The Fake Football Writers’ Mock Rounds 3 & 4 August 1, 2013  |  Jeff

The Fake Football Writers’ Mock continues as we recap rounds three and four below (scope out rounds one and two).  Two tight ends have now been selected and the running backs continue to fly off the shelves like limited edition Justin Bieber dolls. Teams that stacked up two backs in the first two rounds are now dabbling in the wide receiver pool and we have some appearances by rookies as well. Dig in and find out what our writers were thinking as they selected their desired fake footballers.


3.01 – 25 — @AsherMolk — Graham, Jimmy Alright, I’m the sucker that takes Graham. I couldn’t resist…Now healthy and with Sean Payton returning, Graham’s 2011 stats would have made him the #6 scoring WR by a healthy margin in 0.5 PPR last year. A return to two years ago would put him in the same tier as Demaryius, Julio, etc. if he were a WR. Since they are off the board, Graham is the pick.

3.02 – 26 — @justinbonnema — Cobb, Randall This is where having an early draft pick gets tough. Cobb is my WR1.

3.03 — 27 — @NFLSoupKevin — Bush, Reggie This is a slight reach here for Bush, but the other 4 backs ahead of him have major question marks and he actually probably has the highest PPR ceiling.

3.04 — 28 — @Chet_G — Harvin, Percy Well, this pick came before the news of his surgery.  Anyhoo, he’ll be out until the holidays and is not, I repeat, is not a good choice in the third round!

3.05 — 29 — @BraudeM — Johnson, Andre As the 10th receiver off the board, I’m happy to snag Andre Johnson. Incredibly consistent when healthy, Johnson finished last season with 112 catches and 1,598 yards. His decline is upcoming but he has at least one more year as the Texans’ go-to receiver.

3.06 — 30 — @PhilTWR — McFadden, Darren This was sort of a botched pick thanks to my unfamiliarity with (awesome site, but there’s a learning curve). In retrospect though, I’m not sure I would have gone in a different direction anyway. My love affair with DMC is well documented. Anyone who says he’s incapable of putting it all together needs to look at what Francisco Liriano has done for the Pittsburgh Pirates this year. If the baseball version of McFadden can finally get it done, why can’t the actual McFadden?

3.07 — 31 — @sdubsport — Jones-Drew, Maurice Just when you think you have a plan, the universe convinces you otherwise.   I prefer not to heavy up on a single position early in drafts.  So, when MJD was available after I locked up RB with my first two picks, I very nearly went on tilt.  I am not necessarily predicting a return to form for MJD, but I am not ruling it out either.  Just looking at his history…he had three consecutive seasons of 1600+ total yards going into 2012 and through the five games he started in 2012, he was on pace for just under 1600 total yards.  If I can get close to that with my 3rd round pick, I will be one happy dude.

3.08 – 32 — @Jkerwin777K — Wilson, David Truly have not been targeting Wilson all offseason because his ADP has been much too rich for my liking. I prefer Andre Brown in the later rounds as opposed to Wilson early, but needing a RB2 I won’t pass on Wilson in the late-3rd. I can’t say I’m completely satisfied with rostering him as my RB2 until he proves he can carry a full workload and sustain PB abilities, but RBs are scarce.

3.09 – 33 — @ConsultFantasy — Murray, DeMarco The third round might be a little early for an injury-prone running back such as Murray, but you have to take the pulse of your draft and react accordingly.  The running back pool is being thinned out rather quickly by my colleagues, so I’ll take a chance on Murray’s upside potential.  I expect the Cowboys to involve him more in the passing game this year, so if he stays on the field, he can be a fantasy goldmine.

3.10 – 34 — @naparker77 — White, Roddy  —  Mr. Consistency isn’t going to lose ground because of Julio Jones anytime soon and if anything, Jones’ presence keeps defenses honest and White a top 10 fantasy wideout. ‘Rowdy’ Roddy White at the end of the 3rd round is great value for a player who has 5 straight top 10 fantasy seasons and when you’re jumping on the WR bandwagon late that security is nice.

3.11 — 35 — @gregsauce — Ball, Montee Having selected Megatron in the first round, the running back branch of my team’s decision tree seemed sturdiest here in the third. There are many intriguing (read: flawed) RB options available, but Ball is in the best situation to succeed (or so it seemed at the time of this pick, before Hillman was tagged as #1 on the depth chart), so he’s my pick.

3.12 – 36 — @orangebru — Bell, Le’Veon RB’s are going like hot cakes (as you can see with the two that follow my picks) so I went with the Pittsburgh youngster who should get the bulk of the work this season.

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4.01 – 37 — @orangebru — Nicks, Hakeem With little left in the running back cupboard I went with Nicks, who should be a great bounce back candidate as long as he stays on the field. I’m going to have to do some serious work at RB in the middle rounds with only Alf and Bell in the fold.

4.02 – 38 — @gregsauce — Bradshaw, Ahmad See the July 17th edition of “Fake Football, Real Questions” for the details of my Ahmad Bradshaw man-crush ( TL;DR: An undervalued fantasy asset in PPR formats, I think Bradshaw will be ready by Week 1 and handling the bulk of the Colts’ carries.

4.03 – 39 — @naparker77 — Mathews, Ryan I am content with Mathews as my 3rd running back and am still optimistic that he’ll find a way to produce some fake football points. The offensive line in San Diego is about as bad as it gets, but he’ll snatch a few grabs out of the backfield and will score more TDs. The options after Mathews are bleak and I had Hakeem Nicks pegged for this pick.

4.04 – 40 — @ConsultFantasy — Cruz, Victor With his contract situation resolved, Cruz is viable WR1 and I think it’s somewhat of a steal that I am able to get him this late in the draft.  It’s too bad I couldn’t continue building a team of players whose last name begins with “M” (McCoy, Marshall, and Murray in the first three rounds), but I thought it was a little early to reach for Tony Moeaki.

4.05 – 41 — @Jkerwin777K — Gronkowski, Rob I don’t think he will be ready for the start of the season, but I’ll gladly take Gronk in the 4th round on even with the likely chance he misses a few games to begin the season. The only way this decision backfires is if he is placed on the PUP list to start the year. Missing your 4th pick for the first 6 games is brutal.

4.06 – 42 — @sdubsports — Wayne, Reggie In a perfect world, I’d prefer Wayne as my WR2, but given the circumstances of falling under the spell of MJD, Wayne will be forced to serve as my WR1.  I wrote a little bit about my thinking behind this pick in a recent edition of FFRQ:  Ultimately, I needed an anchor for my WR corps and vs. my other options, I liked Wayne the best.  He’s a starter, he plays all 16 games, he’s got a solid QB and he puts up strong numbers.

4.07 – 43 — @PhilTWR — Bowe, Dwayne Like most, I’m counting on Andy Reid to be the 32 oz. Gatorade, handful of Advil, and greasy breakfast that cures the massive Matt Cassel era hangover for the Chiefs offense . If everybody’s wrong and Reid’s play calling doesn’t elevate the game of the most physically gifted WR he’s had since Terrell Owens, then I drafted a WR2 for the price of…a WR2, which is what Bowe has been more or less his whole career.

4.08—44 — @BraudeM — Nelson, Jordy At this spot, I was very happy Jordy Nelson fell to me. For whatever reason, many other owners seem to be down on him after an injury plagued 2012. But remember that after his first 7 healthy weeks, he was on pace for 91 catches for 1,216 and 11 touchdowns. Now healthy, Nelson is proven commodity playing with the best quarterback in the league.

4.09 – 45 — @Chet_G — Colston, Marques This is an impossible pick for some reason. I want a running back, but I don’t love my options at this point in the draft. I’d most likely have to reach to get someone I really like. So I’m going to take Colston to play it safe.

4.10 — 46 — @NFLSoupKevin — Amendola, Danny Another reach, but in fantasy football you have to aim high. If Amendola can be what Welker was in New England, isn’t he worth looking like an idiot in July? In a PPR league, I’ll take my chances.

4.11 — 47 — @justinbonnema — Jackson, Vincent There’s definitely a split crowd when it comes to VJax. But for a guy coming off of the best year of his career on an offense that will be playing from behind often, I’ll take my chances as a late 4th rounder.

4.12 — 48 — @AsherMolk — Garcon, Pierre My gamble did not pay off: I was hoping one of Nelson, Bowe, Wayne, Colston or Jackson would make it. But alas, they all went right before me. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, I gotta take risks. Garcon is the quintessential boom-or-bust WR.


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