Target Town: Week 6 October 15, 2013  |  John Kerwin

Don’t you just love that feeling when you hear one of your players names on Sunday as the announcers voice escalates, and you look up and see points and not yards as he chews up yardage. Yep, we are all brainwashed to perceive the game in a different fashion, and the relevance of the term “a game of inches” has never hit so close to home until you lose a fantasy match up by decimal points. That’s why every single target means so much to each receiver, and the opportunity has to be seized and not wasted to ensure our happiness.

I welcome you all to the sixth week of my Target Town series, and I hope everyone is as excited for Week 7 as I personally am. I want to take you on a guide through the targets and production we saw across the peak of the league this past week, and offer my two cents as a crutch to your decision making. I wish everyone the best of luck this week, and enjoy.




Welcome Back, Part Deux…

Justin Blackmon looks like a man on a mission since returning from his four-game suspension.  After a stellar initial performance, Blackmon followed up with a monster encore with 14 receptions for 190 yards. The only letdown was the fact that he didn’t reach pay dirt. Cecil Shorts is a bit banged up with the rib injury, and the Jaguars offense is much more effective with Chad Henne under center. Look for Blackmon to continue his rapport with Henne and put up gargantuan statistics playing for a terrible team who is forced to pass the ball a ton.


Consistent Threat…

Pierre Garcon is quietly becoming a consistent Top 10 target, and the attention he is garnering will continue to turn into points for your fantasy teams. Garcon was my preseason projection to break into the Top 10 of fantasy receivers by seasons end, and I’m standing by that proclamation. The Redskins defense has been next to atrocious this season and the offense has been forced into pass-heavy action early and often. Garcon is easily the favorite target of Robert Griffin III, and his consistency on this list is a shining example. It is a bit discouraging only seeing six receptions for 69 yards on 14 targets, but it doesn’t look like the targets are going to stop any time soon. I would continue to feel elated about the fact that Garcon is probably your WR2/WR3 and is seeing enough targets to accumulate WR1 production in any given week.



Kris Durham is not a name I expect to see on this list again this season, and is nothing more than a flier if Calvin Johnson continues to be limited by his knee injury. From what we saw from Megatron on Sunday I would assume he is going to be back into the mix heavily next game. Durham wasn’t terrible with his eight receptions for 83 yards on 13 targets, but that is pretty much a ceiling for a guy who won’t be owned in 99% of leagues in a few weeks.


Keen-an In On Allen…

I personally own this guy in every league I was capable of picking him up in the past two weeks. There is a good chance you have already missed the opportunity to add him to your rosters, but if Keenan Allen is available you better hurry to that wire and make that claim your top priority. The Chargers receiving corps has been depleted since the start of preseason, but that hasn’t been stopping Philip Rivers. The offense has still been very productive and Rivers needed a receiver not named Antonio Gates to step his game up. Allen gives the Chargers that consistent deep threat and intermediate possession receiver. We have seen three straight stout weeks from the rookie, and it only looks like he is building more rapport with Rivers by the week. This could be a vital acquisition to rosters across the country as the season progresses.


Usual Suspects…

There is a group of wide receivers each and every week that I just don’t feel the need to thoroughly elaborate on. Vincent JacksonAntonio BrownA.J. GreenBrandon Marshall, and Larry Fitzgerald all fit this mold for me. I will say it is good to see VJax producing with Mike Glennon as quarterback, and it is very promising to see the Buccaneers still have fantasy hope after all. The only issue is that Mike Williams was inactive and VJax will lose targets once he returns. Brown continues to be the WR1 we all hoped he would be for the Steelers, and I am ecstatic to own him in a few leagues. Green and Marshall simply do what they do, and that is ball out. I am very happy to see Fitz playing so well as banged up as he has been this season, and as erratic as Carson Palmer has been with the Cardinals. He was my pick as the fantasy comeback player of the year., and there is still time to fulfill this wishful thinking.



That is honestly all I have to say about Greg Jennings performance this past week. He managed only six catches for a measly 34 yards on 10 targets. That is very unproductive, and I have a lot of trouble trusting the passing game in Minnesota. Jennings had a monster two touchdown game a few weeks ago before the bye week, but unfortunately those two touchdowns were two of his three catches. He just isn’t able to produce like he did in Green Bay without an Aaron Rodgers caliber of a quarterback. I would limit my expectations if I was a Jennings owner, and utilize him as no more than a WR3/Flex option if I have to.




The Beast Unleashed…

Vernon Davis is alive and well folks, and he busted open the fantasy scoreboards on Sunday. Davis more than likely kept alive or won plenty of fantasy match ups for owners this week with his 8 receptions for 180 yards and two touchdowns. The Niners have been in a bit of a rut on offense since Week 1, and Colin Kaepernick found the one receiver on their roster capable of turning things around for the passing game. Big Vern exploded for monster points this past week, and hopefully can string together some consistency for once. The one downfall has always been his disappearing acts, and the fact that his talent has gone to waste during way too many games over his career. Let’s hope this opened the eyes of everyone within the entire organization, because if I were them I would be game planning right now to get the ball in his hands numerous times each and every game.


We Forgot About You…

Remember last year when Kyle Rudolph emerged as a Top 10 tight end? Yeah, now how many of you even remembered this guy played football the first few weeks of the season? Rudolph has been one of the more disappointing players across the fantasy landscape, and the abundance of depth at the tight end position had left many forgetting he even existed. Rudolph came to life with his nine receptions for 97 yards and a touchdown in his Week 6 performance. The part that scares me is that Matt Cassel did not look for good, and it looks like Josh Freeman is going to push him for the starting job. Freeman was a guy who relied on his outside receivers most of the time in Tampa, and I’m afraid this could be a flash in the pan type of performance. Keep an eye on Rudolph and the quarterback situation in the coming weeks, because it will be very interesting to see how it all plays out.


The Wright Choice…

Many of you are not even going to recognize the name Timothy Wright, and I don’t blame you. Wright is a converted rookie wide receiver out of Rutgers who has the agility and play making ability to be a very productive tight end in the NFL. Wright is a match up nightmare for opposing defensive backs. His 6’4” frame is too big for smaller corners to cover, and he is too athletic for linebackers to keep up with him. With Glennon under center it will be interesting to see if he leans on Wright as a safety valve who can move the chains when he can’t find Jackson or Williams. This is definitely a guy I would be stashing if I didn’t have a backup TE or could use a flier during a bye week or because of injury.


Guess Who’s Back…

Antonio Gates stat line was very underwhelming in Week 6, but at least he is still seeing the targets each and every week. The Chargers offense is going to continue to be pass-heavy without the feature running back that they can rely on and trust. Gates has been a sidekick of Rivers for many years now, and that rapport is coming in handy this season. I would continue to keep Gates plugged into your lineups and just temper your expectations as far as big time points are concerned.

Julius Thomas just isn’t going to go away people. I’m still labeling Thomas as the waiver wire pickup of the season, because there were very few people that weren’t in deep leagues that had him on their roster after their draft. Thomas may not put up 20-plus point every week, but if he can find the end zone during a week in which he only has 22 yards receiving, he has salvaged value. The Broncos don’t look to be slowing down with their weapons and Peyton Manning at quarterback, and I would just sit back and smile at the fact that you have one of the best value to cost ratios possible pertaining to fantasy players.


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