The Faked Goods: Fantasy Football Podcast #48 July 24, 2015  |  Chet

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The Faked Goods is back!!  Rich and Chad talk about #SFB360, a new dynasty listeners league, Rich’s Fantasy Outlooks and plays some more This or That: Camp Battles.

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38 Responses

  1. Scott M says:

    Would love to get a spot in the Faked Goods league. Awesome podcast hosted by a couple knowledgeable and hilarious dudes. On Twitter @BellCowBack

  2. Neil Harrison says:

    Please Please Please can I join your league?? I’d love to be the token Brit that you all feel you can take for a ride (but you can’t!).

  3. Tyler Buecher says:

    I’d love to join if you’re still looking. No Seantavius Jones compromises here!


  4. Jon Manalo says:

    Hey Guys. Great podcast, great episode, and great idea. Been listening for awhile and would love to join the league. @manalojo3

  5. Justin says:

    So glad you guys are back! Love the podcast, you have helped me win the last 2 years in my dynasty leagues. Would love the opportunity to be in the listeners dynasty league.

  6. Nathan Fireborn says:

    I was the first to review on iTunes last year! I have new meaning in my life with the prospect of joining you in the listeners league!

  7. Luke Selover says:

    Twitter is @lukeselover

    Would love to a dynasty league with you guys. Also left a review on your iTunes page just waiting for it to be submitted by Apple!

  8. Jeff says:

    Interested in the league…Thanks in advance, JC

  9. Andrew Harrington says:

    Sounds like fun. I love the flex heavy format. Also, I won’t go all Meek Mill on anyone for having a ghost drafter on retainer.

  10. Daren Denker says:

    Would love to get in the league

  11. Dan says:

    Very interested in the league. Been following along on Twitter as well. (@DanSainio) Thanks!

  12. Jody says:

    If you got a spot, I’m interested.

  13. Tarik says:


    Tariksalim88 is Twitter

  14. Tarik says:

    Ooh pick me pick me…lol

    Seriously big fan of show and your analysis and would to be in the league

  15. Ken says:

    Damn. Popular idea here, Rich/Chad. Yeah, definitely interested in joining this league or, at least being considered for it. Fan of the site, pod; used to participate in Chet’s old TFF Readers Redraft leagues on Yahoo til I moved to Dynasty full-time a few seasons back. Experienced player in four current $ Dynasty leagues and then also serving as Commissioner for a $ Dynasty league of my own. So, yeah, thanks, men.


  16. Buzz says:

    Hey, very interested in the league .

  17. RGK says:

    Please include me in the league. #another championship for me.

  18. kevin says:

    just listened to the podcast. I live in Houston. Jalen Strong came in fat and overweight drawing the ire of O’Brien. He couldnt get separation against anyone. He was listed as WR5 after OTAs, and on the bubble unless he would play special teams

  19. dave says:

    I’m in on that


  20. @Iakovosbond says:

    Long time fantasy footballer, been looking for my first dynasty league. Please give me a franchise in your new franchise start-up! Thanks!

  21. Adam sacks says:

    100 percent count me In on the dyno. Been doing leagues for years and would love to scrap with you guys. Let me know what info you need

  22. Brian Davis says:

    I just bought some silk pajamas for the sleepover…

    Brian Davis

  23. Peter Overzet says:

    This league sounds dope. Would love to represent The Fantasy Football Comedy Hour in this league.

    Name: Peter Overzet
    Twitter: @TheFFComedyHr

  24. Roy says:

    love the podcast and would like to join


  25. Mark says:

    I’m interested for sure! Love all the flex spots!

  26. Ryan Bobbitt says:

    Yes X 10000000. @DrummerINaBox

  27. Nick Dagostaro says:

    I’m interested. Nick Dagostaro @nick3d

  28. Ryan Gdovin says:


    Love to join!

  29. Brian Wensil says:

    I’d love to join the league.


  30. Andrew Schmidt says:

    This would be freaking awesome. I’d totally be down for joining this. Great idea! @andrewschmidt24

  31. Trevor Hanna says:

    I’m interested in joining the league! @trevorhanna

    Also, the link to the rules and entry information doesn’t appear to work (I get a “Missing League ID” error message).

  32. Aaron Willhide says:

    I’m interested in joining the league

    Name: Aaron Willhide
    Twitter handle: @air_in28

  33. Tony Villafane says:

    Hellz yeah, in


  34. Alex Carlson says:

    It’s me. I’m interested. Twitter me @aaronburger

    Love the format of hulking out on the flex positions.

  35. Kyle Miller says:

    Hey fellas big fan of your podcast and am super interested in joining the listener only dyno. Checked out the site (shoutout to @fantasygopher) it looks sweet. I am ready to draft TOMMORROW so lets do this thing!


  36. Heith Krueger says:

    I’d love to join. @HeithK

  37. Rich Hribar says:

    If Interested in joining the Dynasty League, you can read the rules and entry information here ( If still interested, post your name and Twitter handle in the comments section here and when we fill the league we will reach out you for your email/further information.

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