The Fake Football Writing Contest Sponsored by DraftDay June 3, 2013  |  Chet

Hello all you fake football writers and aspiring writers! Welcome to our 2013 writing contest. We’ll have prizes, guest judges, and a whole lot of fake football ideas being thrown around in a nice and orderly fashion. First off, let me thank our sponsors DraftDay and FantasyPros. Both great sites that I use more than the average obsessed fake footballer. Second off, you may ask, what’s in this for me!? Well, here are the prizes:

1st Place: $150 cold hard PayPal cash, $100 in DraftDay Daily Fantasy Sports credit and a Fully Loaded Draft Wizard from Fantasy Pros ($35 Value)

2nd Place: $75 cold hard PayPal cash, $75 in DraftDay Daily Fantasy Sports credit and a Fully Loaded Draft Wizard from Fantasy Pros ($35 Value)

3rd place: $25 in DraftDay Daily Fantasy Sports credit and a Fully Loaded Draft Wizard from Fantasy Pros ($35 Value)

PLUS! If you are so inclined, first place will be given a weekly platform on The Fake Football to spout off fake football knowledge.

PLUS! PLUS! You will get your work read by some of the best fantasy writers in the business and a ton of experience in writing about fake sports for a deadline and with a predetermined topic, both integral parts of making it in the freelance fake sports writing business.


Who is eligible? If you have never been paid for your work in fantasy sports writing, you may enter.

When? There will be three rounds with a new fantasy football topic for each of those rounds. The due dates for each round are: First Round: Friday June 14th, 10pm central Second Round: Monday June 24th, 10pm central  Third Round: Monday July 8th, 10pm central.


What are we looking for?

Length: This will depend on the topic of course, but the more you can do with less, the better. 800-1400 words is about what people can handle before they hit the escape hatch.

Grammar: Yes, use some. Read it out loud. Have someone look it over. We all make mistakes. One or two of them isn’t the end of the world, but many make it hard for the reader to pay attention to the actual meaning.

Stats vs Analysis vs Humor: A balance of all three is always great. Stats give you a good foundation. They give the reader information and show them that you’ve done actual research. Analysis without stats can sometimes ring hollow, so start with the facts/stats and then bring in your opinion. And your opinion is what makes this your piece of writing, so give us something to think about.  The last item on the list is humor and the easiest to screw up. Humor is a double edged sword. If it works you set yourself apart from the crowd, but if it doesn’t, your readers will forget about what you are trying to say and get into an eye rolling contest with themselves.


What’s the first topic already!? Late round running backs to target in your 2013 fantasy football draft. Assume 12 team, non-ppr, standard leagues and do what you do!

Where? Send all submissions with the subject line: “TFF Round 1” to by Friday June 14th, 10pm central.


Guest Judges Include:

Named the first ever Fantasy Football Writer of the Year by the FSWA in 2005, Bob Harris was inducted into the organization’s Hall Of Fame in 2013. He began his fantasy sports career as Editor and Webmaster of the TFL Report in 1993. Added Senior Editor for Fantasy Sports Publications, Inc. to his list of titles in 1997; his work has been prominently displayed in all four FSP Fantasy annuals — Fantasy Football Pro Forecast, Fantasy Football Diehards, Fantasy Football CheatSheets and the Fantasy Football DraftBook — ever since. Harris was a weekly contributor at from 2001 through 2007 and at in 2007. You will currently find Harris online exclusively at You can also listen to Harris on The FootballDiehards on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio.


C.D. Carter is a journalist, author of, “How To Think Like a Fantasy Football Winner,” and writer for The Fake Football, Sports Jerks Network, and 4for4 Football.


Chris Burke covers the NFL for and will be featured in Sports Illustrated’s 2013 Fantasy Football preview issue. He previously served as NFL editor for AOL’s FanHouse. While Burke’s NFL fantasy teams scuffle each season, he has had some success in his college football fantasy leagues — and yes, those are real.

Dalton Del Don is a writer for Roto Arcade, covering football, baseball and basketball. He’s been playing fantasy sports since before it became “cool” and won’t hide his love of the S.F. Giants and 49ers. He also pays far too much attention to pop culture for his own good.


David Gonos has been writing about Fantasy Football online since 2000, eventually joining the crew at CBS in 2003. That five-man Fantasy content staff consisted of three eventual FSWA Hall of Famers (Tristan Cockcroft, Scott Engel and  Michael Fabiano) and a two-time FSWA award-winning writer (Daniel Dobish) … and Gonos. He’s good at spelling.

Gonos has been playing Fantasy Football dating back to 1989. He has drafted both Curt Warner and Kurt Warner. He won the 2008 FSTA Fantasy Football Championship, as well as the 2008 Tout Wars title, and then he apparently went into a coma for five years.

His columns have also appeared on,, and He currently writes Fantasy Sports for his own site,, and contributes to


@RumfordJohnny is co founder and writer at 2 Mugs Fantasy Football. He is more of a strategy guy. In fact, he’s not sure how to present this blurb, as it would reveal his blurb strategy. John is old, and therefore has over 16 years years of fantasy football experience. He lives with his beautiful wife, Jill, & two scruffy hobo dogs, Brimley and Banjo, in Rhode Island. No, he’s not in the Mafia.


Writer for Dexters Library, Ken Griggs enjoys playing fantasy football, writing about fantasy football, and tweeting bad jokes about fantasy football.


Matt Waldman is a football writer and analyst. His annual publication, The Rookie Scouting Portfolio, is the most comprehensive evaluation of NFL prospects at the skill positions (QB, RB, WR, and TE) available.  Matt is also a staff writer at where he pens The Weekly Gut Check.  

Matt recently joined Football Outsiders. His new column “Futures,” will feature weekly analysis of college prospects from September through the NFL Draft.  You can listen to Matt, Sigmund Bloom and Cecil Lammey on The Audible Roundtable on Thursday nights at 10pm EST (podcasts also available for download at iTunes).


Oh, and have fun!

4 Responses

  1. mike says:

    How is the 2nd round working? Are you guys notifying those eligible by email, or is it open and the topic hasn’t been posted yet? Thanks.


    • Chet says:

      Hi Mike,

      All who entered are eligible. The new topic is, “Who is your top player to avoid in 2013 and why?” It’s due June 24th at 10 pm central. It’s all up there. Probably too buried toward the end though.

      • mike says:

        Hey Chet,

        Thanks for the heads up. I looked through the post again and still couldn’t find the topic. It does has the submission due dates. Maybe I’m seeing an old version of the post for some reason. Thanks.


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