The Fake Football Fantasy Football Playoff League December 22, 2012  |  Chet

Hello all you Fake Footballers. It’s good to see that you survived the likes of Ryan Mathews and Darren McFadden without crawling into a cave to do some riddling in the dark.  What we have here before us is a free Fantasy Football Playoff League at We can have as many people in our The Fake Football group as we can cram in there, but please only put one team in there or you will be forced to follow Jose Canseco and Skip Bayless on Twitter (ONLY THEM!!). So anyhoo, the top 3 teams will receive a piece of The Fake Football swag. Our t-shirts are the swag of choice right now, but we may have something else like a The Fake Football diamond grill to impress all the ladies and or gentlemen (we won’t have that).

The rules are somewhat complicated, well, not really, but not what you are used to. Besides picking the best players you also want to pick the best players on winning teams, because if they win, you get more points and if they keep winning, you get even more points.  Below is a big picture I borrowed from showing stuff that’s really not all that helpful, but it’s there.

You can also win stuff from them like a trip to the Super Bowl, but you won’t, so be happy with the friggin t-shirts!

So you’ll need to join our league HERE and enter the password: THEFF and all your dreams will come true (as long as they consisted of signing up for this league.)

Good luck and good fake footballin’!




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  1. Pedro says:

    need a rb to start and a flex in a ppr with bonus yardage pts, dmc,dez or Moreno? Please and thank you

  2. Norman says:

    12 Team PPR: Beanie or Battle as RB2? I know, pretty rough situation!

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