Target Town: Week 4 October 2, 2013  |  John Kerwin

What a first four weeks the NFL season has brought us, and it is hopefully only going to get even more exciting the rest of the way. Fantasy seasons are starting to shape up, and the cream is beginning to rise to the top. We are moving past the first quarter of the season, and the target breakdowns are starting to become consistent and more clear each and every week. I welcome you to Week 4 of my Target Town analysis, and hope you are absorbing all the information I have been relaying to you over the first three weeks. Let’s take a look at the statistics from this past week and see what we can identify as the season moves on.


Lets Salsa…

If there is one bright spot on from the horrendous start to the Giants season, it has to be Victor Cruz. Cruz has benefited heavily from the major deficits that the Giants have dug themselves into each of the first four weeks. Regardless if they get back to playing competitive football, Cruz is going to continue to eat. He is by far Eli Manning’s most trusted and reliable target. Cruz also is the deep threat in the offense and has displayed that with a few deep touchdown passes already this season. I wouldn’t worry too much about lackluster play from the G-Men, because Cruz’s numbers may actually stay inflated in they continue their dreadful ways.

Guess Who’s Back…

I knew it wouldn’t take long for Brandon Marshall to start showing up towards the top of the target list. I major aid to the cause was the fact that the Bears were playing catch up against the Lions all day on Sunday, but Marshall should continue to see his fair share of targets. It was tough to expect him to attract the type of attention he received from Cutler last season with the addition of Martellus Bennett, and Marc Trestman in control of the offense, but it looks like we won’t have to worry too much. We would like to see Marshall be a bit more productive off of 14 targets, but he will get his. I would plug him into all lineups every single week without hesitation.

The Usual Suspects…

Again, there isn’t a whole lot that needs to be said about AJ GreenJulio Jones, and Andre Johnson. AJ and Julio are going to continue being favorite targets at the receiver position for their respective teams, and Johnson cleared up any worry about his concussion and the emergence of DeAndre Hopkins. These are three consistent threats who would be started in 100% of leagues, and I wouldn’t consider getting cute or thinking otherwise.

Get Used To The Name…

Antonio Brown is steadily becoming everything we expected and more with the departure of Mike WallaceBen Roethlisberger has made it no surprise that Brown has become his number one target in the passing game, and his perfect 12 catches on 12 targets is impressive. Unfortunately he didn’t haul in any deep passes or touchdowns this past week, but that will come. Brown has definitely pushed himself into the WR2 territory, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him put up WR1 numbers more often than not this season. I would be very happy seeing Brown as my WR2 on any of my teams as the season progresses.

Not So Fast…

I liked what I saw from Alshon Jeffery this past week, but we have to remember that the Bears were down big the entire game, and there are plenty of mouths to feed in Chicago. Brandon Marshall is going to continue to be the favorite target of Jay Cutler, but hopefully the attention paid to him by defenses will continue to open up the field for Jeffery. The other factor holding him back is Martellus Bennett. Cutler has always been fond of his tight ends, and it is easy to see the rapport building with Bennett. I would definitely make sure Jeffery is on my roster if he is available, but I wouldn’t be too quick to trust him as a reliable starter just yet. He is a great fill-in for bye weeks and injury depleted teams, but don’t start panicking on any big names for Jeffery at this point in the season.

Elite Trust…

Torrey Smith was very quiet during the first half of the Ravens game against the Bills on Sunday, but that all quickly changed when the second half rolled around. The most trusted target of Joe Flacco, and the only experienced threat the Ravens really have right now is going to get his share of the looks. Marlon Brown is still growing, and the running game hasn’t been able to get anything going this year. I look for Smith to continue getting the majority of the targets, but lets just hope the rest of the offense can be productive enough to help him create some room to work.

Can We Trust Them…

Kenbrell Thompkins is finally starting to make good old Tom Brady proud, and 127 yard performances with a touchdown on top is exactly what fantasy owners are looking for. We are still a few weeks away from the return of Danny Amendola, and possibly Rob Gronkowski as well. Julian Edelman can’t do it all himself and the Patriots have always been a pass-heavy offense. I look for Thompkins to solidify himself as the outside receiver opposite of Amendola when he returns, and he should continue to get enough looks to be productive. I wouldn’t count on seeing this type of target volume with all of those weapons returning, but the Patriots have showed that Brady can make more than one receiving option relevant.

Matt Cassel looks to be in control in Minnesota, and Jerome Simpson looked like his new best friend in Week 4. Although Greg Jennings was the beneficiary of both Cassel touchdowns, Simpson had five more catches and was the only Vikings receiver to clear 100 yards receiving. Simpson is going to disappear in this run-heavy offense more often than not, but he is a great roster filler in deep leagues. I wouldn’t plan on trusting or starting him on a weekly basis, but if your ESP is working correctly, you may be able to decipher his big games before they happen.


One More Year…

Tony Gonzalez came back for one last run, and showed us all that he has some juice left in the tank for this season. With Roddy White still not himself playing through that high ankle sprain, Gonzalez showed that Matt Ryan can still trust him with the workload on any given week. He hasn’t been a monster by any means this season, but his 12 catches for 149 yards and two touchdowns was beastly by any means. I’m pretty sure it is safe to say you can confidently plug Gonzalez in your lineup every week unless you own Jimmy Graham or Jordan Cameron.

Could It Be…

Jordan Cameron just keeps showing up on this list every single week, and it is hard to ignore him. Outside of Graham there isn’t a tight end in the league who is even close to the tier of Graham. The Browns have absolutely no running game right now, and Brian Hoyer is proving to be a reliable quarterback for the Browns offense. If you drafted Cameron this season it is very likely that you will continue to ride one of the top prospects for fantasy MVP this year.

Keep It Up…

Jay Cutler likes to show his tight ends some love, and he is doing just that lately with Martellus Bennett. He has now strung together a couple solid weeks, and is doing exactly what we expected when the Bears signed him. Marshall and Jeffery are doing their part to ensure an open middle of the field for Bennett to work with, and it is paying off. You more than likely landed Bennett as a later-round tight end, and he has turned into a weekly Top 10 option.

Not Forgotten…

Antonio Gates isn’t finished yet folks, because Philip Rivers is a new man himself. The Chargers have put on an aerial show the first four weeks of the season, and Rivers has showed he will throw it to anybody with a Chargers uniform. Hopefully the flash of the past performance Gates put in on Sunday is a sign of things to come. It would be nice to see one more solid season from one of the best tight ends to play the game. He has shown his ability to frustrate owners over the past few seasons, but the lack of receiving options in San Diego could lead to one more big year. Don’t put all your chips in on Gates yet, but be very happy with what we just saw from him.

Owen Daniels is one of the most underrated tight ends in football. He never gets any credit for the job he has done over his career in Houston. With the Texans being a run-first team, and Andre Johnson always stealing the spotlight, Daniels has consistently and quietly produced over his tenure. Matt Schaub and been much more active than any of us expected this season, and if it continues Daniels should garner plenty of looks. There is a good chance Daniels is on your bench as your TE2, and I’d be pretty ecstatic to have that type of option as a backup.


8 Responses

  1. Norman says:

    It is AJ Green & Antonio Brown has a bye.

    • John Kerwin says:

      Yeah, I know…that was me impulsively answering without contemplating that. That looks to be the correct lineup for you if Spiller is a scratch. It isn’t looking good for him especially with FJax looking like he will play. You look to have it under control!

  2. Norman says:

    12 Team PPR: Rivers, Wilson, Torrey, AJ, Antonio, Patterson, Spiller, Reggie, R Jennings, McGahee, Pierce, Ellington, Olsen, NE D. We start 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, 2 flex. I’m currently starting Rivers, Torrey, Aj, Spiller, Reggie, Olsen, Rashad & McGahee. If Spiller doesn’t play Thur, how should I roster my team this week?

    • John Kerwin says:

      Keep Torrey Smith, AJ whether is it Green or Andre Johnson, Reggie Bush, and Greg Olsen in your lineup. Is that Antonio referring to Brown? If so, he needs to be plugged into your starting lineup immediately. I would start Jennings over McGahee with DMC more than likely missing this weeks game. I think you’re ok riding Rivers while he is hot until he proves you wrong. Basically all you need to do is swap out McGahee for Antonio Brown in your flex and you’re good to go.

  3. Anthony K says:

    Woops sorry for the double post

  4. Anthony K says:

    In a ppr league, who do you like more ROS and why; Reggie bush or lesean McCoy?

    I just traded my back up QB of Vick + Bush for McCoy (starting Cam)

    Did I upgrade my In a ppr league, who do you like more ROS and why; Reggie bush or lesean McCoy?

    I just traded my back up QB of Vick + Bush for McCoy (starting Cam)

    Did I upgrade my squad? Thanks for the input ? Thanks for the input

    • John Kerwin says:

      I definitely like Shady McCoy as far as the ROS is concerned. Bush is still a weekly health risk, and McCoy is the overall RB2 behind AP at this point in my rankkings. I don’t think it was a major upgrade from Bush to McCoy, but it didn’t hurt you already owning Cam. I would’ve probably held onto Vick until he has another breakout game and sold high.

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