The Fake Football Writers’ Mock Rounds 1 & 2 July 23, 2013  |  Jeff

The Fake Football writing staff recently hopped into the octagon and did battle in The Fake Football Writers’ Mock Draft. It was quite the sight. At one point, @Gregsauce had @AsherMolk in a choke hold, @justinbonnema was running around with nunchucks, and @Chet_G was knocked out cold on the canvas. In case you’re curious how the fantasy football portion went down, scroll below to check out a recap of the first two rounds. The mock draft consisted of 12 teams in a snake draft format, with .5 points per reception. If mock drafting is up your alley, hone your skills in our Mock Draft Simulator so you are in top shape when fake football drafts start for real.

Now, let’s check out the recap of rounds one and two, complete with commentary from each mock drafter. I bet you’ll never guess who was drafted first!


1.01 –1 — @AsherMolk — Peterson, Adrian — Not much needs to be said here. The best player at the premium position in fantasy football. Sign me up.

1.02 — 2 — @justinbonnema — Foster, Arian — Typical right? While I don’t think he’ll plug 17 total TDs again, double-digits plus more receiving yards make me plenty comfortable. Sometimes safety is underrated.

1.03 – 3 — @NFLSoupKevin — Martin, Doug — Not much of a surprise here. Martin is my #2 overall back and he falls into my lap. Very excited!

1.04 – 4 — @Chet_G — Charles, Jamaal — I have JC Superstar as my #2 back this season in non-ppr and #1 back in 1 point ppr, so I like him here in .5 ppr for sure. Reid will use him in the passing game more than he’s ever been used, which will keep him from boom or bust status like last season.

1.05 – 5 — @BraudeM — Spiller, C.J. — Averaging 6.0 yards per carry last season, it’s only touches that has held C.J. Spiller back. If he gets the full workload that Doug Marrone promises, there’s no reason he can’t finish as the top back.

1.06 – 6 — @PhilTWR — Richardson, Trent — After I made my selection, I realized that I either want a top 4 pick this year, or I’d rather wait until near the turn. There’s just not all that much separating the mid-late first round RB’s for me, so I’d rather have the better pick on the way back. I don’t love Richardson’s health situation, or his 3.6 YPA last season, but the Browns should be improved on offense, making T-Rich a good bet to break 1,000 yards on the ground, tack on 50 receptions, and score double digit TD’s (again). This pick was nearly LeSean McCoy with Calvin Johnson also receiving slight consideration.

1.07 – 7 — @sdubsports — Lynch, Marshawn — If Phil, hadn’t drafted T-Rich, he would have been my pick.  Since he did, I went with Lynch over Rice and McCoy. Rice and McCoy both reel in the receptions, but they also have legitimate understudies, which Lynch doesn’t have to worry about (yet).  Additionally, Seattle is one of the few run-heavy offenses in the league.  When Seattle opened the playbook for Russell Wilson in the second half of the season, Lynch’s YPC went up half a yard, and his TDs tripled.  I expect Lynch to pick off right where he left off in 2012.  On a separate note, when is this guy gonna get a Skittles commercial…?  This must be in the works, right?

1.08 – 8 — @Jkerwin777K — Rice, Ray — Not a huge fan of Ray Rice this season, but he should be a consistent producer. I will go with Shady 9/10 before Rice this upcoming season, but I figured this mock to be that 1 exception. I’m a bit weary of the talented Bernard Pierce stealing carries. This is probably the first year I’m pretty much blah about landing Rice on my roster. With all that being said, why did I draft Rice?

1.09 – 9 — @ConsultFantasy — McCoy, LeSean — This pick came down to McCoy or Calvin Johnson for me, and while I love Megatron, running backs are flying off the board and McCoy has tremendous upside in Chip Kelly’s offense. If I was confident I could get Steven Jackson or Matt Forte in the second round, I’d probably take the top wide receiver here, but I’m assuming the running back lovefest will continue.

1.10 — 10 — @naparker77 — Jackson, Steven — I forget exactly how I first said it, but I think it went something like … “Steven Jackson is going to frequent the end zone so much this season that he might just take up permanent residence there.”  I put the floor at 1200 yards and 10 TDs, so what is the ceiling? I’m optimistic that Jackson will push toward a Top 5 RB finish this season. Talented backs in high-end offenses usually produce fake football wonderfulness.

1.11 – 11 — @gregsauce — Johnson, Calvin — I really want to see how a Calvin Johnson first-round selection plays out. I would have taken a running back if the league wasn’t 0.5-PPR, though.

1.12 –12 — @orangebru — Morris, Alfred — Neil sniped my guy, SJax, who I’ve been taking a lot at the turn this summer so far. Morris should do the trick and get my RBs started early.

2.01 – 13 — @orangebru — Bryant, Dez — I really wanted to go with another RB here (it would’ve been Forte) but I couldn’t resist going with Megatron Jr.

2.02 – 14 — @gregsauce — Ridley, Stevan — This pick came down to Ridley or Forte. Forte may seem to be the easy choice because of the PPR setting, but Ridley was better in that format last season because he doubled Forte’s TD production. The tiebreaker here was youth, so I took Ridley.

2.03 – 15 — @naparker77 — Forte, Matt — This pick had Dez Bryant written all over it, but Matt Forte in any type of PPR format is golden. I’m buying the Marc Trestman hype, obviously, I’m Canadian, but he will make Forte a lock for an extra 4-5 points a week – based on these settings – in the passing game. I was a little surprised he was still available actually. Getting 2 solid running backs in the first 2 rounds makes me happy, happy, happy.

2.04 — 16 — @ConsultFantasyMarshall, Brandon — I thought for a minute that I was going to get the opportunity to start this draft with McCoy and Forte, but Neil dashed my hopes on that one. Having my choice of the third receiver off the board is decent consolation. I’m torn between Marshall and A.J. Green once Megatron and Dez are off the board, but I think Chicago’s offense will be considerably more dynamic than Cincinnati’s, so Marshall is the pick.

2.05 — 17 — @Jkerwin777KGreen, A.J. — I usually look to grab SJax/Forte in the 2nd because trustable RBs tend to run thin after this round. If neither is available I look to target BMarsh/Dez, but obviously being sniped and missing out on all accounts I’ll happily take AJ Green. I expect AJG to continue WR1 production and sustain his red zone dominance. The only reason I rank him lower than a few other receivers is Andy Dalton.

2.06 — 18 — @sdubsportsJohnson, Chris — With the benefit of hindsight, this pick should have been Demaryius Thomas.  I was debating between the two, but I was concerned that I wouldn’t find an RB that I’d be comfortable with in the next round.  (Spoiler alert, I did).  That being said, Tennessee added some offensive firepower during the offseason and is a team that could surprise a lot of people this year. Johnson, being the focal point of this offense, is a rare high-floor (worst season was 1000+ yards, 50+ receptions and 4 TDs) high-ceiling RB2.

2.07 — 19 — @PhilTWR Jones, Julio — Julio Jones was the last WR in my second tier (along with Bryant, Marshall, and AJ Green). After watching Marshall and Green come off the board, I was thrilled to see Chris Johnson get picked right ahead of me.

2.08 — 20 — @BraudeMSproles, Darren — Realized it was a 0.5 PPR league (instead of a 1 point PPR league) shortly after this pick, so I’ll admit it was a slight reach and I would have taken Demaryius Thomas if I knew this in advance. Still, Sproles is as consistent as it gets – averaging 5.55 receptions per game over his two year stint with the Saints. It doesn’t hurt that Sproles is the likely beneficiary of Sean Payton’s return from suspension, as Payton is intent on using Sproles more as an outside runner in addition to featuring him in the passing game.

2.09 — 21 — @Chet_GThomas, Demaryius — I’m a big fan of the key Broncos players this season. The offense is supposed to quicken their pace, Manning has a second season with the team, a good connection with DT, and they have a nice schedule.

2.10 — 22 — @NFLSoupKevin Fitzgerald, Larry — With a competent QB in place, I like Fitz to approach top-5 status again. With ppr in mind, he could be a dynamite WR1 as round 3 approaches.

2.11 — 23 — @justinbonnemaMiller, Lamar — Reaching for Lamar Miller in the 2nd round is the cool thing do in 2013. His PPR value isn’t huge but having missed out on the stud WRs, I’m okay with a couple of backs capable of producing lots of TDs.

2.12 – 24 — @AsherMolk Gore, Frank — It was tough between him and Bush, but since it’s only 0.5 PPR I decided to go with the known commodity. Gore is not a sexy pick, but he still looked great last year and returns behind maybe the game’s best offensive line. Add in the question marks behind him at RB and the injury to Crabtree, his stats shouldn’t look to different from last year’s.


8 Responses

  1. Neil says:

    Sorry for the delay man,

    In my experience with leagues that use these settings – I have targeted a top QB earlier than in standard scoring formats. You’re still going to want to go with a RB early in the 1st round though.

    I’d employ a tier based draft strategy and as soon as you feel like you might lose out on one of the top tier options, or a guy you’re comfortable with I’d pounce. In that format the guys you mentioned boast all kinds of upside later in the draft though, so I could see waiting too.

    If guys are that QB hungry in your league, you’re going to find all kinds of value at RB and WR and may have a huge advantage there and be able to compete with a Romo/Cutler combo, in my opinion.

  2. J. Stone says:

    So Neil I have a quartback draft question for you . In my league were QB get 6 points for passing touchdown and zero for interceptions. The last 3 years, the average number of qb taken in the first round is five. I have the fourth pick in the draft, I can’t decide if I so take Brees or draft the top rb or wait on qb til the top 11 qb go and draft a Cutler, Romo Or Eli. What do the thing?

  3. Neil says:

    I was surprised to see Graham not get gobbled up too, but in an “Experts” Draft you can guarantee that QBs will go at least a full round later than normal, or even perhaps where they should.

    If you dare to reach for a QB early the stat geeks will throw their protractors at you and laugh. Because we all knew this ahead of time, there was no reason to reach, I assume.

    Wait until you see where I selected Peyton Manning.

  4. J. Stone says:

    I’m surprised that no qb or te went in the second round. Excited to see round 3 and 4

  5. Josh S says:

    I think Phil pretty much hit the nail on the head: the middle draft slots SUCK this year. You need either Top 4 or tail end to feel good in the early rounds. And of course, I’m stuck with 7th in my favorite league. Grrrrrrrrr. This is why snake drafts should be abolished!!

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