Team Red Zone Numbers September 26, 2012  |  Chet

Here are the numbers for NFL teams inside the red zone. I find these interesting, because amazingly, when the team your fantasy player is on, gets into the red zone, that’s when you want your player to get the ball.  With this chart you can see how many plays they’ve run in the red zone, how often they pass or rush, how good their quarterback is at completing passes versus not doing that, and a whole host of things that as time goes on, I think you’ll get some nifty info from.

Matt Ryan is killing it in the red zone. He’s completing 68% of his passes and has all eight of his touchdowns from inside the 20.

Jay Cutler on the other hand is the only quarterback without a red zone touchdown pass and is a measly three of seven.

And how about the Texans? They have run the ball 26 times to passing it eight times, or as you can see on this handy dandy chart, 76% to 24%.

So take a look and see if you can find some nifty, i.e. neato, stats.

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  1. Jason Kobus says:

    Hey Chet looking for some trade advice on how to improve my WRs.
    This is my team –
    12 team PPR and return yards.
    The two trades I’m mulling over are
    Murray (or Spiller) + Amendola for A Brown and Tate
    Murray for Jordy straight up.
    I would rather give up Murray cause I think Spiller has more talent but when Jackson comes back who knows what will happen.

  2. Randy says:

    My RB’s- McFadden, Lynch, Wells, Hunter, Turbin
    With the Wells IR news should I drop him?
    L Miller, Stephens-Howling, Hillman, D Wilson, D Richardson, Ballard, Dwyer, Gerhart, Grant, Brinkley, Battle, Rainey are all available. or I could just add Hankerson to go with my WR’s- Nicks, Britt, LaFell, Avery, Hawkins, Ogletree.

  3. RandyBP says:

    Should I drop Mendy for Ryan Williams? I have MJD, DMC, Doug Martin, & Ced Benson. Would mainly be to block others/potenial trade bait. Just don’t know who’s better long term, Mendy or R Williams? Thanks!

  4. Kyle says:

    You like trading to cj spiller and Phillip rivers for Aaron Rodgers. I got Freddy jack, Matthews, and foster at Rbs.

  5. y4rivera says:

    Follow up to the other post. Is my McFadden and Cj2k for his Lynch and Steve Smith good?

  6. Nash says:

    Been offered Rodgers/Britt for Stafford/B. Marshall — keeper league — what do you think?

  7. emceeperiod says:

    Yo Dawc, where the FanDuel link be at? Game tomorrow!

  8. B.J. says:

    Hey Chet,

    I was trying to move CJ this morning and thought I had a deal in place until the Forte owner backed out. Well he just emailed me saying he’s willing to do:

    I give: Fitz, CJ and Ingram
    I get: Forte and M. Bush

    I think this is a bit too steep of a price to pay but may be worth doing just to rid myself of CJ and his awful performance thus far. Should I counter back asking for a WR to balance the deal out a bit? His WRs are S. Holmes, K. Britt, J. Maclin, R. Meachem, J. Kerley and B. Gibson. I may be able to wrangle Britt in as part of the deal. Should I attempt that?

  9. CB says:

    Just one more question sorry: A trade was proposed to me. I give Matt Forte, Jermichael Finley, and Sidney Rice for Jimmy Graham and Chris Johnson. It’s a .5PPR league.

    Current Roster:
    QB – Brees
    RB – Forte, Charles, D. Martin, Benson, D. Brown, B. Tate
    WR – Harvin, Decker, M. Williams, S. Rice
    TE – Finley

    What are your thoughts? Thanks!!!

  10. Train says:

    Follow-up to my previous question on trading Ced Benson. Which offer should I accept:
    A: Give Benson & Britt to get Ridley & Powell
    B: Give Benson & KWright to get Tate & Pettigrew

    Worth mentioning that I own Foster. Pettigrew would be my backup TE after Gronk. Britt is my WR3. Thanks again!

  11. Brian says:

    Chet, Kendall Hunter was dropped in my league. Drop Rashad Jennings to pick him up? Who do you like as better handcuff?

  12. CB says:

    In a .5ppr league. What is the trade market for Ben Tate. Would I be crazy to drop him for a flier like Simpson when I have others like D. Brown, Benson, S. Rice, and M. Williams on my bench?

  13. Dave says:

    Hey Chet, I am not a huge fan of handcuffing but in a 10 team 1.5 ppr league DMC is my RB1. I can only roster 5 backs total. My other backs are Lynch, Sproles, Jacquiz, and right now B. Powell. I was wondering if i should cut Powell to handcuff with Goodson. I also considered waiting until after the Raiders bye week(5). Thanks.

  14. drew says:

    Ppr flex question…sjax r williams or mike williams?

  15. Train says:

    Should I trade Ced Benson now when everyone expects a big game vs. Saints, or wait a week for the real thing? What kind of WR should I target?

    Also better RoS value? KWright, Titus, Hankerson, or JSimpson. Thanks!

  16. Alex says:

    Can you rank your top 4 this week for a standard scoring league out of: Steven Jackson (Sea), Willis McGahee (Oak), Jacquizz Rodgers (Car), Daryl Richardson (Sea), Randall Cobb (NO), Andrew Hawkins (@Jac). Thanks.

  17. Chase says:

    flacco or stafford this week?

  18. Aaron says:

    Was thinking about starting R. Williams (if Beanie is out) over Sproles this week? Roll the dice?

  19. Philly Cheese says:

    I’ve got RG3 and am thinking about trying to trade Brady and D Martin to another team for his A Peterson. I’m not getting too generous there, am I?

  20. y4rivera says:

    I was offered his Lynch and Marshall for my McFadden. I’m stacked at rb so the slight downgrade from McFadden to Lynch might be worth the wr depth with Marshall. Good deal?
    My team right now
    QB- Cam
    Rb- McCoy
    Rb- McFadden
    Wr- Cruz
    Wr- Percy
    Wr- A.Brown
    Te- Pitta
    Flex- Martin
    Flex- Forte
    Bench- Cj2k, Mendy, Dalton, Hawkins, Hartline, Finley

  21. Mc says:

    Would you deal Richardson for Forte straight up if you could survive without Richardson this week ?

  22. B.J. says:

    There is an owner in my league who is interested in Chris Johnson. I was texting back and forth with him last night and he said he would most likely be willing to do Johnson, Mark Ingram and any WR not named Nicks or Fitzgerald for Matt Forte and Andre Brown. I texted back saying I’d prefer Forte and Mike Bush in the event Forte has a setback. Am I being too greedy and should I just take the initial offer? It frees me from CJ and Forte should be back next week but it leaves me weak at Flex for this week although I could always plug in J. Stewart to fill the spot. I like Brown’s potential but with Bradshaw back he takes a bit of a hit. My other WRs aside from Nicks and Fitz are Hankerson, J. Simpson, D. Moore and B. Lafell. My RBs are CJ, Mathews, SJax, Ingram, Hillis and J. Stewart.

    • B.J. says:


      Disregard my initial post. I got an email from the Forte owner saying he was going to hold onto him for the time being. So looks like I have to just deal with CJ1.3YPC for now.

  23. Chris says:

    Looks like Ryan Matthews could be poised for a major breakout. SD is 2nd in redzone plays, runs the ball almost 60% of the time in the red zone, and it’s not like Matthews is inept at catching the ball even when they pass. Plus SD only has to face 1 top 10 defense the rest of the year (Bucs in week 10). If he can stay healthy, Matthews will be a stud.

    • emceeperiod says:

      After Mathews’ fumble last week, Turner says that he’s not going to give him the ball in critical situations anymore – referring to goal line and short yardage plays, and towards the end of the game if it’s close. This would contradict your sentiment, HOWEVER, this could very well just be a motivational ploy from Turner to get Mathews to hold onto the ball.

    • Chris says:

      That would concern me last year when he had Tolbert to give the ball to. The drop off from Mathews to the other RBs is too steep to avoid Mathews in all these situations this year. I’d lean toward it being a motivational ploy.

  24. Vic says:

    Interesting chart. I was wondering your thoughts on possibly dropping SidRice for R Barden in my PPR league. I’m a Nicks owner and feel the handcuff might be more valuable to me than the #1 WR for Seattle

  25. Randy says:

    Ogletree or Hankerson for the season?

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