giving up 2 ELITE(hernandez when healthy) players and getting back 2 question marks in morris and williams and an injury risk in austin…..i just cant rationalize this maybe im over valuing green too much but i think hes going to compete for #1 scoring WR in PPR leagues am I crazy? any ideas?

    • Trade frustrations says:

      also tried fitz straight up for charles no dice he wanted green straight up for charles…but take away charles outburst against the high school run defense known as the saints he hasnt put up crazy numbers he looked good against SD but SD was up big and took their foot off the gas on defense a little…again putting too much value in green?

    • Jeff says:

      I don’t think you’re overvaluing Green, he is awesome. You’re in a tough spot obviously because of your lack of RBs. Maybe try the Morris/Williams/Austin deal but sub in S. Smith for Green along with Hernandez.

    • Trade Frustrations says:

      ok so im not crazy lol what about morris/williams/l.moore for smith and hernandez? or morris/williams/austin for fitz? I know he wont go for the morris/williams/austin for smith + hernandez he is valuing morris and williams as high end RB1s

    • Jeff says:

      First of all, tell him he is crazy if he values R. Williams as an RB1. I don’t think the Morris/Williams/Moore for Smith Hernandez is too bad.

    • Trade frustrations says:

      thanks for your help/opinions! its appreciated…his target is green no matter what so im thinking green+hernandez for charles/morris/and either austin,d-jax or moore…that sounds like a fair deal in my opinion

  3. unit says:

    my rbs: cj and jamaal
    wrs: marshall, harvin, antonio brown

    if i could give up one of the top 2 wrs for mathews who would you say to keep? basically marshall or harvin ROS? also would it be a better deal to trade both antonio and donald brown for mathews instead? thanks

  4. iMP says:

    Does Hank need Garcon to stay down in order to maintain his productivity? I’m really stuck for WRs this week (both Jennings and Nicks are marinating on my bench ) and I am tempted to seek some relief by dropping D.Moore (on bye) for Hank. Unfortunately I have a short bench and need a backup QB this week, so I don’t like the idea of dropping anybody else on my squad. Would you consider this or is this too much of a longrun downgrade to be worth it? *PPR league

    • Jeff says:

      It looks like Hankerson should continue to produce, even when Garcon is back at 100%. Garcon played some this week and Hank still racked up a nice target total. I don’t think dropping Moore for him is crazy.

  5. Dan says:

    Standard scoring
    Give up McCoy, Rivers and Jaquizz
    Get Brady Matthews Tate and Daniel Thomas


  6. AreWhyA_In says:

    Need MNF help this evening down 40 points and have Romo starting at QB. Not i deal I know. and I have a flex position that I could fill with either M. Bush, Forte, Dez Bryant, or Witten. Who should I start??? bonus for 100 yds rushing or recv.

    • Jeff says:

      I think you need to put all your eggs in the Romo basket in order to try to make up that deficit. Play Dez and hope that Romo hits him early and often.

  7. trick dad says:

    ROS lynch or mathews?

  8. matt says:

    Hi, nice rundown. Hoping for some advice…im in a 10 team 2RB, 3WR,flex (wr/rb/te) .5ppr – 15 weeks no playoffs

    QB: Cam
    TE: Bennett, Hernandez
    RB: T-Rich, D.Martin, R.Williams, P.Thomas, P.Hillis
    WR: Megatron, Maclin, Amendola, S.Rice, L.Hankerson, J.Simpson, R.Barden
    also, would you drop Hillis

    Have an offer of: Roddy White, V.Davis, M.Ingram for D.Martin, D.Amendola, and M.Bennett? Seems like a fair offer and Id get the best player in the offer in White, right? I know that Im lacking RB depth, but would it be worth the move anyway? and then trade hernandez for RB when he returns?

    What are your thoughts on the offer? Thanks

    • Jeff says:

      I think the offer is ok. You’re going to lose some punch at RB, but hopefully Williams can step in and fill that spot for you. Like you said, Once AHern is back, you could look to deal one of your TE for more help at RB. I would lean toward pulling the trigger.

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