The Fake Football Reader Leagues: Week 3 September 28, 2012  |  Jeff

Week 3 is finished up (and week 4 has already begun!), so we can now take a look at the aftermath from the 28 The Fake Football Reader Leagues!

Through three weeks and 504 games across 28 leagues, the weekly team scoring average currently sits at 127.32 points. There are 50 teams still perfect at 3-0, 43 teams searching for win #1 at 0-3, and 243 teams somewhere in the middle.

Our weekly congratulations goes out to the “Chino Champions” from the Fake Football Fish Mongers league. The Week 3 High Score Champion won a The Fake Football T-Shirt, after dropping 182.14 points! Check out this lineup:

QB: Robert Griffin III – 25.34

WR: A.J. Green – 34.40

WR: Andre Johnson – 15.20

WR: Mike Wallace – 26.40

RB: Ray Rice – 26.00

RB: Michael Bush – 15.30

TE: Jacob Tamme – 6.10

W/R: Demaryius Thomas – 4.40

K: Matt Prater – 13.00

D: New York Giants – 16.00

Total: 182.14


Remember, this season we have prizes for each league winner and an overall prize for the team with the most points scored out of all our leagues from Fantasy Sports, as well as a The Fake Football t-shirt for the overall high score from each week!


Below, you will find the Overall Points Leader Standings, as well as the 28 League Leaders on the second tab.

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  1. @Riv34 says:

    #35…not too bad. Unfortunately I’m only 2-1

  2. emceeperiod says:

    But while I’m here…

    333rd baby!

    I have so many people to thank. First and foremost, of course, the aforementioned Chris Johnson. Of course I also need to thank Romo for his horrible performances in weeks 2 and 3. And who can forget DeSean Jackson, new contract an all, with his “under heavy supervision” partner Dez Bryant. If it weren’t for all of you, I wouldn’t be in 333rd place like I am today!

    Here’s me after the draft:

    “I easily have the best team in my league, if not all the leagues. It’s over before it’s even begun!”

    R Mathews
    A Johnson
    D Jackson
    D Bryant
    B Pettigrew
    R Williams
    C Benson

    Here’s me now (1-2 record):

    “Jesus Christ.”

  3. MattTruss223 says:

    I didn’t necessarily mean breaking the standings down by league, but just a page where I could click on say…The Fake Football Fluffernutters and see what Frogman’s team looked like. Basically just snoop around the other leagues. Just a list of with the links to each league page.

  4. emceeperiod says:

    …I hope you get what I’m saying. I’m saying that NOBODY could use him last week (yes he was hurt, this is just an example) because he was on waivers for a full GDang week!>?!?!? Fake Football Frankfurters. I needed StewBeef, I drafted CJ 1st!??!

    • Jeff says:

      The settings are normal. What happened was, Stewart was dropped on Wednesday and the Panthers played on Thursday. The waiver period (2 days) lasted until after Stewart’s week 3 game kicked off, which locked him until waivers were processed the following week.

      I feel your pain on CJ!

    • emceeperiod says:

      So are you saying that all Wednesday drops with Thursday games will be on waivers til the following week? That’s hella long.

    • Jeff says:

      Ya, all players lock when their game kicks off for the week. Same thing if you drop a guy on Saturday and he plays on Sunday.

    • emceeperiod says:

      Oh, I see, because THE PANTHERS played Thursday, not because there was a game on Thursday. Got it. Thanks.

    • Jeff says:

      No problem.

  5. emceeperiod says:

    Yo! The commish of my league is quite unresponsive to league messages. The waiver system is all jacked up in our league. Someone dropped J. Stewart last week during the waiver period. Instead of being able to pick him up Wednesday morning, he went on waivers all the way til the following Wednesday. WTFrick? Commish ain’t doing SNIT about it either?!!?! StewBeef was MINE but for some reason he was on waivers for a full week after he was dropped.

  6. MattTruss223 says:

    Looks like you snared a win this week Jeff. Nice work. I’m in the same boat in a few leagues having drafted Mathews. He better pick it up from here on out!

    Is there a page with links to all the league pages anywhere? Just curious. Thanks for the write-up.

    • Jeff says:

      Ya, finally picked up a W. Feels nice. I agree on Mathews, I’m gonna be needing some production from now on. I had a nice start from Smith and Balt D last night so I might be able to weasel my way to .500 here this week. I will see if I can break down the standings by league next week if I’ve got some spare time.

  7. MattTruss223 says:

    Thought for sure this weeks high scorer would have JC SUperstar.

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