The Fake Football Reader Leagues: Week 7 October 26, 2012  |  Jeff

Week 7 is finally over and the Bucs and Vikes have already given us a fantasy point packed start to week 8. Before week 8’s festivites get officially fired up, it is time for us to check in on our favorite leagues. How does your team stack up? Let’s find out and take a look at  the 28 The Fake Football Reader Leagues!

Through seven weeks and 1,176 games across 28 leagues, the weekly team scoring average currently sits at 126.47 points. We are down to 3 undefeated squads after week 7 (nice work from “Yes that REDZONE, “Huisinga”, and “The Grimiest”) and only 6 teams are still sporting goose eggs in the win column.

Our weekly congratulations goes out to the “P-U-N-T PUNTPUNTPUNT” from the Fake Football Faux Furs league. The Week 7 High Score Champion won a The Fake Football T-Shirt, after dropping a monstrous 202.10 points! Check out this lineup:

QB: Jay Cutler – 13.40

WR: Jordy Nelson – 26.20

WR: Percy Harvin – 14.70

WR: Vincent Jackson – 34.60

RB: Shonn Greene – 20.80

RB: Ahmad Bradshaw – 16.50

TE: Rob Gronkowski – 25.80

W/R: Lance Moore – 21.10

K: Justin Tucker – 11.00

D: Minnesota – 18.00

Total: 202.10


Remember, this season we have prizes for each league winner and an overall prize for the team with the most points scored out of all our leagues from Fantasy Sports, as well as a The Fake Football t-shirt for the overall high score from each week!


Below, you will find the Overall Points Leader Standings, as well as the 28 League Leaders on the second tab.

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